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Stephen Mack
Amazon's new "AutoRip" service just added 66 albums to my Cloud Player. This poses an ethical dilemma for me, however. -
Amazon's new "AutoRip" service just added 66 albums to my Cloud Player. This poses an ethical dilemma for me, however.
About 10 of the albums that it added are for CDs that I don't physically possess and have never possessed -- I bought them as gifts. Now suddenly both the gift recipient and I have access to the music. That makes me less likely to buy the album for myself, depriving the artist of royalties. Hmm. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
One of the ones it added is for a CD I lost before I could rip it, though. So I'm pleased at that. - Stephen Mack
Hmmm. One dilemma can be solved there if you don't like the music you made as a gift. - Louis Gray
Yeah, some of them are not my personal favorites. #dwightyoakam - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Delete the ones you purchased as gifts? No more personal ethical dilemma. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yeah, I suppose that's the right answer. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
The same thing happened to me, but I don't see a store giving away freebies as an ethical dilemma. :) - Jason P
Stephen - thinking about this, I'm wondering: If you bought something as a gift for someone else, did you buy it because a) you liked it and wanted to share it, or b) you don't like it, but the giftee does, or c) you don't KNOW if you like it, but gifted it anyway? Seems like if it's (a), you likely already have purchased a copy, and if (b) you won't WANT a copy. So only (c) seems to be an issue, where you listen, like, and then must decide to buy or not. - Ken Gidley
Ken, there are some in each category. Some of the gifts were for artists I'm on the fence about but I know the recipient likes. Some were just pure wish list items for the recipient that I don't really like myself. Some were things that I knew the recipient wanted but that I never got around to purchasing for myself (but probably would someday). - Stephen Mack
I imagine that amazon realizes that not every item people bought was for themselves. They still chose to do this. - Katy S
Up next: Amazon gives you Kindle versions of every physical book you've ever bought. (Oh man how awesome would this be?) - Steve and 4 other people