Stephen Mack
For my own benefit:
I heard only a tiny bit of the coverage this morning on the way to work, right up to the Poet Laureate Richard Blanco's poem ( - Stephen Mack
One thing that struck me was the inclusiveness of everything I heard in those few minutes -- Words spoken in English and in Spanish, words addressed to the rich, the poor, liberals, conservatives, gay, straight, immigrants. I hope I get some time later today to watch the entire event. - Stephen Mack
My excuse is that I wasn't born in the U.S., but I'm a bit shocked at my own ignorance. I had no clue at all about Seneca Falls, only a partial understanding of Selma, and just a very hazy grasp of Stonewall. - Stephen Mack
I know a fair amount of people who wouldn't recognize most or any of them, so don't feel too ignorant. - Katy S
That part of the speech really struck me because they're not really canonical reference points for politicians to invoke, but they're very important events. If nothing else, maybe it will inspire some people to read up on them. - John (bird whisperer)
I'll admit I didn't know anything about Stonewall before. - Victor Ganata
I had to look up Seneca Falls, but I did know about the other two. - bentley
I'm glad you pointed this out, so I could check whether Sojourner Truth had spoken at Seneca Falls, like I remembered. I was wrong, it was at the Akron Convention. - Meg VMeg