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What's your best and worst automobile purchase?
My current car - a Yaris. The car before this one - a Scion (not because it was a bad car, but I let the salesman talk me into buying it as a used car instead of getting the car model I have now). - Friar Will
Best: my first new car, 1991 Honda Civic. Worst: 1988 Merkur Scorpio that replaced said Honda when it was stolen. - Cult Hero from iPhone
Best my current Buick Enclave Worst Mercury mini van which combined bad function with a lease that was worst possible customer experience - WarLord
Best: Buick Rendezvous; Worst: Plymouth Horizon - Kevin Johnson
In the early 90's i bought a Hyundai Excel. a small hatchback. the transmission would fail, and get stuck in 1st. I would have turn the car off to fix. I wanted a reboot button on the dash. Fortunately I now have a 2004 Toyota Highlander (bought it new) that has a few good years left in it. It is like the opposite of that Hyundai. - Mike Nencetti
Best was the '92 Jetta we got in 2000. Worst was the MINI we got in '02. Jetta got stolen which is why we got the MINI. - Anika
Worst was a 1992 Plymouth Sundance manual tranny. Best was a 1989 a Dodge Colt Mitsubishi clone manual tranny. Loved that car maybe because it was my first car. - Joe
Best- 2000 Honda Accord (it has over 300k and is still running). Worst- 1982 Volvo sedan (man, I loved that boxy piece of shit, but it was too expensive to keep fixing it). - Jenny H. from Android
aw...I almost named my 1979 Volvo 240 (DL, I think?) wagon as my best car purchase ever! I loved my Volvo. - Cult Hero
Spidra Webster
If I may suggest a group icon....
Delightful! And if you'd like to admin, you're welcome :) - joey
Love this idea - thanks for the invite! - Melly
200-Year-Old Mummy In Mongolia Found Meditating In Lotus Position
200-Year-Old Mummy In Mongolia Found Meditating In Lotus Position
looks like he never left his office. - Mike Nencetti
Sarah G.
Just realized that the #PuppyBowl was this weekend and almost yelled OH SHIT PUPPY BOWL and this is why I should never work in real office.
You can work in an office, just not a cube farm. - RepoRat
Puppy Bowl time is when I start to think whether I should reconsider the whole not having cable thing. - bentley
laura x
I'm thinking of starting a podcast. Talk me into/out of this?
I will try and talk you into keeping well under an hour per episode. Not sure why an hour seems to be the usual standard length of a podcast, but there's very little I want to listen to for a full hour. - Steele Lawman
Word. If I did it, it would be interviews with my friends about their obsessions. - laura x
What will be the subject of the podcast? - Jenny H. from Android
I would love a 15-30 minute podcast of yours ... whatever it was. - Marianne
where do I subscribe? - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Plan, plan and plan. Pick a time and make that your regular podcast recording time. Leave enough room either side of it for set up, technical difficulties and running late. Make notes. - Johnny
Now I can't remember why I thought this would be a good idea.... - laura x
Do eet. If nothing else, it's fun for the first few episodes. Then it becomes work. - Eric - ill subliminal
that sounds interesting. i love obsessions. - kendrak
I remember you having a lovely voice. Go for it. - RepoRat
i'd subscribe to your podcast, laura x. i'm sure it'd be good. - Brent Schaus
Andrew C (✔)
It doesn't really make sense for a centaur to have two rib cages.
And two stomachs but (apparently) only one brain. - John (bird whisperer)
And six appendages. - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
I don't think you can really make sense of the actions of mad geneticists who create bizarre human-animal hybrids ;) - Victor Ganata
But there is a set of genes you could manipulate that would cause that sort of reduplication to give you two thoraces and an extra set of limbs #NotMedicalAdvice - Victor Ganata
@John:a cow has four stomachs, though. @Jennifer: the arms have hands with opposable thumbs, markedly different from the horse-derived limbs. - Andrew C (✔)
Yes, but that still adds up to six. It's part of why dragons are a bit WTF as well. - Jennifer Dittrich
Six limbs in mammals is not entirely unheard of, although certainly not normal - Victor Ganata
The six limbs are probably easier to gengineer than the double thoraces. Although the redundant set of lungs would probably provide a selective advantage, assuming they're functional. - Victor Ganata
I bet the human-sized neck/throat limits how much air can be exchanged though. - Andrew C (✔)
Help, I'm being cyberbullied! - Andrew C (✔)
People have obviously thought about this a great deal. - John (bird whisperer)
Laura Norvig
Just because I'm semi-competent at something doesn't mean it is my dream career. I'm coming back around to the initial red flag feelings I had when my boss told me half my job is database management. No. Just no.
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @ireneau: Reasons you were not promoted that are totally unrelated to gender
RT @ireneau: Reasons you were not promoted that are totally unrelated to gender
I am really looking forward to March 14 next year at 9:26am and 53.59 seconds.
Ah, I get it. - John Dupuis
Damn. I'd forgotten this one. Makes me a latecomer (as usual). - Walt Crawford
Andrew C (✔)
Asians are so underrepresented in Hollywood that we'll probably end 2015 without getting a movie where Kevin Costner saves us.
Sarah G.
I'm not a hero, I'm just an average citizen who's had half a dozen @doughnutvault doughnuts on her desk all day and hasn't eaten them all.
Victor Ganata
Unexplained phenomena Part V: woke up this morning to find a large puddle in the middle of the room downstairs. It wasn't next to a wall and the ceiling above it wasn't wet. It was enough water to completely saturate two bath towels.
I guess the exorcism—I mean, the blessing—done by a priest in 2013 didn't take. - Victor Ganata
What's under the floor? - bentley
Maybe that unicorn that jizzed glitter all over my living room curtain, 2 years ago, made its way to your home and pissed on your floor. - April Russo
There isn't a fridge in that area is there? - Arlan K.
Nope. The puddle was under the couch and a side table. And both are kind of in the middle of the room, not touching any walls. - Victor Ganata
It sounds like you're going to have to outfit your home with cameras, hygrometers, thermometers, etc. in the name of science. - Spidra Webster
Ok, that's freaky. - Arlan K.
The onion is getting revenge. - Anika
A spontaneous rain cloud in your living room! (also, obligatory Superintendant Chalmers quote: "The Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?" - Andrew C (✔)
Plot twist: it's not water. - Steele Lawman
When we encounter something like that in our line of work the water is usually coming from elsewhere but running to a 'low spot'. Or you could go with the localized auroa thing ... I like that better anyway :-) Good luck! - Shannon - GlassMistress
What I Get Paid For My Novels: Or, Why I’m Not Quitting My Day Job | Kameron Hurley -
"This is a tough business to stay in, especially if you don’t have a solid day job or a partner with same. I hear folks say that the 4-5 book place is where a lot of folks start to make money, and it’s true that this is the first year I could earn what I’d call a living wage if I quit or was laid off. But I know too much about publishing – and the changing tastes of the readership – to go all in making $30-40k a year when I’ve spent this long slogging to get to $100k through a combined workaholic income stream of novels, day job, and freelancing. You don’t give all that up just because you had one positive year. If I’ve learned anything about publishing it’s that you should always hope that one great year is the start of an upward trend – but you should never count on it. I was poor in 2007. I have no interest in going back if I can help it. And that’s why I’m not quitting my day job." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Interesting. Friends of mine both quit their jobs this year. She's a librarian who became an author. He's a urban planner who has become a weaver. They're leaving the Bay Area and moving to a 6 acre farm in PNW. Granted, their Oakland house has appreciated so much since they bought it that that should provide some $. And they have scrimped a bit (though not too much... they took a lot of vacations abroad). They're taking the leap, though. They don't have kids so that helps. - Spidra Webster
Someone in my writers group self-publishes 6 or 7 books a year while working 60+ hours a week. I don't know what her income from book sales is, but even if it's substantial I don't think I'd have that kind of stamina. - Jessie
She's lucky her husband had a really good job. She was able to move from FT to PT. She was very dedicated about her writing time...treating it like a job. She went from self-published to being offered a contract. Nothing's sure by any means, but they're giving it a go and all their friends, including me, are pretty envious. - Spidra Webster
That's fantastic! And yeah, I think in their case not having kids probably helps. I don't know if I would be brave enough to have me and my spouse both in fields with uncertain incomes if we also had a child depending on us. - Jessie
One of my co-workers publishes several romance novels a year. It is nice extra money and she does pretty well, but not lucrative enough to have as a full-time job without benefits. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah I think the person in my writers group also does romance. Apparently it's a pretty good market, but yeah, still not enough to give up the day job. - Jessie
Yes. My friend does erotica (a little more explicit than romance titles although she also attends romance writer conventions). - Spidra Webster
Andrew C (✔)
RT @maggieserota: A dude is gonna explain something! Hooray!
RT @maggieserota: A dude is gonna explain something! Hooray!
To be fair, he seems to have genuinely apologized: "I'm just sick over what I said in haste earlier. I apologize unreservedly and hope to be a better, wiser person going forward." and "You know you ended up on the wrong side of the conversation when bigoted dicks show up to defend you. I never want to be there again." - Andrew C (✔)
Oh good...because that was the most obvious setup for a mansplaining I've seen. - C to the A to the J..Hey!
Also to be fair, he says he's "as feminist as the next guy," and the next guy is often a total douchebag. - Steele Lawman
holly #ravingfangirl
RT @billboard: Exclusive: Listen to @butchwalker's "Afraid Of Ghosts" Album featuring Bob Mould & Johnny Depp
RT @billboard: Exclusive: Listen to @butchwalker's "Afraid Of Ghosts" Album featuring Bob Mould & Johnny Depp
Listening now. Um, this line about sex on a brick wall at the public library... Do you have something to tell us? - Corinne L
*grabs popcorn* - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I HOWLED THE FIRST TIME I LISTENED TO IT. and have giggled every time since. - holly #ravingfangirl
(also, that was here at work. luckily it was pretty empty at the time. ;)) - holly #ravingfangirl
Ha! The song is "Still Drunk", folks. Click through on the link to listen. - Corinne L
Andrew C (✔)
The Pursuit of Beauty - Solving an Unsolvable Math Problem - The New Yorker -
"From Amie I first heard about Yitang Zhang, a solitary, part-time calculus teacher at the University of New Hampshire who received several prizes, including a MacArthur award in September, for solving a problem that had been open for more than a hundred and fifty years." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
The Other Yvonne
Logan's a celebrity! This is our Sunnyvale Activity Guide.
That's awesome! - Stephen Mack
Royalties! You are rich I tell you, rich! - Steve C Team Marina
C to the A to the J..Hey!
Well, this could be fairly exciting. Out of the blue, I got an email from a company looking to hire a NOC Manager for their expanding business. And more interestingly, they're looking for someone more process-oriented than technically-oriented. Which is good as the company specializes in SIP Trunking services which I had not heard of before...cont.
...that first email. Basically, they saw my resume and my background of former military and ITIL and thought it'd be worth contacting me. After a decently long initial conversion with their VP of Network Engineering and Operations it appears they're just at the point where they want to grow and need some middle management to assist in keeping the smart guys in line so the VPs can focus on the business side. - C to the A to the J..Hey!
So...I'll be heading into their office on Friday to have a chat with them in person. A chat that may last up to two hours. I'm about to become extremely familiar with VoIP and SIP Trunking in the next two days. Because while I don't know exactly what the hell they're doing, I know I can help them do it better. :) - C to the A to the J..Hey!
That sounds like a great opportunity for you. Good luck! - Anika from Android
It's yet again another path divergent from my previous IT Management life but I'm actually interested in what they're doing and where they're going. - C to the A to the J..Hey!
Sweet. You totally got this. Let me know if you need an assistant. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Good luck! - Jenny H. from Android
Kick ass, caj :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
awesome. VOIP, SIP - fairly complicated protocols, but fairly easy (imo) to learn the basics, as the data headers are a variant on email-style headers. The signaling and gateway stuff can get ugly underneath (we are, in fact, converting an old telephony model to the internet, so some things are *huh?*). When I was doing more VOIP, I set up a Asterisk box in my house, played with the PBX functionality, and used it to see how SIP operates. - Kevin Johnson
Kevin, I'm reading up on it to at least recognize the acronyms that might get used in the meeting. While the position is more a people/process wrangler, knowing at least how to talk the talk will be a good thing. - C to the A to the J..Hey!
The Other Yvonne
#ThrowOutThursday is here! Sounds ridiculous, but I threw out like 14 empty Starbucks coffee bags. I thought they were good for free tall coffees, but apparently they stopped that a while ago. Oops! Heave ho!
Does going through my pantry and throwing out expired canned foods count? - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Yes! For me it's removing anything that makes my life easier. I've been looking at those stupid coffee bags for a year. Now I know I can throw them out and make more space for things I WANT to see. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Happy Birthday, Zoe! - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy birthday, Zoe! - Tamara J. B.
Happy birthday, Zoe! Hopefully you were spoiled today. - Stephan from iPhone
Happy bday Zoe! - Joe
Yay Zoe! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Happy birthday, Zoe! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks, everyone! <3 - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Mom has a great smile. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Happy birthday, Li'l Zee :) - Pete
Pretty LaBelle
[the journalista archives] Blondie's Deborah Harry turns 69 today. Happy Birthday, Debbie!
[the journalista archives] Blondie's Deborah Harry turns 69 today. Happy Birthday, Debbie!
It's amazing how much of tap class I spend trying not to kick myself in the shins.
Shin guards, they aren't just for soccer anymore - Steve C Team Marina
At least the routine is cute. Well, it's cute when the instructor does it. So it's only cute if you're a professional and hugely pregnant. But still. - Jessie
Sarah G.
...what is that?!? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
YES! - Kevin Johnson
oooh maybe I'll have pizza tonight. - jambina from iPhone
man, i cannot wait. - holly #ravingfangirl
Mr 13 would probably like one of those to go. - sglassme
Mr. 13 will bust his stomach. A Chicago stuffed pizza is hyooooooooooge. - RepoRat
Mr 13 can put a dent in it. When he was Mr 3, if it was a eating day, he could pack away more than I can. - sglassme
Gotta admit: the Midwinter-related American Libraries "Chicago food" feature had a slice of Chicago pizza from the apparent current hotspot, and looking at it killed my appetite for *anything* for several hours. It just looked gross. (And, based on previous experience with two-days-calories-in-a-big-slice pizza in Chicago, it's just not my cup of tea.) - Walt Crawford
<thread hijack> Susan - when I pick up the old people next Sunday from Union Station, I think I'm going to take them to the good cinamon roll place for breakfast. - Sarah G.
They will like that. Plus, carb load after not sleeping well on train means that they will sleep the rest of the way to your house (don't punch them in their head). Unless they are planning on driving home that day. Then take them to Starbucks and tell Dad to stop questioning why they just can't call it large. - sglassme
The Other Yvonne
What I made with Shannon's beads... Not bad for a beginner!
Cute! Love the 'green grass' bead, great idea! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Funny! The green grass beads were Logan's idea! =) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
I found a mistake in a book.
*clutches pearls* - ellbeecee
These things happen. Listening to my wife, who's a freelance copyeditor and proofreader for major trade houses, you'd be amazed at all the errors that do get caught. - Stephen Francoeur
They said Voyager one was launched in 1997, not 1977. - Joe
Usually, most mistakes like that come from the author. It's up to the handful of people who work on the manuscript and stages of proof to catch all those things. Sometimes authors insert errors later on as they are reviewing the copyediting and proofs and writing in responses to queries. It's really not a pretty process. - Stephen Francoeur
I wrote a book. It went through the normal technical review and copyediting - basically 10 pairs of eyes over the course of writing it. Once it was printed, I received my set of free copies. After bouncing around in excitement, I opened the book to read my work. The *FIRST* sentence I read had a typo. We did a 2nd printing. Fixed found errors (a handfull or so). Got the 2nd printing. Gave a copy to a friend. 2 days later he pointed out a typo. - Kevin Johnson
The lovely War Lady reads with her red pen beside her because she can find a typo in most every book she reads. She works as Indy proofreader. So she has the eye for it - WarLord
Kevin: That seems to be a fairly common experience--it's not until something's in Final Fixed Form that it falls open to the obvious typo that nobody--including the writer, the editor, the copyeditor, the proofreader--ever caught before. - Walt Crawford
Walt, my editor was very quick to point that out to me. Still gave me the twitches for a couple days after seeing it. I started triple reading all my outbound email. Oh, and I started noticing typos in other books after that experience. :-/ - Kevin Johnson
Korean ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’ Spreads Online | KoreAm Journal - Korean America's Premier Magazine -
Korean ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’ Spreads Online | KoreAm Journal - Korean America's Premier Magazine
"There’s been a recent surge of people trying to eat Samyang’s Bool Dak Bokkeum Myun (translation: Flaming Chicken Fried Noodles), one of South Korea’s spiciest ramens, as quickly as possible on YouTube. Why are so many people doing this sadistic challenge? I have no idea, but watching strangers cry and writhe in food pain is surprisingly entertaining." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Nope. I like spicy noodles, but these sound ridiculous. The lady at the store even warned me off of them. - Anika
I'm not a big fan of Korean ramen to begin w/but I'd try it once if I happened to see it. - rönin
Ok so I bought one while we were at H-Mart this weekend. - rönin
Good luck! ;) - Jenny H. from Android
Ok well that wasn't so bad. But possibly because I left some water in before I put in the hot packet. The burn kinda sneaks up on you and lingers though. And I'm salivating like crazy. And my lips feel puffy. Despite the spiciness it's actually kinda tasty. - rönin
So, I'll pass. I love spicy foods, but when my lips feel different, it's not even fun. Glad to heard they taste good, though. - Anika
I'd try it again. That guy who ate 5 packs in one sitting is crazy though. I was almost at my limit by the end of just one. And that's even after my wife had a couple of bites. - rönin
Well now I want to try this... - Hookuh Tinypants
So this made me laugh last night, and then Jenny burst out laughing after I read it to her. I am not sure exactly why it's so funny.
Because it is! - Jenny H.
Good point! :D - Eivind
The Bloodthirsty Truth of the Beautiful Orchid Mantis -
The Bloodthirsty Truth of the Beautiful Orchid Mantis
The Bloodthirsty Truth of the Beautiful Orchid Mantis
"The orchid mantis is something of a poster child for such cryptic mimicry. So obviously true is this evolutionary story that it is often discussed today as established fact. [...] Now a set of new studies by James O’Hanlon and colleagues shows quite clearly that we’ve been getting it wrong all this time. While it is indeed a flower mimic – the first known animal to do this – the orchid mantis doesn’t hide in an orchid. It doesn’t hide at all. And to an insect, it doesn’t even look particularly like an orchid." - Eivind from Bookmarklet
"This phenomenon, known as aggressive mimicry, occurs in other animals. The Bolas spider releases chemicals that imitate sex pheromones released by female moths seeking a mate. Male moths, with their elaborately plumed antennae, can detect these pheromones from miles away, and are lured in to their death. Carnivorous Photuris firefly females can mimic the flash-responses of a different... more... - Eivind
Amazing! - Shirinooo
Anne Bouey
If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair -
If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair
Show all
Just like normal people. :) - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
I sorta give the Elsa one the side-eye, because I've got two different friends with her white-blonde hair color -- no roots, but the Pocahontas one cracks me up every time. - Jennifer Dittrich
Elsa has naturally white-blonde hair, so I think they're stretching for that one. Ariel and Pocahontas are like expectation vs reality. - Heather
With Elsa, I wish they'd show a bunch of hair just not in the braid since it isn't secured or anything. I mean, my hair pokes out of braids even when it /is/ secured. - Jennifer Dittrich
Andrew C (✔)
RT @srwhofficial: From now on, you'll only see artisanal Mitt Romney, hand crafted by bearded political consultants who live close to the land.
Crunchy, raw, unboned real dead Mitt Romney. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
if only. dew-picked and flown in fresh from Fuckwitsville. - Big Joe Silence
Bain Capitals outsourcing offshoring Mitt Romney recast as poverty warrior and champion of income equality #barf - WarLord
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