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Mary Carmen
I cannot believe my sister is pregnant again. #4ontheway
Andrew C (✔)
How the Upright Citizens Brigade Conquered TV in 2014 | Complex -
How the Upright Citizens Brigade Conquered TV in 2014 | Complex
"f you're a massive comedy fan, there's a solid chance that the vast majority of the talents you're currently quoting, DVRing, and retweeting got their start at UCB--either in New York or in L.A. And if you're of the opinion that someone's simply either born funny or not, that comedy isn't something that can be taught or learned, let me sway your opinion with exhibit A: the near unfathomable success rate of this bi-coastal improv and sketch institution." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
SNL, Parks and Rec, Broad City, Key & Peele, Kroll Show, Veep, House of Lies, Childrens Hospital, etc... - Andrew C (✔)
I wonder what a timeline graph of various companies' dominance would look like: Groundlings, Second City, IO, UCB, etc. - Spidra Webster
That said, I think people of Tina Fey's generation -- besides the UCB 4 -- are more properly considered from iO or Second City. - Andrew C (✔)
I'm not sure about Groundlings, but for the rest, my vague sense is that Second City was first, and then the second wave of Second City "vets" really came up at IO first and got to the Second City mainstage after that... (Then again, Mick Napier, founder of the Annoyance in Chicago and a SC bigwig, has written that no one school in Chicago is sufficient: not SC, not IO, and not even his... more... - Andrew C (✔)
"Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer wieners" -
SPOILER... Because cheese. - Micah from Bookmarklet
"NEW YORK (AP) — Kraft Foods is recalling 96,000 pounds of its Oscar Mayer wieners because they may mistakenly contain cheese. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said Sunday that packages of Kraft's "Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners" may instead contain the company's "Classic Cheese Dogs." The agency says the product labels are incorrect and do not... more... - Micah
Mary Carmen
Happy Easter!
She's so darn ADORABLE! - Tamara J. B.
Too cute. :) - Steven Perez
oh dear god, I just melted. - MoTO Moca Blend
Andrew C (✔)
Happy my birthday to all y'all. #fb
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday, Andrew! - Anne Bouey
happy bday! - imabonehead
Happy Birthday - Rodfather
Happy birthday! - Spidra Webster
Happy birthday, Andrew. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Happy birthday. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Happy your birthday to you too :) - Eivind from Android
Happy birthday! For some reason, I thought your birthday was in the fall. - Anika
That would be my half-birthday! - Andrew C (✔)
Happy birthday Andrew! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday! - Son of Groucho
As a test of strength and character, I'm going to sleep rather than finishing watching The Sound Of Music. I need those extra hours of sleep
Stay awake, don't rest your head / Don't lie down upon your bed. Oh wait, that's the wrong Julie Andrews / Disney movie. - Betsy
^like! - Heleninstitches
I just watched the video of the song and now I'm all *yawn* sleepy. - Betsy
RT @sammikes: Did you mean "nag a ram"? Well played, Google.
RT @sammikes: Did you mean "nag a ram"?  Well played, Google.
holly #ravingfangirl
LED Lights Are Ruining Laundry Detergent's White-Brightening Trick -
LED Lights Are Ruining Laundry Detergent's White-Brightening Trick
"LED lighting is great. The right bulb gives the same warm incandescent glow you love from a fraction of the energy. But there's a downside: while LEDs make cities look awesome, the most common type of LED lighting dims the ultraviolet trick laundry detergents use to make white clothes look whiter. The future is bright, but it's also kind of dingy." - holly #ravingfangirl from Bookmarklet
Give me free-range whites. The jig is up, Procter & Gamble! - Micah
Free the Whites...oh How about Optical Brighteners Go Home, You're Drunk - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Hmmm. Starts creating a Hue program "make my clothes look clean." - David Lounsbury from iPhone
Look what Jenny's doing!
Turns out she's a natural :) - Eivind from Android
I was hoping for more falling :-) - Todd Hoff
<_< >_> <_< <whisper> a couple of gentle comical falls would have been fun </whisper> - Eivind from Android
From what I recall, it's you, Mr N, that has trouble staying upright on the snow! :-P - Heleninstitches
LOL! :-P - Eivind from Android
I had a blast. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Hi JEN-NAY - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Weird. So it's like snowboarding, but with two skinny boards attached to your feet and two canes to keep you from falling over. - Professor A.I.
It's like downhill skiing with an equal amount of uphill skiing. And no lifts :) - Eivind from Android
Quite a workout on the uphill stretches, but such a beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Victor Ganata
*pulls out the resurrection paddles* Clear!
Haha! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Kevin Fox
Easter and Halloween: What's the connection between rising from the grave and feeding children candy?
You know about Easterween, right? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I don't know about you, but I always need a lot of glucose after being killed and resurrected. I think it's just human physiology. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Victor Ganata
Azeroth Choppers is a show?!? What the...?
Kevin Fox
I don't believe in the Devil, but I know he poops Mini Cadbury Eggs and they're delicious.
Amit Patel
Ugh, people are "poaching" old growth redwoods in the national park … :( - Amit Patel
Kevin Fox
What does the lime shortage mean for Spring Break revelers? CNN reports!
Victor Ganata
Whenever someone walks in the front door without their pants after coming from a party, it either means they had a really good time, or they had a really shitty time.
Or I guess it could me they just don't like wearing pants, except their S.O. made them. - Victor Ganata
So you have a lot of people without pants walking in your front door? - Katy S
There's more to this story. - Micah
My brother just came to the house carrying his pants. I was all o_O "Where did you go?" He didn't elaborate. - Victor Ganata
Vic has all the best parties - WoH: Professor MOTHRA from iPhone
Kevin Fox
RT @brianandreas: When I stopped pretending to be someone other than me, my life emptied out for awhile, until it filled again with people who actually cared.
LB: Ratchet Bear
The smell of apple cider vinegar always reminds me of coloring Easter eggs.
Same here. - Katy S
Kevin Fox
When consuming science fiction I can suspend tons of disbelief, but not crashlanding within walking distance of the plot device.
The 100? preprogrammed landing coordinates, of course. - Ken Gidley
Mark H
Woke up. Tweeted a live TV prorgramme. Got retweeted by the live TV programme. Went for a long walk. Had a few drinks. Met up with a friend. Had a few more drinks. Walked home. Drinking some more. Yeah, this has been a nice #SaturdayFF.
I'll drink to that. - Todd Hoff
Mary Carmen
Someone asked me when I knew I was going to marry my husband. Truth be told, I knew the moment we first met. A close second moment would be when we discovered our mutual love of The Golden Girls. #goldengirls #sofia4life
Isn't marrying your husband a bit redundant? - Professor A.I.
Redundancy is the key to good uptime. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Redundancy in love is double-plus good. - Steven Perez
Welcome to the Redundant Department of Redundancy Department. - Glen Campbell
Funny, discovering she loved The Golden Girls was the exact moment I knew she would be my ex. :P - Professor A.I.
Steven Perez
Barry and Bunneh @ The Alamo
Barry and Bunneh @ The Alamo
You couldn't bring him the sun so he went to you. What a guy! - Spidra Webster
I promised Barry that I'd turn off the snow. :-) - Steven Perez from Android
Also, got to meet Wife and Waif. Tickled that they thought I wasn't real. :-D - Steven Perez from Android
#bunnehMoTO I swear there was a snow bank following him - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
So much awesome in one picture. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Hey, you leave Vera alone. I raised her from a mere snowflake. :D - Steven Perez
i need to meet both you guys. :) - Big Joe Silence
Mega jealous! - Jenny H. from Android
*melts* - Heleninstitches
Too bad it was the briefest of meet ups. Unfortunately, no beers were killed. We will have to fix that next time. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
If ever there was a recipe for trouble... - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
We just didn't have enough time... this time - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Mary Carmen
I guess getting up at 5:30am is getting easier. Pass the coffee.
Oh, that just hurts to read. - Yvonne from FFHound!
I think it was a fluke. She slept in till 7 the past two days. I wish she kept a semi-regular morning schedule. Overnights we got down pat. - Mary Carmen
Thank goodness!!! - Yvonne from FFHound!
Yeah, tell me about it. It really is dependent on if she naps and what time she goes to bed. She is such a terrible napper. If she doesn't get that late afternoon nap, she is so pissy by 7pm. We usually just put her to bed at 7:30 then. That usually means an early morning. She is napping right now, so a 4/5pm nap is probably not gonna happen. Whatevs....she is happy. - Mary Carmen
Kevin Fox
"Alcohol brings a bit of fun from the next day over to the here and now, one glass at a time."
I spent the evening with two lovely cats on my lap, (and watching Frozen!) but when I wanted another brownie, or needed to top off my sangria, I pushed them to the floor. #sorrynotsorry #SaturdayFF
It can be done! - Derrick
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
No amount of pussy gonna stop D gettin' it DONE. (Sorry, couldn't help myself). - Johnny from iPhone
They didn't seem to mind. - Derrick
I do it all the time. Mine have learned that if I say "I'm sorry" that they need to jump off of me. - Katy S from iPhone
They didn't claw your legs up in an attempt to stay on? - Melly
Nope. - Derrick from iPhone
NO! they're going to report you to the SPCA!!! (lol) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
#SaturdayFF In elementary I used to go to my friend Joanne's house to walk to school together in the morning. They were Chinese & ate ramen noodles for breakfast. Her mama always asked me did I eat yet, I would lie & say no because those noodles were hella good!
Back then you could only get ramen at Asian grocery stores, the packages didn't even have English words on them. Mrs Lam must've thought my mama never fed me :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I just penned a lengthy #SaturdayFF in which I relate a quasi-romantic relationship during my college years, and the stupendously obtuse manner in which I mucked up everything. Just as I was about to cut & paste it into FF, sanity regained control of my brain. You have been spared this recount. You're welcome.
I may try to rework it as a graphic novel, however. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
My role will be portrayed by a Tony Stark-like character, and my female counterpart will bear a surprising resemblence to Scarlett Johansson. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Comments disabled = winning - Marie
X-posted to RODFEST - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Victor Ganata
"There should be a Seinfeld fighting game" via kenyatta
And if you win the game enough times, it unlocks boss characters from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" :D - Victor Ganata
George's secret weapon would be from Vandelay Industries. - Anika
I would play George's dad. He'd wield a Festivus pole and scream "SERENITY NOW!!" - Victor Ganata
Babu's waggling finger of DEATH - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Newman would throw envelopes like shuriken. - Anika
While muttering "Jerry..." with every throw :D - Victor Ganata
The Soup Nazi's finishing move would have him yelling "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" as he uses a spoon to rip out his opponents spine. - Anika
Steve C
Speech done. Ready to officiate at my third wedding tomorrow. I'm after you Friar Will!
They asked for it to be funny like them. My goal is to make the bride pee herself with laughter and shed a tear in under 10 minutes. - Steve C
Well, I figure I have quite a bit of a head start. Later this year I should be officiating at my 100th wedding. Have fun tomorrow, and know I will be writing my third sermon for the week. :^) - Friar Will
I am not worthy Will. I am only in it for the free booze, which it turns out I get anyway. Damn it all. - Steve C
Free booze ftw though. That's something at least. - Friar Will
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