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Research: A Little Extra Fat May Help You Live Longer [NPR "Shots" - Health News] -
Research: A Little Extra Fat May Help You Live Longer [NPR "Shots" - Health News]
From the article: "Being a little overweight may tip the odds in favor of living a long life, according to a new analysis. Researchers say there may be some benefit to having a little extra body fat." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Also covered in Time and a lot of other places: - Stephen Mack
Actual study is in the Journal of the American Medical Association: - Stephen Mack
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BBC article responds ( "Dr Walter Willett, from the Harvard School of Public Health said: 'This is an even greater pile of rubbish" than a study conducted by the same group in 2005.'" - Stephen Mack
Further criticism: "Prof John Wass, vice-president of the college, said: 'Have you ever seen a 100-year-old human being who is overweight? The answer is you probably haven't.' He said the largest people will have died years before and pointed to health problems and higher levels of Type 2 diabetes. 'Huge pieces of evidence go against this, countless other studies point in the other direction.'" - Stephen Mack
What's interesting to me when looking at the JAMA summary is how many more categories of BMI there are in the WHO groupings. It's clear from the data that two of the three "obese" categories are associated with shorter life expectancy. The interesting part is "overweight" vs "normal" vs "grade 1 obesity." - Stephen Mack
The main criticism of Flegal's study seems to be that they don't account for people who have lost a lot of weight due to being extremely ill. - Stephen Mack
BBC's global BMI comparison calculator is also interesting: - Stephen Mack
And back on the side of Flegal's study, more from that NPR article: "Not everyone is convinced the new paper is rubbish. Dr. Steven Hymsfield, of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La., says there are a couple of scenarios in which extra body weight might help people live longer. 'If you fall and you fall on vulnerable bone, like the hip, having a little extra fat there might protect you from hip fracture,' Hymsfield says. Or, he says, if an illness leaves you unable to eat, extra body fat could be useful." - Stephen Mack
My conclusion: We really know so very very little about our bodies and health. - Stephen Mack
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So, they hypothesis is that it's the extra padding that makes chubby the best shape for a long life? :) - Eivind
Being underweight also increases your mortality. It's a U-shaped curve, a Goldilocks situation. You don't want too little fat, and you don't want too much fat. You want to be just right. - Victor Ganata
Sounds like this study indicates that the nadir of your 'u' is in the overweight territory of the BMI scale, though. - Eivind
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I think it just confirms what we've really known all along: that BMI alone is a piss poor measure of overall health. - Victor Ganata
^ This right here. It cracks me up that people still hang their hat on BMI when it's been known for many years that it's just a mild estimation at best. Hell, my physician and gyno both won't even touch a BMI chart because it doesn't tell them what they really need to know. I mean, according to the BMI chart, my roommate is still "overweight". He is 6'2" and 190 lbs and looks absolutely healthy and fit and trim. The BMI chart tells him he ought to be 170. I think if he reached 170 he'd look skeletal. - Hookuh Tinypants
I think it really does make sense, though. If you're overweight or have grade I obesity, you have the advantages of reserve calories, but don't really have significantly increased risks for all the chronic conditions associated with higher grades of obesity. It's one of those measures that are sensitive but not specific. Like if you have a BMI of 10 or a BMI of 45, you're probably not doing that great, but if you have a BMI of 30, that doesn't really tell you much about someone's overall health. - Victor Ganata
imma 6'4, 195, and the bmi tells me imma 1 point away from being overwieght; (and lithuanian) :( - chaz2b
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Ha, BBC's BMI calculator told me despite my being quite overweight, Americans are *so* fat that I'm below average (for my age group). Not sure what to think of that. :-( I actually care about waist size and muscle more than weight but weight is so easy to measure… - Amit Patel
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