Stephen Mack
Would a kitten by any other name taste so good? -
we have begun calling our kittens "land fish" and our grey one a "land shark". I have to say this campaign may work on some, but not likely on me. Since I was a kid I have thought pigs, especially potbelly pigs, are the cutest thing. I had a pet potbelly for a while, and i just love pigs. I also think pigs are one of the tastiest things ever. Given, i refuse to eat a pig that I know - as a kid I pouted through several of my dad's pig roast parties since I had helped raise those pigs and fed them and talked to them. But does that keep me from ham, bacon, pork loin, etc. Not a chance! Maybe I'm weird, but I love the taste of fish/sea kittens. doesn't matter what you call them, they are good! - Rachel Lea Fox
Honestly the movie "Finding Nemo" did more to deter kids from eating sea kittens than anything PETA could ever dream up. - Stephen Mack
You sure about that Stephen? : - Ken Gidley
403 on that URL for me... - Stephen Mack
Try again, I fixed the URL - i tried to link the photo directly before. - Ken Gidley
Heh, very very delicious looking. Nemo is one yummy sea kitten. - Stephen Mack
I'm with Rachel, I think most animals are pretty cute, but I also think they are pretty darn tasty. I wouldn't eat a kitten, but I think that has more to do with conditioning than their appearance. Also, the word "kitten" isn't all that cute on it's own, "fish" is much cuter. Now I want some salmon. - Jeanette Bosman