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How to export your friendfeed stream (posts and comments) by Claudio Cicali -
How to export your friendfeed stream (posts and comments) by Claudio Cicali
Via Micah ( and Rod ( Requires either Unix/Linux or a Mac, PHP, and the ability to edit the script. Fast connection recommended. Claudio's github repository is here: - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
I will take your word on this since I have neither linux or a Mac. - Friar Will
I ran this after work today, and it worked perfectly for my feed. Took about 30 minutes to complete. - Stephen Mack
Friar, it may be possible for Windows users. Or, I could actually run this for you and archive your feed. - Stephen Mack
Tinfoil, yes, but only before he deletes them. - Stephen Mack
My archived feed is here: - Stephen Mack
Some stats: - Stephen Mack
From February 23, 2007 to today, I have made 2,580 posts (including imported posts from my blogs, Twitter, Amazon wishlist, YouTube favorites, Flickr, Google reader shares, Gmail status, Facebook post imports, and Yelp reviews, as well as native posts, bookmarklet posts, buddyfeed posts, and FFHound posts, but excluding DMs, and group/room posts). That's 1.3 posts a day, a bit more than my goal of averaging about 1 post a day. - Stephen Mack
I have posted 1,974 images, or almost exactly 1 per day. - Stephen Mack
The earliest imported item (beginning of my feed) is this from February 23, 2007: - Stephen Mack
The first item I posted natively was this one on January 10, 2008: -- just me commenting on it. - Stephen Mack
The first item to get a comment from someone other than me was this one on January 11, 2008, garnering a comment from Kevin Fox: - Stephen Mack
The first item to get a like was also the first item that got any kind of discussion, this iPhone speed dial hack that Kevin and I worked on together from January 26, 2008: - Stephen Mack
The first time I used the bookmarklet was May 6, 2008: (but the image no longer exists). - Stephen Mack
I got it working by using XAMPP It stopped at 1/15/2011 for me. I think there's a post or page limit. It stopped after fetching 100 pages or around 10,000 posts. It didn't actually stop, it kept trying to fetch page 101 over and over. - Rodfather
Rod, I see. (And if you translate that link that Rod posted, Will, it has instructions for Windows users.) Mine finished -- for me the total number of pages was fewer than 100, so maybe that's the limit of either the FF retrieve API or the script (or both). - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I think your post with the first like (also has comments) is actually this one: (January 26, 2008) - Micah
It's probably the API. In the script, by default, there's no limit on the number of pages it will retrieve. - Rodfather
My run today stopped at 99 pages. - Micah
Sorry to hear that Micah. (And isn't the one from January 11 before that one from January 26?) - Stephen Mack
It's hard to figure how much is missing, because the API orders the posts by update too not just create date. - Micah
Good point. - Stephen Mack
In browsing through memory lane: 2007 was all imported stuff. 2008 I was mostly talking to myself and the people on FF whom I knew before joining FF, and in 2009 I began having more serious interactions with other people. It's fun to see the first like from people like Micah or Louis or Akiva or Derrick or Josh or Anika or Spidra or Johnny or [you]. - Stephen Mack
Early on in 2008, someone very popular here (but I don't remember who) posted the instructions of how to search for your most popular posts, and said to look for posts that had at least 20 comments and 20 likes: Enter "from:[yourusername] comments:20 likes:20" in the search box. E.g., for me it's -- but I had no posts that met that criteria for at least a year after I read that. Even now I am very proud of posts that can garner 20 or more likes and 20 or more comments. The first post of mine that hit that mark was this one from April 30, 2009: - Stephen Mack
It's fun to figure out the stats, thanks, Stephen. :) - Micah
No no, thank YOU, Micah -- I'd been meaning to get a backup of my FF posts for a long time and I couldn't have done it without you and Claudio. - Stephen Mack
Now I'm wondering about the ethics of me hosting this. Now there's a single gigantic web page with all of the comments that you've ever made on any of my posts. If you go to and expand all the comments using the link at the top, then search for your name, you can see things dating back up to four years in one place. Certainly my feed is public, and in theory you wouldn't have made comments that you didn't want to be associated with your name, but previously most of the older posts were too obscure to find, and if you changed your mind, you could unlike or delete the comment. With this archive, now you can't. So maybe it's not a good idea for me to make this archive publicly visible? - Stephen Mack
I haven't run Cluadio's and it's possible that his has more stuff than the publicly available one. I have versions of mine that have images and comments. Here's a hosted one, that I've removed comments, for legality reasons, and images to speed up loading & memory for your own posts. Takes about 5 minutes to fetch 10,000 items. Mine doesn't save the file, you have to let it finish and then use your browser to save the file, so that there is no issue of accidental discovery. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy from fftogo
API is limited to 10,000 posts. Mine stops in Feb. 2011. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy from fftogo
OK, so that explains why Micah and Rod and others were having problems with Claudio's script stopping at page 100. And presumably there's no workaround to get to the older posts? - Stephen Mack
There is a workaround, but due to latency on it's highly likely to cause data-loss. If you wipe out 100 items in your 10k, you can go back 100 items further. Unfortunately, the latency I was seeing for new posts coming in, and then replacing them. I believe that doing this caused some trashing as the latency became quite high. I actually had issues with timing at one point where the deletion requests were coming in, even after I stopped them, while recovery was working, so some items were being recovered only to be deleted again, and recovered. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy from fftogo
Here is info on that attempt. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy from fftogo
So Jimminy, you viewed the archiving of other people's contents as a potential legal issue with your script? (I've now moved my archive to a private location; doesn't feel right to keep it exposed to all.) - Stephen Mack
It's against TOS, to do so without their knowledge and permission. Of course, you retain all rights to your own content, which is where it becomes a bit more nebulous. If they post, in a manner that extends, among your original content, does that provide you with the right to share. Obviously, by the way the service does it, the answer is yes, (e.g. If a user, James, is private and comments on, another user, Stephen's thread, whether that comment is public or private is reliant on Stephen's status and not James'.) So legally, it's mostly clear, there however is the issue of ethics. Ethically, I decided it was better just to avoid, particularly when I'm allowing anyone to generate them and have no means to reinforce removal upon request. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy from fftogo
Bump for relevance. In case FF ever goes away but doesn't come back, you can snag a copy of (most/some) of your posts. - Stephen Mack
I could never get it to work. :/ - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
I have written this program with Java. It can download all your feeds including the images, music, and other attached files - - ؛ patrick
*holds breath* - Dennis Jernberg
Will the 10K post API limit (I think that's what it is) mean my oldest posts will be unretrievable? - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew, if you have more than 10k posts, yes. Unless you want to start deleting posts. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Fooey. - Andrew C (✔)
Tinfoil: It's working for me. Perhaps you tried to access a private feed? - Stephen Mack
Yeah, remote key is generally better than OAuth, when dealing with private feeds. I know I had to hack a work-around into FFTopTen, to hold the keys, between the page and the request functions called by AJAX. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Bump. This is what I've been using to archive. Please wait a few days before archiving so we don't overload the FF servers. - Stephen Mack
For those who don't use php (like me), you can download the windows version (zip file) from here - | then extract it to a directory (e.g. c:\app\php) | next rename php.ini-development to php.ini | next open php.ini in notepad and add this to the end of the file: extension=ext/php_curl.dll | now open a DOS command prompt and type: cd c:\app\php | now you should be able to run: php | follow the instructions in the link mentioned in this post - ؛ patrick