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40 Free Tutorials on Advanced Drawing Techniques - VECTORTUT -
"A brilliant and varied set of tutorials. Just stunning results." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Smiley Face Experiment using pure CSS -
"Great to see such results with just CSS, shows just how powerful it is." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
monitter : real time, live twitter monitor | free live twitter embed widget [feedly] -
Nice twitter monitoring tool - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
From Here to Tweeternity: A Practical Guide to Getting Started on Twitter [feedly] -
good indepth tips for new twitter'ers - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
BBC NEWS | Scotland | Tweeters set for Twestival time [feedly] -
Nice article whats on at teh Edinburgh Twestival - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Running Windows on Your Mac With VirtualBox [feedly] -
VirtualBox, run Windows on MacOS for free - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
12 Mac Apps for Running a Freelance Business [feedly] -
Nice list of apps - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
404 Error Pages, One More Time | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine -
great set, stunning and funny - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Rowan Evenstar
its true, it is surprisingly very cute - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Rowan Evenstar
Twitter To Go: How one local coffee shop used Twitter to double their clientele. What’s YOUR story? | Blog of Mr. Tweet -
now if domino's had twitter ordering! - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Rowan Evenstar
13 Free Web Apps To Simplify Designer’s Work Life - Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers -
a great round up, inluding extra links to similar posts - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Rowan Evenstar
Dock dividers for OSX -
"Definately, Quicksilver changes everything. if its ever not running, i get so confused on how to do things as i got quickilver as soon as i switched to macs. the whole idea of a start menu seems wrong now." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Interesting CSS links -
"Its always nice to find a big list of resources such as this. Google just isnt as good when it comes to knowing which sites will be good for research on certain areas. Im definately going to be refering to this a lot." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
How to Chat on the iPhone or iPod Touch [feedly] -
ooo its great how friendfeed shows ive shared this and notices that ive both Twittered and Dugg the story. - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Alan Livie's Blog: My reasons for testing private methods -
I also agree that Private method status shouldnt effect whether its unit tested or not - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Rowan Evenstar
my facebook account has been disabled, saying its under a false name! wtf!
just met with laura. apparently you both have fake surnames! =P - nava
no way! did hers get disabled too ? - Rowan Evenstar
yepp, but she got it back after shouting at FB in 3-4 different emails - nava
bugger, they want me to send them a cop y of my drivers licence - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
This is what we need for the future, a complete overhaul of the web browser to help the web applications of the future - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Rowan Evenstar
Foo for Bar: Kicking Ass with Outcome-Based Thinking -
Some simple 'Getting Things Done' tips. Always a good place to start making your life better and more enjoyable - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Rowan Evenstar
Ubiquity: Firefox Gets its Quicksilver On -
How using the web should be, cant wait for this to change our lives like quicksilver already has. - Rowan Evenstar from Bookmarklet
Robert Scoble
I'm trying Feedly after tons of people recommended it to me. On first look it's very impressive, especially for Google Reader addict like me
Honored. Please let us know if you run into any bugs. We will be happy to try to help. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Ooh, I just looked at its features... sounds interesting! Will give it a try later! :D - Bee
Yeah, i gave it another try last week and definitely impressive - but a couple of important glitches & bugs to fix - Zee.
Edwin: there's no way to share the items I'm seeing, is there? That's a HUGE reason why I use Google Reader (so I can share items and get them into FriendFeed). - Robert Scoble
Zee: it would be great if you could let us know what problem you ran into so that we can try to address them: thanks. - Edwin Khodabakchian
@Robert If you just click on 'Recommend' that's what they're calling 'sharing'. - Zee.
Oh, I have to click on each item to recommend it? That's lame. I should be able to recommend an item right from the home page without having to click twice, just like here in FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
it amazing! - Svartling
@Edwin sure, will do. Mainly just sometimes posts don't load and j/k to scroll down will occasionally miss a post or not go all the way to the bottom of the page. When I select "unread only", often it still shows posts I have read. The two most frustrating things: I can't tell easily which categories have unread posts in and finally - I was really excited by the river view because I heard you could view by categories from that page - which is unfortunately isn't the case... - Zee.
If the sources could be arranged into categories like they would be in google reader, that would be a big plus. - Zee.
@Robert - yeah, you need to click 'more' on the homepage view to get the option to recommend. They could easily fix this with a 'thumbs up' button permanently next to the post titles though - Zee.
I really want to like the app, so I'm hoping they really keep working hard on it & hopefully make it more than just a firefox extension & also create some way to have the same kind of facility on the iphone. - Zee.
just use the google reader shortcuts to use it. Alt+s to share. - Svartling
you Can also choose the river of news view an easily go through feeds with the keyboard - Svartling
the keys J and K to go up and down and Alt+s to share. Just like in google reader - Svartling
robert: recommend will add the item to your shared feed. as mentioned by svartling, you should be able to use the GR keyboard shortcuts (they works specially well in the river view - second icon on the top). The part that is missing is "share with notes". Which should be there next week when we merge the concept of feedly annotations and GR annotations. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: wow that sounds cool! Merging annotations with GR notes i mean. - Svartling
Zee: thanks for the feedback. Created a ticket on get satisfaction to track down and fix those issues - Edwin Khodabakchian
robert: when you sent us your OPML a few months ago for performance testing, you had just two categories (normal and favorites if I remember). Do you have more now? - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: nope, I still have the same. - Robert Scoble
ok. so the magazine view is probably not adding too much value in your case. The new wall which will go out next week has some of the things you have been asking for a long time: compression of multiple recommendations, filtering based on min number of recommendations, etc..( That and the current friendfeed and google search integration might be places were we can create value for a user like you. Does Maryam read RSS feeds? (she is more of our target!) - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin, I have no doubt you've thought this through a thousand times - but since you need to a) use firefox and then b) install an extension to use feedly....Do you not think it's going to be super-difficult to try & reach the non-geeks out there who aren't passionate users of google reader? "Most" non-geeks I know hardly ever install firefox extensions, let alone install firefox...they just use whatevers open or put it front of them - Zee.
Zee.You are right about firefox. But the extension installation process is getting simpler and people through iphone, facebook and firefox are getting used to the concept of "installing an application". Stumbleupon is a good example. The feedback we have collected so far is that our problem currently with more mainstream user is not the add-on but the first configuration experience and the need to further simplify the UI. We have a parallel project called "feedly mini" to try to cracks those two nuts. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin, awesome. Yeah, I didn't mean to sound like I was giving you pointers on a business I'm sure you're thinking about day & night....I just wanted to give my two pennies & also say that us geeks really love the product too, so don't forget about us! :) - Zee.
I've been using it exclusively for a week now. With the FF integration, I don't think I could go back to the gReader interface. - Chris Nixon
twhirl+ff is really opening my eyes to these services. Kudos. I'm off to take a look at Feedly. - Stu Andrews from twhirl
I am definitely enjoying my current switch from GR to Feedly. I like the fact i came accross Scobles twitter in Friend Feed because i was reading an article through feedly and ended up here as a result and discovered this. I enjoy loading up Feedly at lunch time to browse aimlessly, and i struggle to do that with Google Reader as i feel i have to stick to one subscription at a time and i end up getting put off. I dont feel overwhelmed when i use feedly. - Rowan Evenstar
is there a feedly for the iPhone? - Colide81 (James)
Embarassed to say I downloaded and signed up a few months ago but have been too busy to use it. - Sally Church
Edwin, many people are still on Firefox 2 for obvious reasons. Isnt there a version for it as well? - Hayk
There is no feedly for iphone. But because feedly syncs in real-time with google reader, you can use/continue to use Google Reader on the iphone and it will just work! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Hayk: It was a hard decision but we really needed the extra security of windows.postMessage to mash services together more securely. Hopefully by the time feedly gets out of beta, more users have upgraded to firefox 3 (which is an *great* upgrade) and this will slowly become a non-issue. In the meantime , we are sorry to not be able to be more help. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I'd really like to try this out, but for whatever reason I live in IE mostly. Yes, I have Firefox installed, but I'm unlikely to start it just for Feedly... Switching completely to Firefox is not an option for me here. I'll give it a whirl, but until this can be done in IE as well, the market is limited to tech savy people... though that might be enough. - Matt Wollnik
Matt: we are a small team and decided to focus on firefox first to increase our chances of building something people like. Once we have a winning recipe we will look at porting it to other browsers. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Note to Robert: If you end up wanting to rollback some of the shared feeds feedly might have imported into your google reader account, simply go to There is an automated way to undo all the changes. - Edwin Khodabakchian
what do you think of the keyboard shortcuts? - Örjan Lundberg
Mixed reaction on Feedly here. I go to the river mode in Feedly and see all kinds of useful looking activity but when I click on the orange button in the FF toolbar I see a mostly blank screen with message: "This page is empty. Please connect your feedly to a set of sources and a set of social connections first. " -- this needs to go away. How to start at the wall or other mode instead of this empty placeholder page? - TDavid
Did not appreciate the hijacking of my reader. I do use it and finding I use it more than my reader at this time. - Admiral70
TDavid: Can you please open a bug with a screenshot and url of the page with the "page is empty" message and we will try to help address the problem. - Edwin Khodabakchian
@Edwin - no thanks, it doesn't seem like something I'd use anyway. I took time to describe the bug for you here, that's your bug report. Copy and paste, mon :) - TDavid
TDavid: the reason I asked for the screenshot is because it would have allowed us to understand if you have sources defined but all of them are read or if an error happened during the welcome process or if there is somehow a problem fetching the content. Re the wall. In the more (at the top right) > preferences there is an option to change the start page. If the experience does not end up working of you, here is the 5 step un-install procedure: - Edwin Khodabakchian
We just need to get you on Disqus now ;) - Jesse Stay
@Edwin - thank you for the uninstall link. Done. - TDavid
Feedly looks cool but becomes simply too difficult to navigate IMO. The navigation just isn't great for a lot of feeds. - Brandon Titus
Brandon: have you tried the latest river view? It was designed to help simplify the navigation for people who read a lot of feeds. It would be interesting to know if in your view, river + the ability to inline an article inline address par of the navigation issue you are raisin. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Rowan Evenstar
What Twitter would look like during a Zombie outbreak (PIC) -
"Haha, now that really made me laugh!" - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Fading JavaScript Tooltips 2kb -
"Absolutely great, been thinking of this kind of thing for years now." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Master Your Digital Media with VLC -
"had no idea i had all that power sitting there, thinking it was just a player!" - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
Mobile Me Shows Apple Still Dislikes Being a Team Player -
"I was kind of liking the Mobile Me, but this article indeed reminded me that most of our stuff is already distrubuted with many other services, and this would just be adding another to the already crowded array, and charging a lot for it. The idea of being able to use it with other exiting apps online would be wonderful, and not likely to happen for a long logn time. Well written and good points, thanks." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
"I like hte fact theres a major price drop, and if that means a plastic back, i'm all for it." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
The problem with technology... -
"I also agree. I dont like being tied to a monitor day or night, be it the big monitor at work taking over my desk, or the small screen on my laptop on my knee at home. I like having devices that can take over some of the tasks. The ability to have my calander on my phone, ipod, laptop and online is great, because i feel more like i am just doing a task, and im not limited to a specific means or place to do it. But i indeed want to be plugged into everything, without having to think about it - all that brings is worry: can this communicatae with that, what needs updated/upgraded/replaced. Not enough things are created from the user task point of view. and each time it isnt, it fails to do things right. to diechipmunk above - anti trust will indeed be an issue, but by the time this comes around, we may have moved to subscription base, or conviced everyone to make money another way and just give us the content we want." - Rowan Evenstar
Rowan Evenstar
ScreenFlow: Screencasting on Steroids -
Brilliant description of an amazing application for screencasting - Rowan Evenstar
Leo Laporte
Looking forward to the video, though I still think audio is where I will get stuck more regularly. Something about lights out, earphones in and ... relax, listen. learn. - Alexander von Halem
Fantastic space, Leo! Hope you're not too concerned about the echo. - Richard Galvan
Awesome and that camera is bad ass - Nick Brennan
Really really great to see it leo! its been a tease just hearing about it. And the picture quality blew me away. - Rowan Evenstar
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Now here's my question: did you read this tweet on the Web, a client, or FriendFeed (which is 50% Twitter anyway)?
FF yo - Anthony Farrior
FriendFeed - Bill Bittner
FriendFeed (just signed up) - Lon Farenwald
FriendFeed - Atul Arora
FriendFeed. Also, Twitter makes up 30% of my friends top sites - Bwana ☠
FF - Shey
FF (via Bwana) - Mike Doeff
FF :) - Adrian
FF - but only because I am just checking it out - Chris Heuer
FF - I don't think we are tweet friends - Andrea Baker
Web - Eric Ortega
FF - yeah - Alan Steele
Newspaper. - Louis Gray
FF - Dave Hoff
FF - Ryan W
FF - don loeb
On FriendFeed, but only because you're not in my twitter ciricle. :) I like twitter better. My twitter client is Twhirl. - Patricia Skinner
This is awesome, I can see this question leading to a new feature on FF....hehe - Scott corgan
Twitter ... Since I follow you on Twitter, I actually hide your Tweets on FF unless someone likes or comments on them - Deepak Singh
Ironically - Friend Feed! Although under normal circumstances it would have been on - Leo Laporte
all of the above, depending on the situation...Currently FriendFeed - Franklin Day
FriendFeed - tagami
yes... FF because I'm subscribed to Louis - Ross Miller
Read it on FriendFeed via Steve Rubel. I'm not directly connected to you. - Thomas Frütel
Read it on google reader, then came over to FF to comment - Nathan Manley
Saw it via pidgin, commented here... - Grant Bierman
Read it on FriendFeed via Steve Rubel. - Martin Recke
Friendfeed (via Leo) and my friendfeed is less twitter more blog and photos - guess that's my friend style - Phill Price
FriendFeed - Paul Taylor
Friendfeed via Leo as well. Then again, you can tell from where you got the comment. :D - John Long
Baaa! - Adam Bramwell
ff, Twhirl and - Rowan Evenstar
FriendFeed, through Louis Gray - dgw
FF too - Arnaud Fischer
FF !! - jeanlemay
On FF. I wasn't watching twitter when you posted this. - Christian Burns
friendfeed - Jason
FriendFeed - Jim Cahill
Friendfeed for me, oh sorry FF so I don't look uncool - Tim Steward
FF 4 me to - Max Zaglio
FF Becasue you are a Friend of Leo Laporte - Kevin Shannon
I'm looking at the comments in FF and thinking, wow! everyone responded FF - DUH! - Kevin Shannon
Whats funny is that this post still has legs after 36 hours - Christian Burns
What's funny is that people say they saw it in friend feed with the friendfeed commenting which can only be done in friend feed. I guess it's at least a clear vote. - Mick Liubinskas
in google reader. pretty cool feature to see which post my friends commented on. and the number of clicks to get to the comment via a friend from the feedreader is still to high. - Max Friedrich Hartmann
Almost always on Hahlo, because I read Twitters alot through my ipod Touch. - Lisa Lee
I could say FF - but only because it hit my screen a bit earlier than looking through the twitter stream and because I had forgotten to unsub your twitter stream in FF as I follow you on Twitter. Same with links - I do click them where I see them first, but that is not indicative of a patter. [only reason to answer here? more than 140 chars ...] - Nicole Simon
heh, your latest message on FF, via a scobelizer twitter on friendfeed grid. otherwise i usually read 'em in my twhirl (OSX) - jon madison
ff - timepilot
ff, obviously. :-) - Garrett Fitzgerald
FriendFeed - Robert Goodwin
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