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Arizona tries to contain measles outbreak before Super Bowl via @pittsburghpg. Thank YOU anti-vaxxers
Health officials in three Arizona counties said hundreds of people may have been exposed to the highly contagious measles virus, three days before thousands of sports fans pour into the state for the Super Bowl. - WarLord
Yikes, the potential disaster is frightening! - Anne Bouey
Andrew C (✔)
Shades of grey I can name: slate, gunmetal, concrete, ash, "nearly black", "almost white", silvery, "dark", "light" … "grey". D'oh.
Damn it, now I had to look it up. - Victor Ganata
TIL so far: gainsboro, Spanish gray (gris) - Victor Ganata
Heh. Confederate gray. - Victor Ganata
Cinereous sounds pretty cool. - Victor Ganata
Charcoal, heather, gravel, dust, mist, steel, elephant - Jennifer Dittrich
"kinda blue in the right light" - Steve C Team Marina
battleship, English sky - Pete
I will accept "charcoal" and "steel" and I guess "elephant" as ones I knew at one point but forgot while writing the original tweet. The rest seem sketchy to me. - Andrew C (✔)
Earl - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Jennifer. - Anika
navy has: haze gray, deck gray, machinery gray (maybe others?) - Christina Pikas
I think Brent wins. :D - Anne Bouey
"About A Dozen Shades of Grey That I Can Name" -- a list-form novel of bondage and quick buck making by Andrew C. - Stephen Mack
list form novels: the "long form" of listicles. - Andrew C (✔)
Windows taskbar gray, old faded black jeans gray, senior hair gray, my black marker is running out of ink gray, overcooked steak gray - April Russo
Heather gray. - Joe
Davis. Spalding. Anatomy. - Corinne L
Jean - Jessie
Joel Grey, Macy Gray - Greg GuitarBuster
Luis Gray - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Kiss from a rose on the Gray - Micah from FFHound!
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
Well, this could be fairly exciting. Out of the blue, I got an email from a company looking to hire a NOC Manager for their expanding business. And more interestingly, they're looking for someone more process-oriented than technically-oriented. Which is good as the company specializes in SIP Trunking services which I had not heard of before...cont.
...that first email. Basically, they saw my resume and my background of former military and ITIL and thought it'd be worth contacting me. After a decently long initial conversion with their VP of Network Engineering and Operations it appears they're just at the point where they want to grow and need some middle management to assist in keeping the smart guys in line so the VPs can focus on the business side. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
So...I'll be heading into their office on Friday to have a chat with them in person. A chat that may last up to two hours. I'm about to become extremely familiar with VoIP and SIP Trunking in the next two days. Because while I don't know exactly what the hell they're doing, I know I can help them do it better. :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
That sounds like a great opportunity for you. Good luck! - Anika from Android
It's yet again another path divergent from my previous IT Management life but I'm actually interested in what they're doing and where they're going. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Sweet. You totally got this. Let me know if you need an assistant. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Good luck! - Jenny H. from Android
Kick ass, caj :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
awesome. VOIP, SIP - fairly complicated protocols, but fairly easy (imo) to learn the basics, as the data headers are a variant on email-style headers. The signaling and gateway stuff can get ugly underneath (we are, in fact, converting an old telephony model to the internet, so some things are *huh?*). When I was doing more VOIP, I set up a Asterisk box in my house, played with the PBX functionality, and used it to see how SIP operates. - Kevin Johnson
Kevin, I'm reading up on it to at least recognize the acronyms that might get used in the meeting. While the position is more a people/process wrangler, knowing at least how to talk the talk will be a good thing. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Well, that was my first ever three hour interview (four people plus a nickel tour of the place). I think we're all in agreement of what the position is and what I'd be doing if hired. Now to see if they're going to meet my salary requirements. (It's in their range per the COO but it's up to the VP of the section hiring me.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
*crosses fingers* - Laurie Boots from Android
*crosses other people's toes* - Julian
ow, quit it, J. - Marie
Fingers crossed! - Anne Bouey
Victor Ganata
One of the groups Facebook suggests I join: Weather Manipulation / Chemtrails / Geoengineering - 8,260 members /facepalm
I love that chemtrails and geoengineering go in the same group. - John (bird whisperer)
as above, so below ;) - Pete
Victor Ganata
I'm not sure how I feel about the fact than an "artisanal ramen" place is opening up in my hood. I can no longer deny the fact that where I live is totally and utterly gentrified.
"Cratered": On Having Crohn's Disease -
"Cratered": On Having Crohn's Disease
"At the health center, the nurses trill. A young woman! Nauseated! Check, check. They are disappointed with the state of your fresh and unproblematic uterus. You keep a food diary and narrow it down to turkey, a ciabatta, herbed mayonnaise, a sleepy sheet of romaine lettuce. It’s called a Vassar Club and comes housed with contraband carrots and potato chips, both on the vomit list. You struggle through one each day. The health center nurse stumbles across a magic word in her questions. “Are you anxious?”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"This is all the diagnosis you will ever need. It is swift, all encompassing. Nervous stomach, they explain. The rest of you is calm, collected, ready to host a public forum on whether we should invade Iraq, but your stomach is bulging, poisoned with panic. They are satisfied and you slog through the rest of the year, trying to pass off your health problems as pickiness. Over a break,... more... - Jessie
"(If I could spend all day telling you how beautiful, how exquisite and magical it is to be well, I would. My students complained that no one writes about happiness. For so much of those two years, between when I was diagnosed and when I turned twenty-six, I was healthy. I ate raspberry donuts. I fell in love, went to graduate school, moved to my first apartment and was elated and... more... - Jessie
Her early experience (especially being told she had 'anxious stomach') closely mirrors what my mom went through, though she had to almost bleed to death before she got a diagnosis. Nobody she worked with was even remotely sympathetic. Even now, she's nervous about talking with doctors because they're so dismissive. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah there's definitely a contingent of GI doctors that are like "You don't have Celiac's, you don't have Crohn's, therefore there's nothing wrong with you. Stop being so nervous." They seem to be fewer in number these days so I think the general public awareness of Celiac's and other disorders has definitely helped, but it can still be really hard dealing with them when you have to. - Jessie
Oh, sorry - she does have Crohn's, and the doctors are still often fairly dismissive. Things are a lot better than they were when she was first diagnosed, but when her cancer treatments caused complications the general reaction was a big old shrug until she finally found someone willing to listen. - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh, I'm sorry, that's awful. I thought maybe she had another diagnosis and they originally thought it might be Crohn's. Yeah, it's really tough dealing with healthcare issues when the staff/providers are like "Sorry you can't eat anything. Well, good luck with that." - Jessie
Andrew C (✔)
RT @andyrichter: This is what some ppl do w their time"@BoingBoing: Realistic-looking candles containing disembodied facial features."
RT @andyrichter: This is what some ppl do w their time"@BoingBoing: Realistic-looking candles containing disembodied facial features."
Victor Ganata
The real history of the selfie goes back 175 years - Vox
Victor Ganata
From Laundering To Profiteering, A Multitude Of Sins At The Vatican Bank - NPR
"By World War II, the church had sizable investments and created the Vatican Bank in order to hide its financial dealings with the Nazis from the U.S. and the U.K." - Victor Ganata
Kind of casts Pope Pius XII with a worse light than he already is, huh? - Victor Ganata
"They were just frozen by indecision and fear. They were afraid that if they spoke out, the Nazis might in fact move against Catholics in Germany and even move against the Pope and take him back to Germany as a prisoner. But that fear meant that they abdicated their moral position as the head of the world's largest religion, especially at a time that they continued to make money with the people committing the murder." - Victor Ganata
"One of the reasons the Vatican was frozen in fear against the Nazis and had made their alignment with the Fascists in the first place, was that they feared the Bolsheviks more." - Victor Ganata
"The thing about the Vatican Bank that makes it different in my view is that it's essentially an offshore bank in the middle of a foreign country…." - Victor Ganata
"So what does that result in? It results in the Vatican Bank being one of the top banks in the world for money laundering — a haven often for these business executives involved in scandals in Italy." - Victor Ganata
We've been to Africa, Egypt, Paris and Hollywood today!
We've been to Africa, Egypt, Paris and Hollywood today!
Steven Perez
Guess which lil bunneh got his tax refund! w00t! :) - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Good morning. - John (bird whisperer)
Good morning, John. :) - Steven Perez
bunneh! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Barry! :) - Steven Perez
Mr B this bunneh needs a big bunneh hug please. - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Hey, Val. *BUNNEH HUGZ* :) - Steven Perez
Thanks Mr B =) - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Hi, Bunneh! :) - Anne Bouey
Hi, Anne. :) - Steven Perez
Sean McBride
6 Months Later, AP's Robot Journalism Is In Full Swing, And It's Working
This is what the world looks like if you scale countries by population - Vox -
"One neat thing about this one is that unlike with some cartograms, the basic shapes of the countries are very recognizable. Such low-population, large-area Anglophone nations as Canada and Australia nearly vanish from the map, though, while the nations of the Indian subcontinent swell enormously. Russia also shrinks from being a giant of land mass to only a mid-sized country as judged by population. You can also see that Nigeria really dominates the West African landscape in terms of actual population in a way that conventional area maps don't reflect." - rönin from Bookmarklet
Gah, really irritating when FFBookmarklet can't pull in the selected photo even though it shows in the bookmarklet frame. - rönin
Yeah, I have that problem with SB nation sites as well (which seem to use something that references vox in their media files, so it might be related.) - Jennifer Dittrich
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
so this morning I noticed the very obvious reflection of me in this photo I posted to my personal twitter last night... whoops. don't pix while drinking, y'all. let this be a reminder to you. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Mostly I see your scarf :) - Stephen Mack
Tyson Key
Neuromyths like we only use 10% of our brains, sugar causes hyperactivity, and hemispheric dominance determines personality are still prevalent among the public. Surprisingly, a high percentage of teachers also believe in these myths, including some that may influence teaching methods. -
Tyson Key
TIL the most powerful commercial radio station ever was WLW (700KHz AM), which during certain times in the 1930s broadcasted 500kW radiated power. At night, it covered half the globe. Neighbors within the vicinity of the transmitter heard the audio in their pots, pans, and mattresses. -
TIL the most powerful commercial radio station ever was WLW (700KHz AM), which during certain times in the 1930s broadcasted 500kW radiated power. At night, it covered half the globe. Neighbors within the vicinity of the transmitter heard the audio in their pots, pans, and mattresses.
Andrew C (✔)
RT @nickwiger: "And gimme some of that lime yogurt." "That's guacamole. It's extra, is that ok?" "How much extra? $500?"
RT @nickwiger: "And gimme some of that lime yogurt." "That's guacamole. It's extra, is that ok?" "How much extra? $500?"
It's actually lime pudding, sir. Do you still want it? - Corinne L
"All right, I'll try this... guacamolo, you called it? And get some for the press corps. And throw in some of those frito-lays." - Stephen Mack
What's your best and worst automobile purchase?
My current car - a Yaris. The car before this one - a Scion (not because it was a bad car, but I let the salesman talk me into buying it as a used car instead of getting the car model I have now). - Friar Will
Best: my first new car, 1991 Honda Civic. Worst: 1988 Merkur Scorpio that replaced said Honda when it was stolen. - Cult Hero from iPhone
Best my current Buick Enclave Worst Mercury mini van which combined bad function with a lease that was worst possible customer experience - WarLord
Best: Buick Rendezvous; Worst: Plymouth Horizon - Kevin Johnson
In the early 90's i bought a Hyundai Excel. a small hatchback. the transmission would fail, and get stuck in 1st. I would have turn the car off to fix. I wanted a reboot button on the dash. Fortunately I now have a 2004 Toyota Highlander (bought it new) that has a few good years left in it. It is like the opposite of that Hyundai. - Mike Nencetti
Best was the '92 Jetta we got in 2000. Worst was the MINI we got in '02. Jetta got stolen which is why we got the MINI. - Anika
Worst was a 1992 Plymouth Sundance manual tranny. Best was a 1989 a Dodge Colt Mitsubishi clone manual tranny. Loved that car maybe because it was my first car. - Joe
Best- 2000 Honda Accord (it has over 300k and is still running). Worst- 1982 Volvo sedan (man, I loved that boxy piece of shit, but it was too expensive to keep fixing it). - Jenny H. from Android
aw...I almost named my 1979 Volvo 240 (DL, I think?) wagon as my best car purchase ever! I loved my Volvo. - Cult Hero
:) - Jenny H. from Android
Best purchase: My ~2000 Ford Focus. It had like 30,000 miles on it, and had only ever been driven around town by an elderly lady. I got it in 2004 or 2005 for ~$8,000. Sadly, I totalled it about a year later, but I got $6-7,000 from the insurance company for it. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Worst purchase (by proxy): When I bought the replacement for that Focus (which happened to be a 2006 Focus), the wife bought a used Kia Spectra (about 2 years old). After we signed all of the paperwork, etc. and drove off the lot, we looked through the glove box of the Spectra and found that they actually sold it to us used for about $2-3,000 above the price it sold for new. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Best: 2005 Honda Civic EX, because each new Civic has been better. Worst: '95 (?) Nissan Sentra, the only non-Honda we've ever owned (my wife's car, replaced by a Civic a few years later). Not a terrible car, but a disappointment by comparison. - Walt Crawford
Worst: my 2006 Focus. From about the time it came out of warranty it was problematic. Consistent electrical problems, 3 or 4 alternators in a year, and no one could find the problem. My best is a tie: my first car purchase was a 1994 Suzuki Swift. Completely unsafe, black car with no air conditioning, but so much fun to drive, and incredibly reliable. I sold it, but apparently it's... more... - ellbeecee
Best: my 2006 Toyota Highlander. Worst: Don't have one. I've only had two cars and the 1996 Toyota Corolla I had was a good car until I was t-boned by an old bat and everything went to hell with it. - Kristin
Best 2002 Subaru WRX. Worst: hmm don't have one maybe Mitsubishi 3000GT by default as it's only car I ever had mechanical issues with. - Steve C Team Marina
Andrew C (✔)
RT @anniemebane: You guys know they're not recording OVER the original Ghostbusters, right?
Victor Ganata
Huh. Did 10.10.2 really get rid of the text bubbles in iChat—I mean, I had just gotten used to Yosemite's totally flat UI and now the sharp edges on the text boxes are seriously throwing me off. #IncreasinglyResistantToChange
Fort Worth Beats Dallas to Equal Benefits | Dallas Observer -
Fort Worth Beats Dallas to Equal Benefits | Dallas Observer
""The City of Fort Worth has been working hard to be an inclusive environment for our employees and our citizens. Many other states have legalized same-sex marriage that is recognized by the federal government for tax purposes. The city of Fort Worth has an IRS-qualified pension plan; therefore, it makes sense for us to allow all legally married employees to be treated the same under that federally qualified plan," Fort Worth Assistant City Manager Susan Alanis said." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Dallas city officials are hoping to get something similar done by this time next year, at least. "I hate it when Fort Worth is better than us," Dallas City Council member Philip Kingston said." - Jessie
Steven Perez
Screenshot 2015-01-29 at 7.23.56 PM - Display 1.png
Multi pass! - Amit Patel
SUPER GREEN! - Steven Perez
Quiver, ladies. Quiver. - Big Joe Silence
CHEEEEK-EN! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Wrong answer. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Negative. I am a meat Popsicle. - Steven Perez
#SaturdayFF (technically 7 minutes early, although it's an hour later just over the border so that works) Inspired by Zulema! I've only ever had original Skittles. I can't bring myself to try any of the other flavours.
Christina Pikas
I need to find a way to hide from my kids so I can eat chocolate chips from the bag.
Can't you just pour the chocolate chips into a paper or plastic cup, and eat them that way? That's what I used to do. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
my uncle Abner used to buy 2 kinds of chocolate - the good stuff for him, and the cheap stuff for the kids. It's not quite the solution for this situation, but it's something to keep in mind. lol. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've tried putting them in different containers with no luck. :( - Christina Pikas
My mom always hid her chocolate stash in the freezer. I was in high school before I realized that when she was getting ice, she would often also pop a few chocolate chips. - Kirsten
^^ Very smart mom. - bentley
Smart and tricky. :-) - Kirsten
Even smarter would be storing them in a recycled bag from frozen peas. ;) - April Russo
My mom kept chocolate in her nightstand drawer. So do I. In a Ziploc so ants won't find it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
The solution is simple. Just ask, "Who wants to help sweep and mop the kitchen floor?" When you find yourself abandoned in the kitchen, eat your chocolate chips. - Alfred C. Ingram
except they like to "sweep" and "mop" even more than they like chocolate chips. maybe cleaning up toys will work though :) - Christina Pikas
Spidra Webster
If I may suggest a group icon....
Delightful! And if you'd like to admin, you're welcome :) - joey
Love this idea - thanks for the invite! - Melly
200-Year-Old Mummy In Mongolia Found Meditating In Lotus Position
200-Year-Old Mummy In Mongolia Found Meditating In Lotus Position
looks like he never left his office. - Mike Nencetti
Sarah G.
Just realized that the #PuppyBowl was this weekend and almost yelled OH SHIT PUPPY BOWL and this is why I should never work in real office.
You can work in an office, just not a cube farm. - RepoRat
Puppy Bowl time is when I start to think whether I should reconsider the whole not having cable thing. - bentley
laura x
I'm thinking of starting a podcast. Talk me into/out of this?
I will try and talk you into keeping well under an hour per episode. Not sure why an hour seems to be the usual standard length of a podcast, but there's very little I want to listen to for a full hour. - Steele Lawman
Word. If I did it, it would be interviews with my friends about their obsessions. - laura x
What will be the subject of the podcast? - Jenny H. from Android
I would love a 15-30 minute podcast of yours ... whatever it was. - Marianne
where do I subscribe? - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Plan, plan and plan. Pick a time and make that your regular podcast recording time. Leave enough room either side of it for set up, technical difficulties and running late. Make notes. - Johnny
Now I can't remember why I thought this would be a good idea.... - laura x
Do eet. If nothing else, it's fun for the first few episodes. Then it becomes work. - Eric - ill subliminal
that sounds interesting. i love obsessions. - kendrak
I remember you having a lovely voice. Go for it. - RepoRat
i'd subscribe to your podcast, laura x. i'm sure it'd be good. - Brent Schaus
Andrew C (✔)
It doesn't really make sense for a centaur to have two rib cages.
And two stomachs but (apparently) only one brain. - John (bird whisperer)
And six appendages. - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
I don't think you can really make sense of the actions of mad geneticists who create bizarre human-animal hybrids ;) - Victor Ganata
But there is a set of genes you could manipulate that would cause that sort of reduplication to give you two thoraces and an extra set of limbs #NotMedicalAdvice - Victor Ganata
@John:a cow has four stomachs, though. @Jennifer: the arms have hands with opposable thumbs, markedly different from the horse-derived limbs. - Andrew C (✔)
Yes, but that still adds up to six. It's part of why dragons are a bit WTF as well. - Jennifer Dittrich
Six limbs in mammals is not entirely unheard of, although certainly not normal - Victor Ganata
The six limbs are probably easier to gengineer than the double thoraces. Although the redundant set of lungs would probably provide a selective advantage, assuming they're functional. - Victor Ganata
I bet the human-sized neck/throat limits how much air can be exchanged though. - Andrew C (✔)
Help, I'm being cyberbullied! - Andrew C (✔)
People have obviously thought about this a great deal. - John (bird whisperer)
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