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Stephen Mack

Stephen Mack

I'm a resident of Silicon Valley, father of two young children, an employee of TiVo (over 15 years now), and I care about things.
Apple is such an amazing company in so many ways. How come iTunes is so awful, and has been for so long? As they have migrated its functions off to the cloud, iTunes really has exactly one job for me now, to put music on my phone. At that, it completely fails. Here we see my music, stuck in "Other" and unable to be played. Jolly good show, iTunes.
Here we begin unsyncing all of my music, trying to reclaim the Other, and then resyncing. I've put six or seven hours into that so far, with no luck. - Stephen Mack
Oh good. I thought that was just happening to me. On one hand, I'm glad I never relied solely on iTunes to store my music, but now, out of thousands of songs only like 600 of them are playable on my iPods. - Anika
iTunes is a huge POS - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
I always assumed misuse of "other" was iOS's fault... - Andrew C (✔) from Android
How can you tell what is in the "other" section? I've noticed my other section has been growing as well. - Friar Will
I was just having this moment while I was trying to clear stuff out on my phone. At this point, they should have a far more robust management utility that is /separate/ from iTunes. There's no reason for the two to be married together once the cloud sync stuff came into play. (FWIW, on my phone most of the "other" was comprised of data bloat for a couple of applications, Flickr and Tumblr being the worst offenders.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Oof. There goes my plans for buying an iPhone if my Nexus 4 ever dies. I love my iPod nano, but I've never been able to easily sync my digital music with my phone, and I'd like to do that someday. Looks like Apple isn't helping that happen anymore. - Holly's favorite Anna
Andrew, you may be right that it's iOS's fault. Hard to separate out where the fault is, really. - Stephen Mack
There are third party music sync apps. Any of you use them? - Stephen Mack
Will, per the Apple support communities ( "Other" data is real data including your system files and cached content that you put on your device by using the built-in apps. It's just that as you use the phone, it will grow. This includes: Messages and attachments Contacts Reminders Safari bookmarks and cache Email messages and attachments Calendar entries Genius data Music catalog and cover art Operating system settings Game Center status - Stephen Mack
I haven't experienced issues like you have Stephen, but I have had a difficult time setting the sync just right. No matter how many times I uncheck sync movies, it took iTunes ages to realize I don't want movies on my iOS devices downloaded to my laptop. iTunes has usually been pretty good with my music, though. However, if it weren't for the fact that 90% of my music were ripped from CDs, I wouldn't sync with iTunes at all, since syncing iPhone with a computer is so '00s to me. >_> - Arlan K.
After iTunes Match, I don't think I've intentionally synced my device with iTunes since. $25 a month is so worth it. - Jonathan Disher
You mean $25 a year, Jon. :) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Other is the data the apps build up. Under Settings > General > Usage you can see each app by total size and inside of each you can see how much is taken up by locally stored data. I delete and re-install Facebook, Twitter and Vine about once every 2 months to clear the cache. - Johnny from iPhone
$25 a YEAR? Hmmmm.... - Arlan K.
Johnny, that's a good tip. In my case, though, it's music that doesn't sync correctly and can't be reclaimed. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
itunes makes me crazypants. I had some songs that I could not get removed from my phone no matter what i did. what i discovered was that the itunes setting was set to show all store purchases and itunes match uploads, even if they had never been downloaded to the phone. so all those random freebies that i got from itunes over the years were always showing up on my phone. SO DUMB. ITUNES IS CRAZYPANTS. - holly #ravingfangirl
I recently found dozens of old CDs I had in the garage. I've sucked them into iTunes, and they they automatically get synced to Google Music. iTunes is just the CD ripper. Once they're on Google Music (or Spotify), you're covered. - Louis Gray
Sorry Louis. Google Music streaming doesn't work too well for me. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Poll: You drop a piece of candy on the ground. Do you: (A) Pick it up within five seconds and eat it, (B) Throw it away, or (C) Other
c: make an art piece with it - Sir Shuping is just sir
B, most of the time - Jennifer Dittrich
B. Always. - Anika
C: don't eat/drop candy - Meg VMeg
B. always - Amit Patel
depends on the candy - hard candy like the one pictured, if sufficiently hard and not too sticky, then A; melty chocolate will most likely be handled with B (but with infinite sadness). - Ken Gidley
Depends on the ground. And yeah, depends on the candy. When I was a kid, we didn't have the five second rule. Instead, we crossed ourselves (it was a Catholic country). All of us kids knew it was safe to eat dropped food if you crossed yourself. :-) - Betsy
My answer is similar to Betsy's. :-) - John (bird whisperer)
C, if it's like the candy above I rinse it off. There is no 5 second rule, grossness sticks, but hard candy can be rinsed. - Heather
I suspect Heather's right, but for Jolly Rancher? B. - Walt Crawford
Definitely A - Friar Will
Usually A unless it's a manky floor. A quick visual inspection and blow job normally determines if I have to resort to B. :D - Jenny H. from Android
^^^^ We still talking about candy? or have we switched to "Candy"? - Ken Gidley
Depends on the substrate, but I'd say 95% of the time, B. - Hookuh Tinypants
A. Unless it's sticky and picked up carpet and hair fibers. - Louis Gray
I have never referred to "corn" as "maize." #saturdayff -
I have never referred to "corn" as "maize." #saturdayff
I have never referred to "corn" as "maize." #saturdayff
I have never referred to "corn" as "maize." #saturdayff
"An unusual use for maize is to create a 'corn maze' (or 'maize maze') as a tourist attraction. The idea of a maize maze was introduced by the American Maze Company who created a maze in Pennsylvania in 1993. Traditional mazes are most commonly grown using yew hedges, but these take several years to mature. The rapid growth of a field of maize allows a maze to be laid out using GPS at... more... - Stephen Mack
But, as an ex Brit, have you ever used "corn" to refer to a non-maize grain? - Eivind from Android
Eivind: I saw that note in the Wiki article about "corn" referring to any cereal in UK English, and I have to say, no, that was news to me, I've never heard that. - Stephen Mack
I've encountered it many times, so I can attest to it happening :) (Makes sense to a Norwegian, as the Norwegian word "korn" just means grain.) - Eivind from Android
Had "grits" last week with breakfast for the first time! Well, it's American polenta, of all things. Any good recipes? - Adriano
Tomatillos prepped for roasting -
Tomatillos prepped for roasting
I faved that one of Jenn's a loooong time ago. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
FF is feeling the heat from Ello. - Stephan #TeamMarina
Of course, the irony being that I was debating whether to open one of the jars of salsa these tomatillos made yesterday :D - Jennifer Dittrich
yeah, flickr and friendfeed are in different time zones, it seems. - Laura Norvig
Just completed a 4.58 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just completed a 4.58 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Happy Seventh Birthday, Sophie -
Sophie in 2014, at the Mountain View Farmer's Market again
Happy birthday! :) - Eivind
happy bday! - imabonehead
Happy 7th birthday! :D - Big Joe Silence
Happy birthday! - Maitani
:) Happy birthday - Pete : Team Marina
Happy birthday, Sophie! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday to Sophie! :) - Jenny H. from Android
Thanks, all! Her birthday was Tuesday; we celebrated at her school on the day (goodie bags for everyone!), and had some pizza with family and friends Tue night. Then she has a small party this weekend with some of her other friends. This is on the heels of doing the same with Sammy last week. And then they each are attending other parties. So it's six parties in two weeks. I'm exhausted. I do feel bad for Sophie having to always have her birthday right after her brother's. - Stephen Mack
Belated happy birthday, Sophie! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Sophie Day! - Louis Gray
Happy birthday to Sophie! Seven is a great age. - Corinne L
Belated Happy Birthday to Sophie! Such a beautiful baby growing into such a lovely young lady! - vicster: full-bodied
Happy Belated Sophie! I love the girl you're growing up to be! - Yvonne Renee
Happy birthday! You haven't aged a bit. - Brian Johns
^ ha! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Just completed a 5.51 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just completed a 5.51 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just completed a 5.51 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just completed a 5.51 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
How Mull of Kintyre lost its magic for Paul McCartney [Daily Mail Online] -
How Mull of Kintyre lost its magic for Paul McCartney [Daily Mail Online]
How Mull of Kintyre lost its magic for Paul McCartney [Daily Mail Online]
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Bittersweet article from 2013: "High Park Farm was the first home Paul and Linda created together. He’d bought it in 1966 when living with actress Jane Asher, but it was only after he married country-loving Linda in 1969 that he began to spend much time there." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
That first picture is so amazing, of Paul in his bathrobe balancing on the fence with his kids jumping around. - Stephen Mack
Love this. (Hey Monique, they got TwerkTeam for T!) - Stephen Mack
My favorite is the Finger Tut guy. - Stephen Mack
Showed this to my kids tonight. :) I think they were most blown away by the OMG guy. But they said they liked the Pole dance best. - Stephen Mack
Well yes, the pole dance does have aesthetic, Uhm, flair. *cough* - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
I don't know why you're coughing, BWin -- it's a perfectly healthy form of self-expression. Ahem. - Stephen Mack
Picture #9 here was on the front page of Redeye a few weeks ago. Caught my attention. - Betsy
Betsy, that looks like an owie waiting to happen. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Anyone want an Ello invite? (New social media/social sharing site.) -
Manifesto: "Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data. Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. You are the product that’s bought and sold. We believe there is a better way. We believe in audacity. We believe in beauty, simplicity and transparency. We believe that the people who make things and the people who use them should be in partnership. We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life. You are not a product." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Haha! I just got an email saying they were bogged down today because so many people were joining at the same time. - Spidra Webster
I'm intrigued. If they'll have a Norwegian, I'd be interested :) - Eivind
Spidra, yeah, I got my invite earlier today and couldn't actually log in until this evening. It kinda blew up today. - Stephen Mack
Eivind, DM me with the e-mail you want the invite sent to please! - Stephen Mack
Are there any images of the site and what it looks like? I'd take an invite, to check it out. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yes, please. - Andrew C (✔)
I'd give it a go... - Bren
Sure, why not...would be interesting to beta/ delta/ gamma test this. - Uli
DM me your email address if you want an invite! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Jimminy, I'll take some screenshots later. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm interested. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Oh why not? I already have the the attention span of a juvenile squirrel on meth. *sigh* - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
sure, please, if available. ellbeecee at gmail. - ellbeecee
arrowvalleyman AT gmail - Pete : Team Marina
I would like an invite, pretty please, if you have any left (vicstermail at gmail). - vicster: full-bodied
I would like one! vganata at gmail - Victor Ganata
If you have some invites left, sure, why not. [edited out my email...] - Joe
I would like to join this new social media, if there's still an invite (sans.otto at gmail) Thanks. - sansotto
Uli, DM me your e-mail address! - Stephen Mack
I' interested Edit: Thanks! - vale
Bren, DM me your e-mail address! - Stephen Mack
OK, I think I sent an invite to everyone who has requested one so far. If I missed you, please let me know. - Stephen Mack
Yes, please. I'll DM you my email address. :) - Tamara J. B.
I just did! :P - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
yes, I would like an invite! - .mau.
Sure! k8southern at gmail Thanks! - Katy S
plz! jfleming73 gmail com - FLEMING
okay, I'm in, barrywynn as usual. find me and stuff *lemming* ========> - MoTO: Team Marina
Mau, Katy & Jason -- their invite page just crapped out. Will try again later. I think I'm caught up with everyone else, though. - Stephen Mack
I'll take a swipe: tarzxf at gmail - Neal Krummell
Sure: chilaquiles at Gmail dot com. - Steven Perez from Android
yep. firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com - Laura Norvig
yes, please: brent schaus @gmail - Brent Schaus
Sent up through Brent. Four more left! - Stephen Mack
Cristo, I don't have your e-mail address. Can you DM me the one you want me to use? - Stephen Mack
Wait, never mind, I do have it. - Stephen Mack
This is fun, I don't think I've ever had so many DMs. - Stephen Mack
Three invites left. - Stephen Mack
well, if all the cool kids are doing it... - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Two after T-Ra. (T-RA, DM me the e-mail address you'd like to use please!) (EDIT she already had) - Stephen Mack
This is really getting the way of my doing my homework. :P (Last minute, though it may be.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Thanks, Stephen :) - Brent Schaus
Received, thanks! - Neal Krummell
Stephen: received just now, thanks! - .mau.
Thank you, Stephen! I'm all signed up now. :-) - vicster: full-bodied
No problem guys, you're all welcome! - Stephen Mack
Bren DM'd me, so he got his. I set aside one for him, so two left. - Stephen Mack
Stephan requested one, so I sent him one. Now just 1 left. Who's the lucky last recipient? - Stephen Mack
I've got plenty. DM me if you need an invite. I assume mine will work? - MoTO: Team Marina
Yeah, basically everyone who just signed up through me should have a few dozen, so there's not going to be a shortage. :) - Stephen Mack
Very late here, but yes if possible, from anyone in this thread. miss.cybrarian + @gmail - YvonneM
You got it, YvonneM. You got my very last invite! - Stephen Mack
If you have any left I will take one - - Alan
Alan, I don't -- all out now, sorry. Anyone else able to send one to Alan? - Stephen Mack
I sent him one just now, Stephen. Alan, watch your mailbox! I am mdgirlforlife. - Corinne L
OK. I know I was way late. I took a break from friendfeed and find that I keep forgetting to check in now that I'm "back" - Alan
Thanks Corinne! - Alan
Sorry I'm 18 hours late! If anyone still has an invite, I'd love to check it out. Please? - Red Label
Where's the names list? - Eric - It's My Thing
Any invites left???? - Friar Will
I concur with Cristo -- it's not ready yet. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I have no more invites currently. But pick a person above who I have an invite to -- they should all have invites to give away now! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Hmm. There's this but it seems to be more about providing a work area for current social groups rather than finding new people to socialize with. - Spidra Webster
I wonder what the dynamics are behind cascades like this? FF has more features yet we can't get people to adopt it. Ello has far fewer features, is far less ready for primetime, yet its membership has exploded over the last 48 hrs. I understand Ello's "the anti-Facebook" rhetoric is appealing but most people don't even know Facebook owns FF yet there are no cascades here. And of course there are other socnets as well. What drives sudden crazy popularity? - Spidra Webster
I wouldn't encourage anyone to put too much time into Friendfeed at this point. We all know it's only a matter of time. #knockonwood - Eric - It's My Thing
For all you know, it's only a matter of time for Ello, either. ;-) We've been here 5 years post-buy. - Spidra Webster
I agree with Spidra. I bet FF outlasts Ello, actually. But I don't mind checking out new sites. Remember how keen people were to get Google Wave invites? Some even sold them on eBay. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
The key is apparently making it invite-only and limiting invites. We should do that here. ;-) - Spidra Webster
The rush? For some people, I think it is the urge for login name squatting. Gotta get hairybook93 or whatever login Id before some other person gets it. - Joe
Any of you fine people up there who now have a half dozen invites willing to part with just one? It'd be much appreciated! ♡ - Kayla from Android
yes yes yes please! i[@] - Recep Çimen , please. - в подарочной упаковке
Could I get one please? - DS — thank you in advance. - Ivan Bessarabov
mike.bravo at if possible, thanks a bunch! - Michael Bravo
I'd love an invite if you have one to spare! — gaute(at)gautehuus(dot)com - Gaute Huus, please! - Anton Volnuhin
Interesting take(down) of Ello. - Ken Gidley from iPhone
And for me please, if possible: - yan
pls,, if you have spare one - Коломеец
My impressions of Ello so far
Show all
1. It's a stretch to call it "beta" -- seems more alpha level in terms of stability or feature set. - Stephen Mack
2. It's completely illegible to me on my mobile device. Like, I literally cannot read the light gray text on either the white background or the black background at the font size being used. - Stephen Mack
3. Zero privacy controls, and that's by design. That's causing some consternation: - Stephen Mack
4. When the site is working, and when viewed on a desktop/laptop, the design feels responsive, elegant, and is very generous in terms of displaying artwork. As an example, try looking at this guy's feed: (I think that should work for anyone, even if you're not signed up). - Stephen Mack
They should probably warn people that it wasn't designed for IE. I'll have to wait until I get home to see if all the issues I'm having are browser-specific or the site overall. For now it's just clunky as hell - very alpha more than beta. - Hookuh Tinypants
Hookuh, ah, I hadn't tried IE. Sorry to hear. I've been using Chrome mostly. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, the privacy stuff (and inability to block) is too sketchy for me. I could wish Tumblr were better in this regard, but even some rudimentary controls are better than none. - Jennifer Dittrich
A friend on FB called Ello "Tumblr for adults". - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew, that's apt. A random person commenting on a friend's FB post about Ello called it, "It's similar to twitter but not a clusterfezzik of communication going every which way. Also its design is very minimalistic and it feels like being in a really expensive and trendy Soma restaurant where it's dark and the menu is in 10pt Courier font and the portoins are really small." - Stephen Mack
Looks good but clunky to navigate. And this posting/commenting thing is confusing to me. ETA: Ahh, it's just automagically prepping me to post on someone's feed. I get it now. - Corinne L
Well, it's no Facebook... *runs* - MoTO: Team Marina
The search is a bit slow, but I imagine their systems are a little busy. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Yeah, the whole thing is a bit slow. - Stephen Mack
So it's just like FriendFeed except for no privacy, no private groups/rooms, no DMs, no auto-import of feeds/RSS, no IM/Alerts (not that it works here anymore), no friend-of-friend discovery, no bumping of posts up to the top, no bookmarklet, no support for #hashtags, no real-time or pause, no custom lists of friends (everyone's either "Friend" or "Noise", no My Discussions link, no... more... - Stephen Mack
But it's going to be so much better once they have "Fluid grid Noise view" - Meg VMeg
Play Doh Bubble Guppies Snap & Dress Hair Salon Dora The Explorer Frozen Barbies Cookie Monster Elmo -
Play Doh Bubble Guppies Snap & Dress Hair Salon Dora The Explorer Frozen Barbies Cookie Monster Elmo
No, my kids find the videos about those damn Kinder eggs and then BEG me to buy them. They're not sold in the US! >:[ - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
^ Sorry, random thought. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I *really* need to get Sophie her own YouTube account. - Stephen Mack
:D - Eivind
Guess what time it is? It's Bubble Guppie time! - Eivind
Good: nexus 7 tablets have profiles I can set up so they have their own YouTube. Bad: they can actually watch videos with explicit language because the YouTube app needs an account logged in to enable parental controls but the restricted profiles doesn't allow logins in YouTube. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Fencing Language in “The Princess Bride” [The Princess Bride Official Site] -
Fencing Language in “The Princess Bride” [The Princess Bride  Official Site]
From the official site's news feed: "For years, I would quote the lines, but it wasn't until my first years of fencing (and quite a bit of research & inquiring) that I understood what they were talking about. [...] The quotation begins with Inigo, pushing Wesley (The Man in Black) back in retreat with his consistent attacks. 'Bonetti’s Defense' refers to the Italian swordmaster Rocco Bonetti, who established a 'School of Arms' in London in 1576. An unusual reference, as Bonetti was much hated by English fencing masters of the time (i.e. critically bashed by George Silver in his Paradoxes of Defence [1599]) and was killed in a duel against a man named Austen Bagger (who, during the duel, was 'quite drunk' and 'easily defeated' Bonetti)." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Frozen Elsa and Disney Frozen Anna Magnet Paper Dolls and Snowman Olaf Toy Review -
Frozen Elsa and Disney Frozen Anna Magnet Paper Dolls and Snowman Olaf Toy Review
Her voice is 'totally awesome'! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Heh, this is from Sophie on her iPad. I need to get her her own account for favorites. But she loves this series of videos. - Stephen Mack
That is a triumphal photo. Happy birthday, Josh! - Spidra Webster
It is! From his FB feed, Sears Tower Skydeck, October 2, 2012. - Stephen Mack
Happy birthday, Josh! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday Anniversary! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
happy bday! - imabonehead
Follow me for a minute. So you start with this: "Funky Kingston" by Toots and the Maytals (1972/1975), (see
Follow me for a minute. So you start with this: "Funky Kingston" by Toots and the Maytals (1972/1975), (see
And then TJR samples that and makes "Funky Vodka" last year: - Stephen Mack
And then Pitbull turns that into "Don't Stop The Party": (Warning: The video is basically porn with product placement.) - Stephen Mack
Does it continue? - NOT THE CRICKET
Are y'all having a good time out there? - Stephen Mack
Same thing happened with Etta James - Somethings Got a Hold On Me, to Avicii - Levels (2011), which was sampled by everything in 2012, probably most famously Flo Rida - Good Feeling. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yeah, we talked about that in December: - Stephen Mack
Heh, so we did. - NOT THE CRICKET
There's another one that someone brought up recently, but I can't remember what it was. It was an old track that was sampled, and then resampled as an extremely generic line in a huge number of songs over the past 15-20 years. - NOT THE CRICKET
Thing is, with Etta James, if you listen to "Something's Got A Hold On Me" only the first few seconds carry through to Flo Rida's "Good Feeling." But if you listen to "Funky Kingston" and then to "Don't Stop The Party" you really are listening to the same groove the entire time, just sped up a lot and with Pitbull's singing ("singing") superimposed. He even kept that crazy drum bit. - Stephen Mack
Bump -- at Burning Man this year, there was a camp on the Esplanade that was doing a reggae night early on in the week, and the DJ played the most AMAZING cover of Funky Kingston. It was completely resampled, but nothing like the TJR version. Been looking but can't find it -- hard to search for, because everyone is only talking about the TJR version or the Pitbull version. But anyway, hearing Funky Kingston out there made me so happy. - Stephen Mack
Do you remember the name of the camp? My friends' camp has their own mailing list and FB page so if this other camp did, you could probably track the DJ down. - Spidra Webster
Spidra, that's a good idea. I will do some detective work! I'll need to look at pics to figure out the camp name, since I only remember its vicinity and appearance, not its name. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I know back in the brief period when I was deejaying, I liked it when people had questions. Meant they were listening. - Spidra Webster
Here's a reggae version: The Nextmen feat Dynamite MC - So Many Girls (2009) - NOT THE CRICKET
Also I'm guessing it was Club Neu Verboten that had "Late Night Reggae w/ Rastahmahn" on the 25th of August. Event: - NOT THE CRICKET
Ah, Jimminy, you've been resourceful! We actually did go to that and it was good (one of our campmates REALLY liked reggae), but that's an indoor camp, and the one that played the TJR remix was outdoors. I may be mixing up the evenings. - Stephen Mack
Was it the version with Bootsy Collins and The Roots? I like that one. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Jimminy, it wasn't the Nextmen's version, but I'm enjoying it. - Stephen Mack
Starmama, fantastic! I'm listening to this version: -- but that wasn't it either. It was about as fast as the TJR version, and had some of the same samples, but wasn't the TJR version. - Stephen Mack
Sonic Boom Six - Monkey See Monkey Do And then there is the (Rogue Troopers Remix) - NOT THE CRICKET
How are you finding all these? - Stephen Mack
Who Sampled, I used it in the other thread for Levels I think. I use it occasionally to find the original tracks that have been sampled. - NOT THE CRICKET
Then just going to Youtube and punching them in. - NOT THE CRICKET
Tone-Loc - Funky Westside - NOT THE CRICKET
Ah, I should have guessed. Good work! - Stephen Mack
But I didn't find the one you were talking about, I don't think. - NOT THE CRICKET
These are all pretty cool, but the closest is actually the TJR version. :) I might have exaggerated when I said it was "nothing like." If I had to guess, it was probably a mix of the TJR version. - Stephen Mack
Just completed a 5.32 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just completed a 5.32 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Sammy, regarding the rental Ford Explorer (while my minivan is being repaired): "Sophie! Look! The windows go ALL the way down, like grown-up windows!" Sophie: "*gasp* I *LOVE* this car!"
Things that matter to kids. Lol! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I know! They also like the seat warmers. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Does the door open from inside like grown-up doors? :) - Eivind
Eivind: They have trouble with the door actually-- they miss the minivan's sliding doors. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Happy Ninth Birthday, Samuel -
Sammy in 2014, at the Santa Clara County Fair with a snake around his neck
How is he 9 already? - Stephen Mack
So big! Happy birthday, to your little dude. - Anika
I don't believe it! Happy Birthday, Samuel! - Melly - #TeamMarina
Love that kid! - Yvonne Renee
Thanks, Anika, Melly and Yvonne! I'm getting all teary-eyed. :) - Stephen Mack
Happy Sammy Day! Yay! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Happy Birthday, Mr. Samuel! - vicster: full-bodied
Dropbox is insane. This policy is nuts: "Question: Will joining someone else's shared folder use my quota?" [Dropbox Help] -
Dropbox is insane. This policy is nuts: "Question: Will joining someone else's shared folder use my quota?" [Dropbox Help]
Answer: "The size of a shared folder will be counted against the quota of every member of that folder, unless everyone is a member of the same Dropbox for Business account. For Business accounts, the size of the shared folder will be counted against the team's shared quota only once. For all other users, your Dropbox storage quota is calculated by adding up the total amount of data in your Dropbox folder, including all shared folders. As a result, the owner of a Dropbox Basic 18 GB (2 GB + bonus storage earned through referrals) account will not be able to collaborate on a shared folder larger than 18 GB. One reason this policy exists is to prevent people from giving themselves unlimited space by stacking Basic accounts with shared folders." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
My camp is trying to share photos from Burning Man. We started out on Flickr, but Flickr requires everyone have a Yahoo e-mail, and some people resisted. So we gave Dropbox a try. Now everyone who joins the shared folder is out of quota. - Stephen Mack
I guess we'll try Google Drive or Shutterfly next. - Stephen Mack
If people don't want full rez, just upload to G+ and you'll get 2k resolution unlimited photos for free. - Steve and 4 other people
the dropbox thing is baffling. what a strange solution to "we don't want people to be cheap". - Jenica
Steve: G+ might work, although if people didn't want to create a Yahoo account, not sure how they'll feel about G+ accounts. - Stephen Mack
Jenica: I know! It seems completely nuts to me. - Stephen Mack
I think G+ has the same problem as Google Drive right? Do you have a non-google e-mail address I can try to share a GDrive folder with? - Steve and 4 other people
Sure, you could use my address - Stephen Mack
Done. Do you want to share a folder? - Steve and 4 other people
Got it! Thanks, Steve. (Curious: Why do those files have such bizarre filenames?) - Stephen Mack
So what I ended up doing since half of us are on Dropbox already is to use "links" instead of "shares" -- I have one shared folder for uploads, which I then move into the "linked" folder. Still pretty lame. - Stephen Mack
Yup, I have this same problem with Dropbox. We have a license to a bunch of tutorial videos for WordPress, and the creator shares the new versions with us through Dropbox. Each time he shares the updated videos, it blows right through my Dropbox quota, and I have to remove everything else in order to accept the sharing invitation. Then, it gets a little dicey, because I'm never sure if... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Those filenames are just what Amazon MP3 generated, unfortunately. :( - Steve and 4 other people
@Stephen, if Google Drive doesn't work, rant about why and I'll tell our people what we should do to fix. - Louis Gray
Is it just me, or is "AT&T Next" a pretty bad deal? -
Is it just me, or is "AT&T Next" a pretty bad deal?
For the high end iPhone 6+, you'd end up paying twice as much over 20 months or 24 months, plus you have to trade in your old phone. It's slightly better if you switch your plan to their new plan, but I don't want to give up my grandfathered unlimited data plan - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
If you really want the new phone, and are not eligible to upgrade yet (24 month contract not yet matured), it's still cheaper to just pay the upgrade price than the AT&T Next price. - Stephen Mack
I guess some people prefer installment plans than lump sums. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, I think a lot of folks just don't have enough spare at once to just pay outright - and some just don't do the math. - Jennifer Dittrich
It'd still be cheaper to make your own installment plan on a credit card (which is required to pay either the Next fee or the one-time fee). What am I missing? I just don't get why anyone would do it. - Stephen Mack
Other than not doing the math, as you say. But is it really that hard to realize $47.50 x 20 is almost $1,000? - Stephen Mack
Due to bad experiences when trying to buy blizzcon tickets and taking too long then losing the tickets and my spot in line, I just continued on with AT&T's 2 yr. to move through the purchase as fast as possible. I was interested in switching to T-mobile, but meh. And yeah, hard to give up the grandfathered unlimited plan, even though it's not so unlimited anymore. :P - Arlan K.
possibly also appealing to people who don't want to be tied to a contract? - holly #ravingfangirl
Yeah, I could see that - though that's why I bailed and went to T-Mobile eventually. Lower price, just about the same service. - Jennifer Dittrich
Arlan, yeah, I spent some time looking at the new plans, and honestly it may have worked out cheaper to switch, But I didn't want to hassle with it today. - Stephen Mack
Holly, good point. Not being tied to a contract is definitely worth a premium. - Stephen Mack
wait how is it worse? it's basically a 0% loan. All payments add up to the up front no contract price. What am I missing? - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
iPhone 6 32GB = $749. Next 12 pricing is $37.50 a month. $37.50x20 = $750. - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Jeff, my price for the iPhone 6 32GB was $299 with the 2-year contract. - Stephen Mack
ahhh w/ contract. Did you also take in to account the extra $15-$25/month you pay for service w/ a contract phone vs. no contract phone? - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
I'd only have to pay that if I switched to the new rate plan. On my grandfathered plan, first line is free, second is $9.99. - Stephen Mack
They talked about AT&T Next giving a plan discount of $15 to $25 -- is it that fee to tie your phone to the contract that gets discounted? - Stephen Mack
i saw someone post an article that compared getting a no contract phone for $649 w/ the lower monthly plan price vs. a contract phone w/ the higher monthly plan. After 2 years the phone+service costs ended up being $100 cheaper for the non-contract option - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
yes Stephen, I get a $25/line discount for having non subsidized phones - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
That part doesn't make sense to me -- how does it work? - Stephen Mack
so your OP should really be titled "is contract pricing a better deal than non-contract pricing"... because Next is really the same net effect financially as buying the phone outright day one (just helps people w/ cash flow issues) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
let me see if i can find a link to explain better than i can :) standby - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Going to I do see now that the AT&T Next price of $950 is the exact same as the contract-free T-Mobile price of $949 for the 128-gig 6+. - Stephen Mack
Over a two-year contract, for example, a regular AT&T customer and iPhone devotee might pay $2,810. That's $200 for the first, subsidized 16 GB iPhone, $650 for a mid-contract upgrade to Apple's latest, a $40 upgrade fee and $1,920 (before tax) over the 24-month period for a single line with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data. An AT&T Next 12 customer, meanwhile, might pay $2,340 —... more... - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Hmm. I think Today's analysis is a little bit simplistic. They aren't capturing all of what we're discussing here. Too many options! Head hurts. I just re-upped with AT&T and sold my soul for 2 more years. - Stephen Mack
better link than mine :) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Heh: "They’re all extremely complicated. And make no mistake, carriers like it that way — it’s easier to overcharge if customers don’t know it’s happening." - Stephen Mack from iPhone
34 Panoramic Photos Gone Terrifyingly Wrong [Distractify] -
34 Panoramic Photos Gone Terrifyingly Wrong [Distractify]
34 Panoramic Photos Gone Terrifyingly Wrong [Distractify]
Show all
Ack! Terrifying is right. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Looks more like "fuckery you can do with a panoramic algorithm," but I actually laughed out loud :) - Eivind
Eivind, yeah, some of these seem intentionally manipulated. Others, I'm sure the photographer was dumbfounded by what was stitched together. - Stephen Mack
but a lich ain't one. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
(There's some weird-ass imagery in this song.) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
The concept of self pet wash confuses me.
I mean, dogs are smart and all. But can they even afford $12? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Where do they even carry their money? - Brian Johns
why do they charge $12 for a dog to use its tongue? - Big Joe Silence
^ What I was thinking. - Spidra Webster
unless, of course, they're simply charging $12 to the SPECTATORS. 0_o - Big Joe Silence
So it's like a burlesque show? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
The craziest thing I did at Burning Man this year? Fell 10 feet off this dome. #saturdayff
It was the Sunday of temple burn, and I was helping break down our camp. Our ladder was not quiiiiite tall enough. - Stephen Mack
So, I clambered on up the dome itself. We loosened the top central bolt successfully. And then I was working on one of the next five hubs. I was anchored and prepared for it to shift when the bolt came off. - Stephen Mack
But I wasn't prepared for the entire area I was perched on to shift as well. I kind of rolled off and there was nothing to grab onto. So I fell. - Stephen Mack
Fortunately, some old Hapkido training kicked in: I landed on my side, with a pretty good arm slap to break my fall. Everyone in camp was freaked out, but I just stood up and said I was fine. - Stephen Mack
After that, we got the tallest guy in camp to do the bolts, and our neighbors across the street (AEZ, one of the cooler camps around) loaned us a taller ladder. Both of which were things we should have done from the beginning. - Stephen Mack
The bad part is that we were TRYING to be careful, since we'd also had an accident setting up the dome: The tall guy had accidentally dropped one of the bars while stretching up to secure one of the top hubs, and it struck our camp leader on the chest, leaving a nasty gouge. It could have been REALLY bad if it had hit her elsewhere. - Stephen Mack
One of the frequent Burning Man refrains is "safety third" but we internalized that a bit too much this year, I think. - Stephen Mack
We set up a white board with a "0 DAYS SINCE LAST ACCIDENT" and later had to switch DAYS to HOURS because of our many frequent (but fortunately minor) mishaps this year. - Stephen Mack
Note to self: Bring a taller ladder next year. - Stephen Mack
My neck was a bit sore on Wednesday, but otherwise no ill effects. - Stephen Mack
All in all, a great year. Fabulous art, thunder and lightning, great crew, amazing burns, new experiences (including working a greeter shift and running a 5k). I have zero complaints and miss the playa deeply. - Stephen Mack
--fin-- - Stephen Mack
Screw a taller ladder, bring a giant. - Steve C Team Marina
All I saw was: Screw a giant. - Kristin
I'm glad you're okay! - Spidra Webster
Again: GoPro that stuff, Stephen. - Louis Gray
One of the guys in camp set up his GoPro of the dome assembly. Haven't seen the footage yet. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
imma tall, you could just bring me, ;) - chaz2b
Done deal, Chaz! - Stephen Mack
The Official 2014 KFury Apple Predictions Post -
Kevin writes: "After writing Apple prediction posts for the past 15 years (no, seriously, I predicted the iPad in 2001) I’ve learned that the most accurate predictions are rarely the ones that get the most link-love, but I’m drawn to the task like a moth to the flame, so here goes." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
I don't see anything in Kevin's predictions that I disagree with. - Stephen Mack
Also, where do you guys wanna discuss tomorrow's conference? We could dust off one of the old Group rooms, maybe. Like - Stephen Mack
No mention about Metal? I think Apple is very slowly making progress in how they handle games. Metal probably won't be a big thing this year, but it's foundational to the future. - Andrew C (✔)
I'd love it if there was something totally out of the blue. "Oh, and one more thing: Introducing the Apple iFlyingCar." - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Apple Pippin's coming back! - Mark Trapp
iPoop - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Kevin did pretty well. No HomeKit, he was off about the 5cs, and about 6+ being later, and not as much Siri news as he predicted, but most of his predictions held up. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
A Private Eye Must Stop A Thief Who Steals Faces [io9] -
A Private Eye Must Stop A Thief Who Steals Faces [io9]
From the blog post: "El Ladrón de Caras (The Face Thief) was made by students at the PrimerFrame school of animation, and it manages to tell its story, including the sigh-inducing end, without dialogue." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Video is here: (11:49). Worth a watch. - Stephen Mack
I thought this was another plots badly explained. - Betsy
Heh, Betsy, not in this case. I really enjoyed this short standalone piece. - Stephen Mack
A guy is dreaming about being part of a team that fucks with other people's dreams -- or is he? #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
POLL: Do you have paper maps in your car?
(Image credit: Vintage 1968 Texaco Paper Road Map of Oregon, on sale for $3 on Etsy: - Stephen Mack
My answer: Nope. Not for at least five years now. - Stephen Mack
Yes - one of WA, one of the US and Canada. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Yes, many from all over the place. - Todd Hoff
I still use paper maps. - John (bird whisperer)
yes. I keep one of Michigan roads just in case. I haven't needed it often. But the few times I have, it's been invaluable. - MoTO: Team Marina
Of course. I didn't get a smart phone till a year ago and I much prefer a paper map. - Betsy
Nope - Glen Campbell
Nope. They're under my bed. - Anika
yes. - Lnorigb
Nope. - Louis Gray
Yes. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
For the record my car also has a tape deck. - Steve C Team Marina
probably ones I printed out from Google and neglected to throw away. - Steele Lawman
yes, I keep an atlas of the US in there - ellbeecee
Yes, several. - Anne Bouey from iPhone
Not anymore. I do have an atlas at home for getting a general sense of places I might want to visit. - Amit Patel
I should add, part of the reason I have a couple of paper maps are the couple of times I've been stuck somewhere needing directions when either my phone has died, or there's no service. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yes, mostly for CA, but I have east coast ones at home in the file cabinet. I think there are a few AAA guidebooks in the car, too, come to think of it. - Corinne L
Yes, absolutely, city maps where we drive frequently. CSAA even mails maps (since the nearby office closed). - Walt Crawford
I still have some Hagstrom county books from the 90's, but no car. :P - April Russo
I don't think so. It's entirely possible there are still one or two atlases in the ex-wife's car, though (which used to be mine). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I didn't realize it but yes, we do. Joy actually pulled one out of the glove box the other day and began using it! - Jim: with more caffeine!
I have a small Yellow Pages which has a local street directory, and I think we have a Gold Coast map in there somewhere. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Yes. - joey
Yes I do. - Stefano.
Nope. Last time was in 2010. - Kevin Johnson from Android
yes - Tamara J. B.
I did when I had a car. I never used them, but I liked them being there. Before GPS went crazy, I used maps religiously. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Nope. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Yes (only for Rome. but wasn't opened in ages) - Xabaras (G.O.)
At home. GPS in car. - Janet from FFHound!
I've never owned a car. - Eivind
Yes paper maps still rock but then so does Onstar - WarLord
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