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Yvonne Renee
This is more like a 'Whinefest' than a bitchfest, but the fact that it's supposed to rain tomorrow on Halloween, along with us only having 1 car, totally bites. I don't have a car to take the kids to school if it's raining. I don't have a car to drive them home if it's raining. I'm picturing a whole lot of wet and some sad kids for tomorrow. =(
Whingefest: for when you don't think it warrants a Bitchfest post, but you still need to let it out: - Big Joe Silence
:( - Anne Bouey
I kind of want to file all these Stallman miscellany under a directory called Root Mean Square.
ha! i was talking to him about that this afternoon. parker, not RMS. - kendrak
Heh. Well, I'm glad he tweeted it. Tell him I said, 'Hi.' Not RMS, parker. - Micah
it reminded me how great RMS is from a distance, in a "gee, i'm glad i don't actually know him" kind of way. - kendrak
It's kind of like I don't want to picture a world where an RMS couldn't exist. On the other hand, were I world-building I'd have a long list of other priorities I'd be working on first. - Micah
How did you live with him, Stephen? - NOT THE CRICKET
It was painful. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Wait. Did I miss a #SaturdayFF, Stephen? - Spidra Webster
That short URL isn't resolving for me on mobile or desktop. - Spidra Webster
Doesn't work for me, either. Try: - Stephen Mack
Thanks, Stephen. I've never heard of him. Sounds like an eccentric guy to live with. - Spidra Webster
Stephen Mack
My conclusion after using Inbox for several days: After using e-mail for 28 years, I do not wish to completely transform my e-mail workflow.
I think I'd feel the same way. - Tamara J. B.
I find it interesting that Google is still trying to reinvent something which has become in so many ways a footnote in Internet history. I don’t know many people who rely primarily on e-mail to communicate outside of their jobs, really. - Akiva
Lucky! How did you get it, Stephen? - Louis Gray
^ hehe, very funny. - Stephen Mack
I really just want an email integration with Slack. I could just make a few channels and have all the crap funneled into them. - Heisenberg
Iain Baker
We're off on tour again! Australia and NZ, March 2015.
Well. - Johnny from iPhone
Guest list, if you need it. Just shout. - Iain Baker
^ That would be an epic FFeedup. - LB: Water Witch from Android
Holy crap if you make it to west coast of USA I'm selling the baby and going, . - Steve C Team Marina
Now I have International Bright Young Thing in my mind. - Steve C Team Marina
Pick me, pick me! - Melly - #TeamMarina from FFHound!
Funny story (don't tell him I told you) - I was talking to Josh about this and he said he didn't know any of your songs (he's a young 'un). I said he'd probably now Right Here Right Now. He started singing it then said "Isn't that a Bryan Adams song?" - Melly - #TeamMarina
^ hahahaha! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
ohh nooo.... - Big Joe Silence
BRYAN ADAMS?????????? - Stephen Mack
Yeah, I can't even. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as ID After His Car Catches Fire at Taco Bell | Miami New Times -
"The incident occurred in the early morning of October 1 in Jensen Beach, according to the blog Off the Beat. Falkner, 30, had apparently decided to make a run for a fourth meal after downing some beers, and he somehow made it all the way to the fast-food joint in his Chevy pickup, placed his order, and received his taco before falling asleep. The Taco Bell manager had to call police because Falkner was out cold at the pick-up window and holding up customers behind him. Clearly this was not a victimless crime, and our hearts go out to the hungry folks who had to wait so long for their late-night munchies. A deputy awoke Falkner and then asked for his ID. Falkner said no before reaching into his bag and presenting the officer with a taco. Another deputy clarified they were asking for an ID, not a taco. Falkner chuckled and began eating the taco. Then deputies noticed Falkner had fallen asleep with his foot on the accelerator while his truck was in park. The engine had caught fire, and fire extinguishers were used to put it out." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The reason I look different is I shaved off my cheese." - Stephen Mack
Your honor, my client was not "driving" under the influence - he was merely sleeping in a parked truck while drunk. If he didn't move when asked you might charge him with trespassing but to assume anything worse would be predatory. - Brian Johns
Florida! - Amit Patel
You know who likes tacos? This guy. -> - Steve C Team Marina
Louis Gray
My steps/day average, grouped by month - since I started using Fitbit. October should be the first month with an average of 20k+.
Google must be paying you to break out onto the professional walking circuit. - Kristin
They don't know they are, but yes. - Louis Gray
This is so impressive, Louis. If you overlay your weight loss on top of that, how does that graph look? - Stephen Mack
Weight is going back up! So it doesn't matter. Speaking of which, the desserts at Google today included Oreo crumble red velvet cake and Nutella brownies. - Louis Gray
Show off. =) - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
If you wrote code, that would be difficult. ;) - Heisenberg
@Heisenberg, maybe. But you are wasting your time sleeping instead of walking. - Louis Gray
Not last night. :( - Heisenberg
"Do not take Farxiga if you are allergic to Farxiga or any of its ingredients." Thanks for that sage advice, big pharma.
the brand name and the chemical name are both quite difficult to imagine pronouncing - dapagliflozin is the drug name. - ellbeecee
I think it's named after a character in Babylon 5 - WarLord
"Additionally, if you develop allergic reactions to Farxiga after you have begun taking Farxiga, cease taking Farxiga. Furthermore, if you phase shift so that you are no longer able to take Farxiga in this plane of existence, consult your doctor before gradually reducing your Farxiga dosage." - Stephen Mack
Yvonne Renee
#ThrowOutThursday! Today we're donating our oldest sofa bed, and 2 chairs to SVDP. I'm hoping they'll also take some boxes of diapers and wipes we don't need, but if not I'll find another place to donate them.
Great job! - Stephen Mack
Our place has so much breathing room now! Ah! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
You're doing great! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Salvation Army also took a box of diapers and my box of wipes. A friend was interested in purchasing 3 other boxes of pull-ups, but changed her mind AFTER the guys were here. So... I guess I'll be dropping them off at Goodwill. =) - Yvonne Renee
If there's a women & children's shelter nearby, they might appreciate the pull-ups. - Corinne L
I know of one in Menlo Park, but not here in Sunnyvale. I'm sure I can track one down though! - Yvonne Renee
Shelters are always in need of baby supplies, great idea. St Vincent de Paul in Oakland runs a homeless women & kids drop in center, I know they'll be putting those wipes to good use :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Bruce Lewis
Fitbit Charge, Charge HR & Surge: Welcome to a Whole New World of Fitness -
Fitbit Charge, Charge HR & Surge: Welcome to a Whole New World of Fitness
Hmm. I am intrigued by the Charge HR... - Laura
Tough choice! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
imo without a gps, it's not that useful unless you never run outside. - ؛ patrick
My Force needs to go. Thinking I'll take advantage of the trade in/recall. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Not a tough choice for patrick then. Surge is the only one that has gps built in. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, that's my point. And if you get the surge (which is obviously no cheap), I don't think it's very different from other products out there in the market. For instance, Garmin makes very good sports watches. - ؛ patrick
I'm all over that Surge. As much as I hate anything bulky on my wrist, I will make the sacrifice for this. (and to be frank, as a runner, Garmin is horrendously overrated nowadays) - Hookuh Tinypants
$249.95 seems to be a good price too - ؛ patrick
Microsoft Band & Health: Unboxing, First Impressions & Setup - - ؛ patrick
Vampire Hunter DYSP
I got : You are Sherlock!! Which Sherlock Character are you? via @play_buzz
I got : You are Sherlock!! Which Sherlock Character are you? via @play_buzz
I got dead victim #3 :( - Stephen Mack
Laura Norvig
Checking out Google Inbox. Looks cool but really? I have to watch a video to learn it? Skeptical.
I find it confusing. - Stephen Mack
Cognitive overload. Those circles on the left with the initial for the person's last name? I thought that was some kind of code. And not color coded to match anything. I really don't get it. - Laura Norvig
some cool ideas with swiping to say it's done, pinning important stuff, and setting reminders, but who has time to learn shit? - Laura Norvig
Victor Ganata
Does milk do a body good? Maybe not, a new study suggests - L.A. Times
"A new study finds that people who drank lots of milk were more likely to have bone fractures and to die at younger ages than people who drank less than one glass per day." - Victor Ganata
I've been on team yogurt/kefir/etc for years now. - Andrew C (✔)
All I know is milk tastes so much better (milky?) in Asia than it does here. - rönin from FFHound!
Well, we're only just learning about nutrition. The problem is that the dietary guidelines are totally written by Big Ag and they also provide a lot of the funding for studies, too. Moderation seems to be the key in everything. As far as I've been told, you don't need cow's milk specifically, what you need is calcium and vitamin D (and fat when you're still myelinating your central nervous system) and there are plenty of ways to get adequate amounts of those without having to drink lots of cow's milk. - Victor Ganata
So, the fact that I didn't drink milk as a kid while my brother drank close to a gallon a day didn't make me the nutrition slacker? Excellent! - Katy S
we give our kids a calcium supplement and make sure they eat fruit rich in potassium. - Big Joe Silence
Your Request Of "Gotta Hear Both Sides" Has Been Denied -
Your Request Of "Gotta Hear Both Sides" Has Been Denied
"Dear Applicant, Thank you for your recent inquiry about hearing both sides. According to our records, this marks the fourth submission in as many days as to whether or not we have heard both sides. We regret to inform you that we have not. On March the 2nd, you interrupted a conversation by asking “In fairness, have you heard both sides?” On April the 13th, you spoke over a work acquaintance, reminding her that “We can’t actually form an opinion about this until we’ve heard both sides.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"While in an ideal world perhaps we would listen to all sides, the volume of requests we receive on a daily basis makes this impossible. We have decided to move ahead with our lives without hearing from your side. It is with very sincere regret that we must inform you we will not be listening to both sides, and have no plans to listen to both sides in the future. Just the one side will... more... - Jessie
"What will happen once we’ve decided not to hear both sides? We do not know. We are sailing into uncharted waters. Perhaps we will never return. There may be many sides — dodecahedrons, even — we will neglect to hear. This is a burden we are prepared to take on. We wish you and your side all of the best and now consider the matter closed, The Management" - Jessie
Wait, hear me out. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen Mack
So what do you guys think of the new patch?
My quick impressions: * Not quite as many vanity/fun items fit in the toy chest as I expected, but it still freed up a ton of slots in my bags. * I enjoyed going toy hunting. I'm up to around 75. This guide is helpful: * The new reagent bank tab is an amazing quality of life boon. * Having reagents stack to 200 means I can retire all but one of my various bank alts. (I kept a lot of junk.) * My heals seem to hit for a lot less, but I don't run out of mana. (I can probably regem to get better throughput.) * I lost 3 spells in Holy and 4 in Shadow. Fewer buttons to press. Zero new mechanics or rotations. * The Blasted Land quest chain seemed short and uninspired to me. * I don't do much damage in shadow normally, but the mobs on that quest chain felt like they were made of paper. Balanced for brand new 90s, I guess? (I should try it on my baby mage.) * Due to UI improvements, I retired one of my favorite mods, OmniCC. The... more... - Stephen Mack
No complaints here other than the fact that they borked hunter DPS and hopefully the patch being loaded today will fix that (Blizz openly admitted they crunched numbers wrong for hunters in the stats squish). A little irritated at some of the technical issues that have cropped up with 6.0, specifically the SLI compatibility glitches. I refuse to LFR or LFG until healers relearn healing... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
I agree with Tinypants about the healing problem. As a healer for over 7 years, I have had no problems adjusting and actually find healing to be easier, but the runs I have had since the patch have been pretty brutal (last night I did 45% of the heals as one of four healers during a flex/new normal Thok). Mana regeneration is damn near infinite so I have had zero problems just spamming my strongest heals to my hearts content. I do love the reagent bank and things stacking to 200 though! - Chris Topher
Shit stacking to 200 is how life should have always been. I've been a big fan of them letting shit stack and in larger increments from the get-go. I still love to say "Back in my day, clams didn't stack!" because in the beginning, clams you gathered each took up one slot. And then in Wrath they finally made them stacking. So basically the WoW equivalent of "I used to walk to school... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
I really don't like what they did to Arms Warriors. So boring now. Made worse since Slam is apparently REALLY underperforming compared to the other two talents in that tier. But I guess what few abilities to use can hit like a truck. Fury has been fun again since Wrath. But, I've been mostly playing my Paladin. Ret didn't lose much. Just glowy hands and the golden ghost guy who flies... more... - Arlan K.
Quality of life stuff like stacking to 200, having a separate reagent bank and being able to craft using mats in there instead of only in your inventory are pretty awesome, but long overdue. I like the new character models, but I may not necessarily like all the faces and animations. I did the pre-patch quests when they were bugged, so I really dislike them. Oh, and being able to solo some heroic Cata raids ("some" since I'm not as OP as my friends who can "mostly" solo) is pretty hilarious. - Arlan K.
Hrmm... considering reforging being gone, I can't say I miss it much since every piece I've gotten for my Paladin has haste, which is what I want to stack. And, another good thing is using DPS gear for tanking. Even less inventory slots used up. - Arlan K.
my chief complaint with the patch is that I can't rejoin wow at the moment.... but soon hopefully.... very soon! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Stephen Mack
Happy birthday, Sparky! Go go go you Ironman you.
(Photo by Dennis Soong, - Stephen Mack
Happy birthday. You're kind of a big deal! ;-) - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday! - Katy S
Thanks! I went and ran a mile this morning and nothing broke or fell off, so I've got that going for me. - Brian Johns
Then I spent 10 minutes at lunch today googling "Free birthday food" before heading to Cold Stone. - Brian Johns
Happy birthday, Brian! - Anne Bouey
Don't forget Denney's and Starbucks! - Stephen Mack
Happy birthday Brian! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Brian Johns
Good morning, world!
Good morning, birthday boy! - Stephen Mack
Happy Birthday! - MoTO: Team Marina
Happy birthday, Brian! - Corinne L
Happy birthday! - Wicked Bat Catcher from iPhone
Happy birthday! :-) - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Celebrate! - Anne Bouey
Steve and 4 other people
Google Fit now available!
"You can also connect your favorite fitness devices and apps like Strava, Withings, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Noom Coach to Google Fit and we’ll surface all of the relevant data in one spot, giving you a clear and complete view of your fitness. No need to check one app to see your weight and another to review a run – with Google Fit, that data will all be surfaced in one, simple place." <-- but the web page doesn't seem to let me do that. So this really is Android only, eh? - Stephen Mack
Amit Patel
"Have you ever heard of Google Notebook? How about Knol? iGoogle? Wave? Buzz? PigeonRank? These were all Google products that, while they had some merit, never caught on with users. They weren't good enough, and so they died a deserved death."
PigeonRank? Really??? - Amit Patel
I loved the PigeonRank paper. - NOT THE CRICKET
This is from Eric Schmidt's new book - Amit Patel
lol, maybe he's trying to see if people are paying attention, by monitoring change in number of hits to the PigeonRank page. - NOT THE CRICKET
His book about Google is not even in Google Books! - Amit Patel
They didn't really give wave much of a chance. - Todd Hoff
I loved the Pigeon Rank paper. - bentley
Google Reader was very good - Smeerch
RIP Google Reader (makes crossing signs) - Todd Hoff
Google Reader was my favorite news service from the first week it was released. Now I make due with Zite, Prismatic and SmartNews. - Sean McBride
Feedly was on my radar for a time, but I lost interest once it became clear that it was not interested in developing artificial intelligence approaches for personalized news recommendations. If news isn't smart, I'm not interested. - Sean McBride
I love feedly precisely because I can look at all my feeds. That's the only way to go truly deep. Sometimes the deepest nuggets are in an HN thread, a stackoverflow thread, an email list, or on google groups. Your algorithm will never surface those unless somebody bootstraps them first. Who are the bootsrappers? - Todd Hoff
Have you tried using Zite enough for it to calibrate itself to your interests with depth and precision? It regularly pushes the most esoteric and valuable stuff to the top of my queue. I don't have time to browse through the more than 1,000 feeds I subscribe to on Feedly. I need a smart service to browse for me. Feedly is a "dumb" news service (in the technical sense). - Sean McBride
Over time I used Google Reader more and more as a dumb reader. It's not able to guess my mood — whether I want to read long essays or whether I want to read about new software or whether I want to read comics. - Amit Patel
[insert Cristo comment about being mad at iGoogle's removal] - Stephen Mack
I am impressed by the user interface for [SmartNews] -- anyone else agree? - Sean McBride
I miss Google Reader. - Vampire Hunter DYSP
But the Google Reader interface now looks ancient, clunky and dusty. - Sean McBride
Stephen Mack
Just completed a 5.00 mi run - Sure gets dark early now. Even worse next week. #RunKeeper
Just completed a 5.00 mi run - Sure gets dark early now. Even worse next week. #RunKeeper
Worse or BETTER? - Kristin
Weather colder, too. :-/ - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Kristin, I prefer longer days. I like it when it gets dark at 8, not 5:30. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
And next weekend you fall back. - Eivind from Android
I just want the cold weather! - Kristin
Brian Johns
"The Police Department is currently closed because so many officers have been arrested. There is a closed sign on the front door." Stay Classy, King City:
They probably should have taken the free online ethics course. It would have saved them from some of those decisions! - Brian Johns
Wow. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Wow, is that a clusterfuck of villainy. - Spidra Webster
That's crazy! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
DO YOU? - RepoRat
I DO! - Zamms
is it the news i think it is? - kendrak
are you becoming president?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Kendra: It's not the news you think it is. Andrew: No, no, no, they're not THAT crazy! - Zamms
No? Why not?? It would be awesome! You could appoint Kendra and Jennifer as the first co-cabinets of Soccer Ministry! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I am building this up way too much... - Zamms
At this point you'd better have invented a flying car or something - lris from Android
wait wait Zamms invented a flying car?! WELL DANG, THAT SURE IS NEWS. - RepoRat
BREAKING NEWS: Flying car invented by FF regular. Film at 11! - Catherine Pellegrino
*runs over to Wikipedia to edit Zamms's page* - RepoRat
*posts it to Twitter* - Catherine Pellegrino
*starts a rumor that the car will have limited release, with ff receiving first purchase option* - Marie
Better be a hybrid. - Joe
*goes to remove flying car reference from Wikipedia page* *realize I don't have a Wikipedia page* *sighs* - Zamms
*goes to create Zamms's's's Wikipedia page* - bentley
*creates a website for zamms's flying car business* - Sir Shuping is just sir
So you have news? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Maybe... - Zamms
So .... ? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
(do you have ebola?) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
where is the news?? we must know! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Is this all just some big Huey Lewis joke? - Steele Lawman
Still waiting to hear if I can announce my minor, non-ebola-flying-car-related, still pretty cool news. PROTOCOLS TO BE OBSERVED. - Zamms
did u get IRB? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Paging Dr. Zamms...? - Julian
Julian: Ha, no! We only need one doctor in my house! Stephanie: No, the International Rugby Board has shut me out again. - Zamms
I GOT IT! You are going to have a beer with Joe Biden. - Julian
Nah. Biden would never have *a* beer. - David Lounsbury from iPhone
Buy a Sexy Ebola Containment Suit for $59.99 -
Buy a Sexy Ebola Containment Suit for $59.99
>.> - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Dominic would look great in that Jessie - Steve C Team Marina
Hmm. That doesn't look CDC-certified to me. - Stephen Mack
You might catch more than ebola from that. - Eric - It's My Thing
holly #ravingfangirl
NOPE. - Corinne L
Absolutely not. - Julian
ewwwww! wth were they thinking with that?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'd try it. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
You know what I like? Oreo-flavored Oreos. Big fan. - Hookuh Tinypants
i will admit the more i have of the lemon ones, the more i like them, but i mostly prefer the originals. or sometimes the golden ones. but all these other crazy ones? nah. - holly #ravingfangirl
Also in existence: watermelon. - Julian
Watermelon? That sounds no bueno. How are they? - Marie
I've tried the root beer float, actually have some in the kitchen right now. They're actually good! I don't know how they pulled it off with the cookie in the mix, but they smell and taste just like the real thing. - Christa
I love the lemon Oreos. I had Chips Ahoy with root beer float chips and they were pretty good. I'll try the root beer Oreos if they show up in Grocery Outlet! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
The !emon ones were good I also had limeade and have pumpkin spice that I have not opened yet - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Darude - Sandstorm (acoustic): via @YouTube
Darude -  Sandstorm (acoustic): via @YouTube
Wow, that's fantastic. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
69.62 miles. 112.04 kilometer. This was challenging but wonderful.
Great job! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks! My legs have in the meantime stopped cramping and I've taken a shower so I feel just about human again. - Uli from Android
Nicely done, young Jedi - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Amit Patel
fontus self-filling bottle condenses humid air into drinking water -
fontus self-filling bottle condenses humid air into drinking water
Neat! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Louis Gray
Averaging 25,000+ steps a day, for a week? Is such a thing even possible?
Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.47.48 PM.png
You're amazing. Also, what are you using to get that summary? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Is that an android app? Or PC/Mac? - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
So you were serious about that sleep thing being a waste of time. - Steve C Team Marina
That's from the web, Yvonne (and Stephen). - Louis Gray
That's awesome! - Miriella from Android
Iainababy, your breath is like warmed over liver and onions. Your caress like the pinch from a scorpion sting. You make me full of dread when you are near. - Louis Gray
Lol! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Stephen Mack
I love your favorite YouTube videos, Stephen. You have such varied interests. ;) - Tamara J. B.
A complex man, indeed :) - Eivind from Android
Sophie borrowed Stephen's iPad again! - Louis Gray
Dang! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Laura Norvig
RT @borthwick: Use this card to get into the Gillmor Gang Room - Don't have Rooms app? Get it at
RT @borthwick: Use this card to get into the Gillmor Gang Room -  Don't have Rooms app? Get it at
(what is Rooms?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
new Facebook app for anonymous chat/forum type discussions. - Laura Norvig
So they've abandoned FF? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen Mack
Wisdom Has Costs [Burning Blog] -
Wisdom Has Costs [Burning Blog]
Wisdom Has Costs [Burning Blog]
Show all
Tales From the Playa blog post: "You know what? I fucked up. I told her, 'Don’t worry about your bike.' I honestly thought we’d be able to keep our eye on it. But come on, brother. It was the middle of nowhere out there, and I know better. Still, seriously, what the fuck, right? Don’t take the material advice of some dust-wizard in the dark of night. Hold up. Let me begin at the beginning." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Great read. - Stephen Mack
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