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Stephen Mack
Selling a New Generation on Guns ( -
Selling a New Generation on Guns (
Selling a New Generation on Guns (
From page 3 of the article: "[...] Ruger announced in 2009 a new, lightweight semiautomatic rifle that had the 'look and feel' of an AR-15 but used less expensive .22-caliber cartridges, Junior Shooters received one for review. The magazine had three boys ages 14 to 17 fire it and wrote that they 'had an absolute ball!' Junior Shooters’ editor, Andy Fink, acknowledged in an editorial that some of his magazine’s content stirred controversy. 'I have heard people say, even shooters that participate in some of the shotgun shooting sports, such things as, "Why do you need a semiautomatic gun for hunting?" ' he wrote. But if the industry is to survive, he said, gun enthusiasts must embrace all youth shooting activities, including ones 'using semiautomatic firearms with magazines holding 30-100 rounds.' " - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
I have no comment. - Stephen Mack