Stephen Mack
Can you summarize your opinion of Julian Assange in one word? -
Can you summarize your opinion of Julian Assange in one word?
Rapist. - Anika
Egomaniac. - Mark H
Jackass. - Heather
Principled (Not saying his is correct, just he seems to be sticking to what ever principle he believes he has) - Johnny
in a phrase: nearing his endgame, deserved or not. - Big Joe Silenced
True. We get blanketted with news here in Oz cause he is Australian... All we get now is his mother and lawyers screaming that the US has a secret file that they've shared with Australia and that's driving the Swedish court case. If I was in charge of the US (what ever department handles it), I'd make it plain to the Sweden that the second his case is dealt with, he's free to go... That just turns him into a ranting conspiracy theorist. - Johnny
Disruptive - Todd Hoff
Psychopath - JB from iPhone
Confused - Mary Carmen
Demonized - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Likely guilty of rape. - Spidra Webster
Creepy. - Soup in a TARDIS
what the world needed, just didnt know it - chaz2b
um . . . - Friar Will
None. - Melly
deerstep. I'm not American, I'm Australian. What he did in regards to the "good" with WikiLeaks does not excuse any (alleged) bad he has done personally. Careful who you blindly make your hero - Johnny
Hot - smart - heroic - Sativa from iPhone
*looks for where he called Assange a rapist*... *looks again*... *checks a third time*... *sighs* - Johnny
I called him a jackass because h claims that getting information out to people is the most important thing, except that he claims to be holding on to information that would only be released if he's killed. Ok, so now he's a blackmailer and choosing to NOT release information. Doesn't sound like he's all about putting the info out there at any cost. - Heather
deerstep. He IS a conspiracy theorist. His whole defence to the issue that is not "so bad" is that Sweden has secret instructions from the USA to extradite him the second he lands. The USA, Australia, Sweden governments and all other countries connected to this have denied this. He holds a theory of conspiracy. I choose to think that theory is far fetched but he DOES hold that theory. So does his legal team. I hear it endlessly from his mother every week on our news. That theory is the SOLE reason he CHOOSES not to deal with this. So, yes, I call him a conspiracy theorist. I am comfortable with that. And in the battle between what's worse to be called, a "conspiracy theorist" or a "rapist"... dude, seriously. - Johnny
How the hell can a rapist be a better person then a conspiracy theorist (based on that info alone)? - Heather
Wait, can I change mine to "Bond villain"... if there's a way to make that one word? - Heather
Bondvillian? - Johnny
Just to pre-empt the response "That's what the government would say", that shows a distinct lack of understanding of the Australian political system. The government is in crisis now and if it was shown to some how be a part of this conspiracy, it would be an absolute death nail for them. We hate an asshole, but we hate a lying government more. Assange isn't worth that much to risk loosing government over - Johnny
"conspiracy theorist" in regards to the legal matters. "conspiracy theorist" in regards to the legal matters. "conspiracy theorist" in regards to the legal matters. "conspiracy theorist" in regards to the legal matters. "conspiracy theorist" in regards to the legal matters. I can keep repeating it if you like until it sinks in - Johnny
Fake - ؛ patrick
As far as I know, he's not wanted for anything in the US. - Johnny
Hence... conspiracy theory... *drops mic* - Johnny
moral (in the morality that belongs to human rights applicable to everyone ie unversal, not within a religuous ideology) - sofarsoShawn from BuddyFeed
I'm sorry, if a woman wants to have safe sex, and the man insists on not being safe, he's not meeting her condition. If he said "No condom" and she said "Oh ok." yup, that's consensual. If he lied to her about it or forced himself on her despite her protests that he bag it, yeah that's not consensual. Consent can be revoked at any time before or during sex. BUT THAT'S NOT MY POINT. My point is that in any situation a rapist is a worse person then a conspiracy theorist if those are the only points of comparison. Rape is worse then conspiracy theorizing, always. Rape is worse. Maybe he's not a rapist, but if he is, that's worse. - Heather
For some strange reason none of the leaked documents are really important documents. for instance, we have leaked documents about how many pounds of beans were used by the American soldiers in a city in Afghanistan but nothing about the US-Iran talks behind the closed doors. wonder why! - ؛ patrick
hair (in the sense that it mangy ~ notice how I fudge the rules to use more than one word) - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
My feeling when I posted is that people would have a complex set of opinions about him, about his Wikileaks work, about the charges against him and his reputation, his personality, and his current status as a fugitive seeking asylum, and that it would be difficult to summarize all those opinions into one word. So, I guess, my word would be "complicated." - Stephen Mack
Idiot - Mr Jojo
honest - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
Hero - Avang from FFHound!
Unuseful - Xabaras (G.O.)
Hacker. - imabonehead
noncorformist - زانوی کلیر
Psy-Op(erative) - .LAG liked that
I'm still trying to figure out where deerstep saw Johnny call Assange a rapist *confoosed* - Melly
Hero - Non sono Bob
defining a man who troubled USA this much with one word? nonsense. - Summer
(Oh right, "troubled USA this much", sorry) super-hero - Non sono Bob
more likely he is a wanker for sure. super-heroes dont look like as if they will never get rid of their virginity, but assange, alhough he's not, totally looks like a virgin and hence he looks lame. - Summer
"troubled USA this much", americans hate him and they call him wanker = demi-god - Non sono Bob
well if you're referring to me, Im not american. Im middle eastern so you might want to reconsider calling him demi-god - Summer
I'm reconsiderig calling you "american", I'm *really* sorry. - Non sono Bob
haha, cool. :) - Summer
^^^ That - Scoble, Alex Scoble
i don't hate him so i must not be an American. - Big Joe Silenced
you sir, don't deserve to be an American. time for you to change your citizenship to Turkish, Swedish, or Finish if not middle eastern - ؛ patrick
Australian - t-ra needs this place from Android
Anti-shampoo - Melly
History - AJ Batac
Hero - I /-\li
Criminal - Great Scott!
Paraculo - Minciaroni™
Nazi - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
"If you had not understood it yet, I am on the side of Julian Assange" - thomas morton ☢
homeless (i messed up the rules with my earlier entry, so ivva been busy trying to think of just one word) - chaz2b
Sorry, Daniele Minciaroni™ doesn't speak english but macaronic language.. He meant mongrel (ублюдок). - ☥ guideugé ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
lol - Non sono Bob
Journalist - Ozgur Uckan
Activist - Ozgur Uckan
Hacktivist - Ozgur Uckan
Dissident - Ozgur Uckan
For all of you called him "criminal"... He is only "alleged" for some ambiguous "crime". He is not officially "charged". There is only some "allegations", no "charges". So you calm down :) - Ozgur Uckan
deerstep rizpekt! saygı duydum abi, umutsuzca çarpışmışsın. ^.^ / I would say "Journalist" which is synonymous to "Terrorist" in American English. - deerstep - ves.
işte onun için saygı duydum dedim ya:) bunlarla tartışmak bizim öküz faşolarla tartışmak gibi hagaden. kafalar ağır tv kafası. - ves.
“U.S. government, cut the crap. You don’t want your horrible secrets revealed? I got a crazy idea for you: Don’t do those horrible acts. I’m an American. I chose to be an American citizen because I love this country and I love the idea of what it stands for. Can we actually stand for it? Can we actually do the right things and be that exceptional country that I wanted to join? There’s nothing exceptional about starting this nonsense war where hundreds of thousands of civilians died and then try to cover it up, and then if anybody tries to reveal it, we say, we gotta extradite him.” Cenk: @Wikileaks ' Julian #Assange should be your hero - The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur - Ozgur Uckan
orası öyle. (türkçe konuşuyoruz diye de çok kızacaklar bence, şeyyapmayalım:) ) - ves.
Go there and check the links please: "Many people in the western media remain puzzled about Assange's fear of being held captive in the Swedish legal system. But can we really trust Swedish justice when it has been flag­rantly politi­cised and manip­u­lated in the Assange case, as has been repeatedly well doc­u­mented. Indeed, the Swedish justice sys­tem has the highest rate per cap­ita of cases taken to the ECtHR for flout­ing Art­icle 6 -- the right to a fair trial. If Assange were extra­dited merely for ques­tion­ing by police -- he has yet to be even charged with any crime in Sweden -- there is a strong risk that the Swedes will just shove him straight on the next plane to the US under the legal terms of a "tem­por­ary sur­render". And in the US, a secret Grand Jury has been con­vened in Vir­ginia to find a law -- any law -- with which to pro­sec­ute Assange. Hell, if the Yanks can't find an exist­ing law, they will prob­ably write a new one just for him. So why all the sound and fury? What is this really all about? Wikileaks is a ground-breaking new form of high-tech, award-winning journ­al­ism that has exposed cor­rupt prac­tices across the world over the years. And crucially, in this war-torn, weary and financially broken world, it offers a secure conduit to whistleblowers who want to expose institutional crime and corruption for the public good. Whis­tleblowers want to get their inform­a­tion out there, they want to make a dif­fer­ence, they want a fair hear­ing, and they don't want to pay too high a per­sonal price for doing so. Is that too much to ask?" Annie Machon: The Assange Witch Hunt - Ozgur Uckan
Sure, the information I've shared is for the people who did not lobotomized by Fox TV :) - Ozgur Uckan
framed. - gokhan yucel
i gave one word... and some explanations, cause obviously some people need them :) - Ozgur Uckan
I'm with Fikret. One word doesn't describe him - CarlC from Android
this post is going to have a few hundred comments. I think it's not about Assange but mostly about the US - LOL - ؛ patrick
Brave - Larry David
"A man's life is at stake"? Sweden hasn't had the death penalty since 1910. - Spidra Webster
No place in this thread did I call him a "conspiracy theorist". And you really don't know anything about what I've done or not done, deerstep. - Spidra Webster
adam üzerine alınmış asdjks - enoy
criminal? glad to see that haribrained people are all over the world, not only in my country. - doper
"Whatever you think of Julian Assange, he is one smart cookie and clearly not doing what he is doing for personal gain-- I am sure that if he could be bought, he would have been by now. Whether it is idealism or ego, he is totally changing the information landscape in a way that benefits the ordinary person. In this internet age, information is power and Assange has the ability to give power to the people and THAT is perhaps what makes him seem so dangerous to the powers that be. " Political Packrat: Julian #Assange is Wiki-Leaking All Over Town - Ozgur Uckan
Cenk Uygur sikertmiş beyler :)) - Radicando Levino
"Sweden hasn't had the death penalty since 1910. - Spidra Webster" nobody cares about legal procedure anymore. havent you heard of something called political homicide? good or evil, doesnt matter. assange is an important person for the entire world. - Summer
Assange: I am grateful to peoples of US, UK, Sweden & Australia who support me even when their govts don't.. Assange says the US administration against whilstleblowers must end and that Bradley Manning must be released. Describing him as a hero. Live: - ☥ guideugé ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶