Stephen Mack
zeigen_runs: Just posted a 5.07 mi run - Wow, this was all over the place. Started out intending to take it easy. ... #RunKeeper -
OK, I usually only post 1 thing a day, and I don't use much of FF's lifestreaming/aggregation, but I decided that I'm going to start having my RunKeeper activities appear here on FF. (I've already been posting them on Facebook for a while.) Mostly I'm doing this to keep myself motivated and on track for my goals. - Stephen Mack
Hmm, maybe I need to set this up differently? It doesn't have the icon or the pic! I added the feed as RSS because FF wouldn't recognize the twitter account (says it couldn't find it, even though it's there fine at Maybe I should be using Advanced Tweets instead? - Stephen Mack