Stephen Mack
The Jetsons Theme Song/Intro -
The Jetsons Theme Song/Intro
Happy birthday, Jetsons! 50 year anniversary. - Stephen Mack
Hmm, I was just quoting what I heard on NPR today that it was the 50th anniversary, but this is late. Per, it debuted on September, 23, 1962 so we missed the anniversary. - Stephen Mack
The NPR story I heard was this one: - Stephen Mack
You're going to take wikipedia's word over NPR??? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Heh, I re-listened to the story. They did admit it debuted in September of 1962, and I must have misheard, because I thought they said the anniversary was today, but instead what they said was that "we have been celebrating" the 50th anniversary. - Stephen Mack