Stephen Mack
I am left-handed. #saturdayFF
When my dad was growing up, they tried to "correct" left handed kids. So he plays baseball left handed, but writes right handed. - Jason P
Sinister! - Spidra Webster
Gauche! - Stephen Mack
Same with my grandpa. He wrote with the right but did everything else with his left. - Spidra Webster
I'm seriously right-handed except I realized quite recently that I tie my bows left-handed, because my southpaw uncle taught me how to tie my shoes that way. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
When the web was still new, one of the first pages I created was about "Being Left Handed" ( -- dig that retro 1995 web design). I haven't touched that page since '97 (so more than 15 years) but I still get e-mail about it. For a while I kept on getting requests to translate that brief essay into different languages. For some strange reason, it was of great interest to textbook-makers in Japan. - Stephen Mack
FUCKYEAHSOUTHPAWS! *fistbump Stephen with ink-covered left fist* - Hookuh Tinypants
And I got an e-mail from Michael Krasny asking if I'd appear on KQED's Forum radio show to speak about the fact that at the time, all three candidates for President were left-handed (Clinton, Dole & Perot in '96). I regret that I didn't see the e-mail in time, so they had someone else as a guest instead. - Stephen Mack
Jason and Spidra: At school as a boy in England, they tried to correct me as well. I stutter from time to time (much worse when I was younger), and always wonder if that's why. - Stephen Mack
Hookuh! I knew there were a million reasons why I like you. Glad we have that in common. - Stephen Mack
m9m: That's fascinating. I don't think I know the difference between a left-handed bow and a right-handed bow. - Stephen Mack
I write right-handed, but there are weird random things I do left-handed, like shoot basketball. - Derrick
Cristo: I do most sports stuff (bowling, batting, throwing) right-handed because of how I was taught. In related news: I am terrible at sports stuff. - Stephen Mack
Derrick, do you brush your teeth with your left hand or your right hand? - Stephen Mack
:D It's the one thing about myself that I have always liked. And I was fortunate that I always had teachers who thought it was delightful rather than a nuisance. The only thing I ever did right-handed was swinging a bat (coach was too confused to teach me otherwise). But that was corrected with a golf instructor who was pissed that I was trying to play golf right-handed, so he taught me left-handed and ever since then, I bat ambidextrous. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
I'm a lefty too. - Laura Norvig from iPod
Left, Stephen. - Derrick
I never took up golf, but in miniature golf I think I do equally badly holding the club either way. I switch depending on the demands of the hole. (TWSS.) - Stephen Mack
I'm left-handed, too. - bentley
Laura -- I think we noticed that about each other at the aquarium :) - Stephen Mack
Derrick, in my unscientific experience, tooth-brushing is a good indicator of your true hand dominance. The other interesting tests are to look at eye dominance and which leg you stick out reflexively to land on if you unexpectedly fall forward. - Stephen Mack
*clumsy high-five to Betsy* - Stephen Mack
Clearly we need to plan a Lefty FFeedup on August 13th. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Cristo, me too -- and it confuses skiers even more than snowboarders ordinarily do. - Stephen Mack
(OK, I'm sitting here on FF procrastinating from my run. Back in 30 mins.) - Stephen Mack
Actually, I'm an odd sort of left-handed. I'm left-handed for writing, though I taught myself to write right-handed when I was a kid Still can do it,, legibly but awkwardly. However, I'm right-handed for tossing, throwing, and catching; and typing; and anything involving control, such as hammering or scrubbing dishes. Tooth-brushing: left-handed mostly, but can switch easily. The few times I have shot a gun, I was right-handed *and* left-eyed (yeah, it's a mess). I'm also right-footed. - bentley
Oh, and I can use the mouse with either hand. So, at work, I keep it on the right; at home, on the left. It really cuts down on the carpal tunnel. - bentley
I eventually moved my mouse to the right side because I could use it with either hand (and generally avoid the mouse when possible, preferring keyboard shortcuts instead), but anyone using my computer seemed completely helpless when it was on the left. - Stephen Mack
That's why I keep it on the right at work. Otherwise, it discombobulates people. I had no problem moving the one at home to the left. (When I used to type lots of numbers at work, I had mouse to the left, though, so I could use the number keys and the mouse more quickly. I don't have that kind of job anymore.) - bentley
I only write w/my left. Do everything else w/my right. Doing things w/my right doesn't feel strange at all to me, except for writing. =) - rønin
Growing up, Mom, my little Brother and I are left-handed, Dad is the odd-one out as the righty. I write lefty, but can catch and throw baseballs and the like with either, more accurate throwing with the right. Golf club and bat use is whichever way is more comfortable at the time. - Neal Krummell
Mark, yeah, I can't use left-handed scissors at all. - Stephen Mack
I'm a lefty too. :) Although, I can bat and golf both right and left-handed. Oh and I can't use lefty scissors either. - Tamara J. B.
Tam, when we all met up for breakfast at Hobee's that time, did we talk about being left-handed? I usually notice other lefties. So either I didn't notice when you were eating, or I totally forgot. But I kinda remember you noticed I was a lefty and we talked about it maybe? (Don't ever get old, you can never remember anything.) - Stephen Mack
I <3 lefties. For real. - Jenny H.
I believe you mean 'lefty,' boo. Singular :-P - Eivind