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Louis Gray
First Grade: Initiated.
Looks like they are going in with the proper attitude - Steve C
Go get em! - Eric
Jenny H.
Helen is making me work on my research.
She is all about the tough love ;) - Pete
No doubt, Pete. She told me to get off my duff! - Jenny H. from Android
What's your working title/hypothesis, if it's ok to ask? - Halil
Two separate pieces: 1) Effects of human disturbance on prairie dog colony persistence 2) Efficacy of using remote imaging to survey prairie dog colonies. - Jenny H.
You have prairie dogs in Norway??? - Uli
By remote imaging, do you mean motion triggered cameras or something? - Halil
I think it means satellite photos of opportunity, Halil. Or maybe I'm confusing it with something else :) - Eivind
We have lemmings, Uli. That's basically the same thing :) - Eivind
But no prairie dog has ever jumped off a cliff. Tsk. - Uli
Ja. Remote imaging is using satellite photos of a chosen resolution to investigate some phenomenon from a larger scale. Uli, I am pretty sure no lemmings willingly jumped off a cliff- that was a Disney-enhanced fabrication. This is my ongoing personal research that I was given a grant to complete (back in 2010). I am finally getting around to finishing my report. Helen is a tough cookie. She won't let me sit on my arse anymore. :D - Jenny H.
*tries not to picture Jenny's BadAss's arse ... because that would be "improper"* - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I think it's okay if you picture it just as it is- covered in unflattering sweat pants and planted on the couch. ;) - Jenny H.
Way to bring the room down, Jenny BadAss. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
LOL! - Jenny H. from Android
I'm glad Helen has been encouraging you. That's a perfect project while you're waiting until you can work in Norway. (And good on its own merits.) - Spidra Webster
Victor Ganata
Think Tank Apologizes For 'Unconscionable' Tweet To Amnesty - NPR
Amnesty International: "US can't tell other countries to improve their records on policing and peaceful assembly if it won't clean up its own human rights record" - Victor Ganata
Center for Strategic and International Studies: ".@amnesty Your work has saved far fewer lives than American interventions. So, suck it." - Victor Ganata
John Cole's sarcastic reply made me laugh because it's too real. "@amnesty @nycsouthpaw Why not, we were decrying human rights abuses while torturing people. #AMERICAFUCKYEAH!" - Victor Ganata
Suck it? Is a 5 year old running this think tank? - Eric
It looks like an intern accidentally tweeted over official channels. Possibly former intern. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Privates and interns. They seem to cause a lot of harm in the world. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
The Future Of Coffee Looks Bitter And Pricey, Courtesy Of Climate Change - Fast Co.EXIST
"When botanist Aaron Davis published a 2012 study that predicted global warming could cause the demise of a wild plant species by the year 2080, he was taken aback by the massive public interest that followed--it’s not like it's new news that climate change threatens a great number of species with extinction." - Victor Ganata
2080?!?! Better drink up now!!! - Victor Ganata
Although hopefully I'll be dead by then. Because a world without coffee seems way too bleak and hopeless. - Victor Ganata
"Around that year was the beginnings of an outbreak of the debilitating fungus called coffee rust that has now caused more than $1 billion in economic damage in Latin America since 2012." - Victor Ganata
I imagine it will get expensive sooner than that even if its demise doesn't come until 2080. - John (bird whisperer)
I guess we'll still have coffee. We can subsist on robusta and/or they can probably grow arabica in laboratories even if won't be able to survive in the wild. - Victor Ganata
Boy, if anything makes some folks go for GMO, it'll be GMO coffee. - Spidra Webster
"Although hopefully I'll be dead by then. Because a world without coffee seems way too bleak and hopeless." You took the words right out of my mouth, Victor! - Jenny H. from Android
Yvonne Renee
Shannon made the most adorable horse beads for me! My mom's gonna love it! Thanks Shannon!
People, Places and Things -
I'm enjoying your stories. - Anne Bouey
Thank you. I'm glad somebody is. :) - Cristo
I liked this one, Cristo! - Louis Gray
Thanks Louis. I appreciate it. - Cristo
So I was very curious about the details of the end -- why the project didn't meet your aspirations, and why you left. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It was complicated, and probably not explainable within a 500 word post. Also, I've made a rule that the blog will generally focus on the positive—unless it's about me personally. :) - Cristo
Gotcha - Stephen Mack from iPhone
holly #ravingfangirl
i wish i recognized more wildflowers. :/
They've got books for that, you know. - Kirsten
And apps. - Uli
What are your favorite apps, Uli? - Katy S from iPhone
Audubon. They cost a few bucks and are fairly big, but very, very good. - Uli
Books don't help me when I am trying to upload to Flickr right then. ;) is actually on my list to check some out to figure out what to buy. And I buy them at work too! - holly #ravingfangirl
Newcomb's Wildflower Guide and Wildflowers in the Field and Forest are good in my area, but they don't cover the west coast. - John (bird whisperer)
Yvonne Renee
Since Logan won't be going to the 1st day of school tomorrow, I'm thinking of going without him to meet the teacher and see the classroom. Would that be weird?
Not at all. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Sounds like a good idea. - Jenny H. from Android
I've opted not to go. As much as I'd like to be there for the first day excitement, I don't want to take away from the other kids' experience. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Has Raised Millions for ALS Association
‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Has Raised Millions for ALS Association
I think someone halted time. There is absolutely no social networking flowing in my feeds now. I guess it's because I finished working.
Also 'cause I was uploading and tagging on Flickr instead of doing my usual foolhardy persistent posting on FF... - Spidra Webster
What's the best frequency for posting to a blog? Daily, weekly, bi-weekly?
I stuck to 2-3 times a week for years and then down to just a few times a month. - NOT THE CRICKET from iPhone
The ones I've had the easiest time following stick to a consistent schedule, and post 1-3 times a week. The consistency of the posting seems to be key more than the frequency, at least for my attention span. - Jennifer Dittrich
What are your goals? What can you do? - Todd Hoff
Well, I sort of explained the goal in: What I can do is up for debate—I've got a lot on my plate right now, but so far it's been fun. - Cristo
Sounds like it's more of inspiration sort of thing then by schedule. I remember Printers Inc with fondness. For my area it was Computer Literacy. I guess meetups fill that role now. - Todd Hoff
I used to work with the guys who ended up buying out Computer Literacy. - Cristo
What ever that frequency you decide, stick to it. Otherwise you lose your audience. - Me
Buying CL was a fathead of an idea :) - Todd Hoff
That might be a bit taxing on me. - Cristo
What's the frequency... - Joe
"The consistency of the posting seems to be key more than the frequency" + 1 (So, bi-weekly would be better for consistency.) - elfaxi
The most popular and successful blogs all are run by teams and post multiple times a day (io9, boing boing, Engadget, etc.) but I find that overwhelming. I think of blogs like Paul Buchheit's or Allie Brosh's where they post rarely but when they do post it's great. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Paul's posts are great, but I'm trying to do something a bit different. Something like Mark Twain for Tech, although I'm not comparing myself to one of the greatest writers of all time—I think I'm a pretty mediocre writer. I'm aiming for around 500-700 words per post, although I don't plan to be dogmatic about it. - Cristo
The simple answer is post when you have something to say, share or inform us with. If you have a good enough story, you should be happy with it, even if you're the only reader. - Louis Gray
Louis is right. Nothing worse than forcing yourself to say something when you have nothing to say. Go for quality over quantity. And never hit publish while you are angry. Keep it in draft till you cool off and read it over. - April Russo
The best frequency? You need to ask Kenneth. - Friar Will
Who is this Kenneth? - Cristo
I might have to break the consistency rule. I posted the welsh rarebit recipe from my old blog because people were asking for it. However, I still have a new post in mind for today. - Cristo
See REM single from the 80s - Friar Will
I never liked 80s music. - Cristo
Cristo: Reference to this song: which refers to - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Time—so valuable, yet so much of it wasted. - Cristo
I'm not sure if I'll keep updating this blog as frequently. It seems like traffic has died off, and although I enjoy the writing, there's other things to do with my time if nobody's reading. - Cristo
It really takes time to grow an audience, though. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It takes years, or it takes highly visible people sharing you ... or you promoting it places. I wouldn't worry about the numbers at all. Just post your stories. - Louis Gray
RT @olivia_solon: Russia wants Bulgarians to stop vandalizing Soviet monuments to look like superheroes:
RT @olivia_solon: Russia wants Bulgarians to stop vandalizing Soviet monuments to look like superheroes:
I'm not sure if I'm more amused by the Santa Claus or the Captain America. - John (bird whisperer)
Is that Ronald McDonald in the back? - Jennifer Dittrich
I was wondering that too. - John (bird whisperer)
Darn Vulgarians. - Joe
lol! This is awesome! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Yvonne Renee
Sadly, Logan is going to miss his first day of school. High fever and strep. What a bummer. #wedovacationright
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Aw, geez. :-( - vicster: full-bodied
Andrew C (✔)
One disadvantage of being carfree is not having an excuse not buy aftermarket windshield wipers.
Steve and 4 other people
RT @dierdrelewis: #Ferguson is ground zero for modern crowd-control Dictator-style in what used to be the land of the free @Opferguson
Shannon - GlassMistress
I blew our grocery money(and then some) on Duncan so this week I'm doing what I call cooking from the pantry. It's like an episode of Chopped with more mundane ingredients :-)
It's a fun challenge and it uses up things that have been around a while. - Shannon - GlassMistress
laura x
Here's what #toddlerx has been up to lately.
photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
he's training to be an astronaut! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I kinda can't handle how much of a big boy he is now! And still really cute :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
He is 2.5. It stuns me on a daily basis. - laura x
RT @geekandahalf: Today's my one year anniversary as a librarian at @AULibrary. Whew, that went quickly (And a pretty awesome job)!
I miss Derrick here. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
me too - Steele Lawman
The Onion
Study: Nation's Third-Graders Now Eating At A Ninth-Grade Level -
Study: Nation's Third-Graders Now Eating At A Ninth-Grade Level
Victor Ganata
Now why would Rick Perry turn himself into the cops after the judge said he doesn't have to turn himself into the cops? Photo opportunities?
Press conference. "Gov. Perry will speak to the press upon entering and exiting the building." - Trish R
I wonder how much taxpayers are going to be on the hook for for this completely unnecessary publicity stunt. (Tying up the staff at the police station, extra security, etc., etc.) - Victor Ganata
as much as Perry and his ppl can foist off. - Big Joe Silence
When they said mug shot, maybe Rick thought he was getting a customized coffee cup - Greg GuitarBuster
Andrew C (✔)
Jesse Williams On Ferguson, Mike Brown and White Privilege | News One -
"“I know plenty of white kids that steal stuff from convenience stores,” Williams continued in response to allegations that Brown stole cigars moments before his murder by law enforcement. “There is this idea that every time a black person does something they automatically become a thug worthy of their own death.”" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"When Velez-Mitchell introduced William’s class privilege into the conversation, asking how he could still feel so “disenfranchised” with all of his success, he responded: “I don’t think of just me, I think of a collective group of people. While privilege is very well, whether it’s a class issue that obviously exists–I’m glad you bring that up. This idea of having to explain why it’s racial, while we’re standing in our own blood is silly. It’s racial because it doesn’t happen to White people.”" - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew C (✔)
Running Shoes Used Mainly For Computer Programming | The Onion - America's Finest News Source -
Running Shoes Used Mainly For Computer Programming | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
This used to be me, but now I wear sneakers to work and switch to slippers while in the office. - Andrew C (✔)
Sneaker net wouldn't work without them. - Greg GuitarBuster
This cuts deep, man. - Brian Johns
Kevin Fox
Steve Ballmer takes his ball, goes home.
Louis Gray
I'm Joining the Google Analytics Team to Help Make Data Count
Grats! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Kevin Fox
When fulfillment-by-drone inevitably happens, the coolest part will be instant delivery to your phone's current geolocation. #AccioStarbucks
Steve and 4 other people
Andrew C (✔)
Battleship Awkwardly Propped Up Against Ferguson Police Department | The Onion - America's Finest News Source -
Battleship Awkwardly Propped Up Against Ferguson Police Department | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
All Men Must Ink: How HBO Tattooed 111 'Game of Thrones' Fans -
All Men Must Ink: How HBO Tattooed 111 'Game of Thrones' Fans
Show all
There's devotion to a TV show, and then there's getting its images permanently inked on your body. Thanks to an HBO promotion, and the artists from San Diego tattoo shop Left Hand Black, Game of Thrones fans were able to get tattooed for free — presuming they queued up for hours at a little-known location just outside Comic-Con last month. - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ from Bookmarklet
Valar Dohaeris :o) - Gilgamesh
sono anche bellini i disegni <3 - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
Victor Ganata
RT @jackiebarbosa: Saying things like "People who don't want to get arrested should stay home" is saying "You don't have Constitutional rights." Annnnd block!
Posted something similar last night. I don't understand why people don't get it. - Anika
Hillel Fuld
RT @googleanalytics: We're excited to welcome Googler @louisgray to the Analytics team. Read about it on his blog here:
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