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It Pays to Pay Addicts to Get Vaccinations - -
"For the study, published by The Lancet last week, researchers from three London colleges divided 210 addicts receiving opioid-substitution therapy into three groups: those who were simply offered free shots, those who were paid 10 pounds (almost $17) in grocery vouchers for each one, and those who got five pounds for the first, 10 for the second and 15 for the third. Only 9 percent of the first group got all three shots; 45 percent of the second and 49 percent of the third did." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Dallas Photographer Mike Mezeul Captured the Best "Blood Moon" Photo of All | Dallas Observer -
Dallas Photographer Mike Mezeul Captured the Best "Blood Moon" Photo of All | Dallas Observer
"If you didn't stay up late on Monday night to witness the "Blood Moon," fear not. The cosmos have conveniently scheduled three reruns over the next two years. Can't wait six months? Observer freelancer Mike Mezeul II has you covered. He's the guy who shot the time-lapse photo you've probably already seen on your social media feed. (When my mother-in-law posts it on her Facebook feed, describing it as merely "viral" is woefully inadequate.) The Baltimore Sun's photography blog caught up with Mezeul for an explanation of how he did it. Short answer: He stood out in the cold for a really long time." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"A man facing deportation from Sweden has been granted a temporary reprieve after fellow passengers aboard his flight to Iran prevented it from taking off by refusing to fasten their seat belts."
Bedlam! - Mark Trapp
Victor Ganata
I'm rewatching Game of Thrones S4E2 again because my brother has it on. I totally missed Oberyn reminding Tywin of his crimes. #Hello #MyNameIsOberynMartell #YouKilledMySister #PrepareToDie
YES. - Jenny H. from Android
I think that's the first time I've seen Tywin look at all fearful, or at least extremely discomfited. - Victor Ganata
Being referred to in a group as "you guys" is so, so irritating to me.
It's possible I have a bad attitude today. - Marie from iPhone
I'm trying to break myself of that habit - maʀtha
one of my faculty told me off in a email for addressing her and male colleagues as "you guys" - Sir Shuping is just sir
all y'all - Greg GuitarBuster
Nah, just "y'all." Reserve "all y'all" for situations in which a group is in trouble: "All y'all better X if you know what's good for you!" ;) - Rachel Walden
I know where you're coming from. Related problem: the word gals seems awkward to me. Similar to dudes in a non-surfing context. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
From my experience, the use of "all y'all" requires a mid-air finger snap. - Marie
I've been making a conscious effort to switch to "folks" for exactly this reason. - Catherine Pellegrino
I've developed a negative reaction to 'folks', probably because of its overuse in political speeches "folks are having a hard time, they're hurting" (of course the speaker isn't REALLY connected to 'folks') - Greg GuitarBuster
Maybe it's because I grew up with a lot of brothers, but I have no problem with "you guys". I don't see it as gendered. "Ladies", on the other hand, raises my hackles as a way to refer to a group of females. - Spidra Webster
I usually refer to a group as "y'all" out of habit. A weird habit to have for a native Californian, really. :) And Spidra, I detest when someone rolls up and refers to a group of women as "ladies". It always feels so disingenuine and almost patronizing. - Hookuh Tinypants
I got your second-person plural pronoun right here, Ladies. - Holly's favorite Anna
I've seen enough instances of people saying "you guys" to all-female groups that I believe it really is gender-neutral for a subset of native speakers - but also try to avoid it myself because of the subset for whom it really really isn't. I think formally I say "you all" if disambiguation is required ("y'all" isn't a word here; "youse" is but isn't natural in my own mouth), and on social media I say "folks" or "tweeps" or use the Māori "hoa mā" (friends) depending on audience. - Deborah Fitchett
Sometimes, I will say "Hi everyone," or "Hi all," when sending an email to a buncha people. - Joe - Systems Analyst
What is wrong with you guys? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Hi all, or You all. - Betsy
People - maʀtha
I am actually quite irritated when someone at work sends an email to everyone in the support dept, and opens it with something like "Hey guys and gal" or "Hey guys (and April)", since I am the only female in the group. I don't like being singled out like that. For me, I'd much prefer "Hey guys" without the additional add-on just for me. I also consider "guys" to be gender neutral, in... more... - April Russo
I find that the use of "guys and little ladies" can instantly achieve nearly universal disdain. (I don't actually use this. Really.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
damn, boo, I thought you were a lot younger than me! *41 fistbump* - RepoRat
whippersnappers :D - Pete
lookin' sharp! - ~Courtney F
is it your birthday? - maʀtha
Kids. - Uli
oh there u r.. long time no see !! Looking snazzy bro - Peter Dawson
you make that look hella good, boo. ahem. Have an awesome day!!! - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
You make it look damn good. - Jenny H. from Android
Looks good on ya! You show that number who BAWSE! - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
Happy birthday Luv! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday!! - lris
Happy Birthday! - Rodfather
Happy Birthday, D! - vicster: full-bodied
Many happy returns! - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Happeh burday Derrick! - Lily
Happy birthday, my friend. - Steele Lawman
happy birthday - chamberlain
Lookin' good, D. Happy birthday!! - Laura
Oh, bless your happy face! - Glen Campbell
Happy birthday, D! - Anne Bouey
You look great! Happy Birthday! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Happy birthday. - Eric - Watch Me Now
They're so cute at that age. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Have a great prime number year. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Happy birthday! - Jim is digging out.
Happy Birthday Derrick!!!! - VALZ SCARLETTS MAMA
Have a wonderful birthday!! - Katy S
Happy birthday, ho. <3 - Betty Write
Happy Birthday! - Kevin Johnson
Happy Birthday, D. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Hope you're having a wonderful day. Happy Birthday! - Trish R
Happy birthday D!! - Corinne L
Happy D birthday! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Buon compleanno! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Happy birthday!! - Yolanda
Happy birthday! Hope it is a great one :D - Jennifer Dittrich
:) Happiest of birthdays, Derrick! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thanks everyone! Your kind thoughts and wishes mean the world to me. Sending kindness and good will right back atcha. :) - Derrick
Another 41 fist bump - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Belated Happy Birthday, Derrick. I figured you for 10 years younger.I thinks it the "attitude" you convey... (that's a good thing.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Ken Morley
A sense of scale... (source file:
LOL - Eivind
Victor Ganata
What the hell *was* the pound sign on a phone used for before hashtags? :D
Phone menus - Johnny from iPhone
It was/is used to end or start a prompt. - Anika
BION, there were touch-tone phone systems as far back as the early 70s that used the "#" and "*" keys. - Big Joe Silence
I remember using it as an enter key when dealing with those automated multiple choice thingys. (You couldn't get through to some companies here with the old dial phones.) - Eivind
Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world | Books | The Observer -
Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world | Books | The Observer
Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world | Books | The Observer
"This is a huge book, more than 700 pages long, dense with footnotes, graphs and mathematical formulae. At first sight it is unashamedly an academic tome and seems both daunting and incomprehensible. In recent weeks and months the book has however set off fierce debates in the United States about the dynamics of capitalism, and especially the apparently unstoppable rise of the tiny elite that controls more and more of the world's wealth. In non-specialist blogs and websites across America, it has ignited arguments about power and money, questioning the myth at the very heart of American life – that capitalism improves the quality of life for everyone. This is just not so, says Piketty, and he makes his case in a clear and rigorous manner that debunks everything that capitalists believe about the ethical status of making money." - Eivind from Bookmarklet
""One of the great divisive forces at work today," he says, "is what I call meritocratic extremism. This is the conflict between billionaires, whose income comes from property and assets, such as a Saudi prince, and super-managers. Neither of these categories makes or produces anything but their wealth, which is really a super-wealth that has broken away from the everyday reality of the... more... - Eivind
"Some people claim that the takeoff at the very top reflects the emergence of a new class of “superstars”—entrepreneurs, entertainers, sports stars, authors, and the like—who have exploited new technologies, such as the Internet, to enlarge their earnings at the expense of others in their field. If this is true, high rates of inequality may reflect a harsh and unalterable reality:... more... - Eivind
Mary Carmen
Trying to encourage M to crawl so I put her toy just out of reach. She pulls the blanket till she can grab it :-/
Smart girl! - Katy S
She keeps foiling my plan! - Mary Carmen
But she is mastering tool use! - Katy S
FOILING I SAY! - Mary Carmen
The question is: Which of you is the superhero and which of you is the villain? - Katy S
I'm starting to believe that she is an evil genius. - Mary Carmen
I remember trying to get mine to crawl. I arranged a circle of toys around her thinking she would have to crawl to get to them...but no, she just rolled over & over till she got to what she wanted. - April Russo
Clever girl that one! - Yvonne from FFHound!
RT @jodyallen_sahm: Something is brewing in the Penguin kitchen... @PenguinBooksAus
RT @jodyallen_sahm: Something is brewing in the Penguin kitchen...  @PenguinBooksAus
That's my boss! Something exciting will be hitting the shelves in the very near future :D - Melly
Mary B: #TeamMonique
RT @magsrenshaw: "@mashable: Pics from Monday's Blood Moon still haven't gotten old" so cool!
RT @magsrenshaw: "@mashable: Pics from Monday's Blood Moon still haven't gotten old" so cool!
I'm glad they haven't "gotten old" in less than 24 hours. - Stephen Mack
Andrew C (✔)
RT @hpbasketball: I need a codex to decipher this move. Lawd.
RT @hpbasketball: I need a codex to decipher this move. Lawd.
Victor Ganata
My dad is truly the worst patient.
Although I can't really talk that much shit considering I worked through a case of pneumonia. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I thought of you two as I watched a recent drama. The male lead was doing his internship at a hospital. His dad was a doctor who didn't take care of himself. That seems so stressful. - Anika
:( - Anne Bouey
Steve and 4 other people
Mary Carmen
She can put her foot in her mouth. Look out!
mmmmmm toes - jambina
Victor Ganata
OH: The price of bacon is too damn high!
True, especially given the quality of most bacon. - Jennifer Dittrich
Damn. $9/package is pretty expensive. That's like 1-1/2 ribeye steaks at Trader Joe's. - Victor Ganata
Was "Hitchhiker's" right? Element 42 at undersea vents may be an answer to life & how it arose on Earth
Steve C
I am the one who rocks: Bryan Cranston helps teen land a prom date - -
"If terrifying chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-maker Walter White of "Breaking Bad" asks you to do something, you'd better give him the answer he wants. High-school student Stefan Montana of Los Gatos, Calif., nabbed actor Bryan Cranston, who played White, after seeing him in the Broadway show "All the Way" last Thursday, and enlisted him in a little project. "Maddie, if you don't go to the prom with Stefan, then maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly," Cranston, in Walter White character, obligingly said into a camera. A nervous Montana followed up the celebrity cautionary remark by asking, "Maddie, will you go to prom with me?"" - Steve C from Bookmarklet
"The New York Daily News reported that Montana was in New York visiting colleges and got the idea for the question while watching Cranston's play. "(Cranston) really is the nicest guy in the world," Montana told the Daily News. "It really is true. He's not really a celebrity, he's a dude. He didn't have to help me out but it was pretty amazing."" - Steve C
He's awesome - Shevonne
Many years ago, Jeff Daniels was having dinner with friends at the Common Grill in Chelsea (Michigan; his home town). He noticed two girls who were treating themselves to a nice dinner before going date-less to the prom. He told them that, after he finished doing whatever he was doing with his friends, he would drop by the prom and be their date. And he did. And he was. - Betsy
That's very cool Betsy - Steve C
Andrew C (✔)
RT @Filmdrunk: FilmDrunk reader took this awesome screengrab of the site today. Banner ad synergy!
Andrew C (✔)
Domino's Unleashes Its Fried-Chicken-Crust Pizza | Food Experiments | Washingtonian -
Domino's Unleashes Its Fried-Chicken-Crust Pizza | Food Experiments | Washingtonian
"Love pizza but wish the crust were more like fried chicken? The folks over at international pizza chain Domino's sure do. As of yesterday, the chain's newest product launched in the Washington area: the Specialty Chicken, a poultry/pie combo that consists of a dozen crispy white-meat nuggets "covered in toppings, sauces, and cheeses."" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
I would eat this, but... #teamdarkmeat - Andrew C (✔)
I'm with you on #teamdarkmeat. - Stephen Mack
As discussed. - Akiva
Steve and 4 other people
RT @SlicedBreadUX: Are hamburgers bad for you(r users)? Using a hamburger menu halved user engagement for @zeebox via @TheNextWeb
I had no idea what they meant by "hamburger" here. But yeah, I would have agreed with the intuition, that hidden menus led to less interaction. Interesting to see the data especially with the A/B testing. - Stephen Mack
Bluesun 2600
This tiny portable wind turbine fits in your bag and charges your gadgets : TreeHugger -
This tiny portable wind turbine fits in your bag and charges your gadgets : TreeHugger
This tiny portable wind turbine fits in your bag and charges your gadgets : TreeHugger
"In our current gadget-centric culture, one limiting factor for mobile devices is the capacity of the batteries that power them, and while we haven't seen any massive improvements in battery technology (yet) which would allow us to go for days between charges, mobile solar chargers and battery backup systems seem to be the only solutions (well, other than to actually stop using them so much). Wind turbines are a viable clean energy solution, but most of the innovations in wind energy tend to be on the large scale, and since those devices aren't exactly portable, they don't lend themselves to mobile device charging. But one forthcoming invention may allow us to harness the power of the wind with a micro turbine, in order to charge our smartphones and tablets and other USB devices. Although the efficacy of small wind turbines, especially vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT), is often debated, and the designs dismissed as not being worth their cost or manufacturing resources, but that... more... - Bluesun 2600 from Bookmarklet
That's really cool. - Stephen Mack
Jeff Atwood
RT @RumsfeldOffice: That I & most Americans have no idea whether our taxes are accurate tells us something. My annual letter to the #IRS:
It looks like Donald Rumsfeld is really riding this radical skeptical train down to the end-of-the-line, doesn't it? "I have no idea whether our taxes are accurate because true knowledge is impossible." - Victor Ganata
Maybe he'll talk himself out of existence? - Andrew C (✔)
But 911 - Iraq connection was CRYSTAL CLEAR. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Well, except for the unknown unknowns. No one could have foreseen the unknown unknowns. - Victor Ganata
Andy Baio
I was kinda hoping the Blood Moon would destroy everything so I wouldn't have to finish my taxes. No such luck.
Victor Ganata
So Bundy and his anti-government allies were basically going to use women and children as human shields. Bravo.
That guy is straight up crazy. ""It was a tactical plot that I was trying to get them to use," Mack said in comments flagged by The Raw Story. "If they're going to start killing people, I'm sorry, but to show the world how ruthless these people are, women needed to be the first ones shot." "I'm sorry, that sounds horrible," he continued. "I would have put my own wife or daughters there,... more... - Andrew C (✔)
IIRC, in cowboy movies it's always the cowards and bad guys who use women and children as shields. Nice of him to label himself clearly to the world so we don't have to guess. - Betsy
Betty Write
RT @losangelista: You can buy one. For real: KFC Introduces a Chicken Corsage to Make Your Prom Finger-Lickin' Good
RT @losangelista: You can buy one. For real: KFC Introduces a Chicken Corsage to Make Your Prom Finger-Lickin' Good
He'll think it's lip-licking good. - Betsy
I never date any one who nibbles on their own wrists. - Kevin Johnson
Victor Ganata
A site that keeps track of Game of Thrones characters and their allegiances and whether or not they're dead. :D
LOL, I like how the episode guide reads like a combat log from WoW. "[redacted] has been poisoned. [redacted] has died!" - Victor Ganata
"Arya Stark backstabs Polliver. Polliver is killed!" - Victor Ganata
Kevin Fox
You wouldn't hit a guy with Glass, would you?
I'm pretty sure a fist would be more effective. - Not Me
Photo: American Library association’s Most Challenged Books Of 2013)
Photo: American Library association’s Most Challenged Books Of 2013)
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