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Liza + = ?
No one can out snark Louis Gray. I love it!
His wife can. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Great point. I think you uncovered the secret to his success. - Liza + = ?
Eric, What do you sync? - Liza + = ?
What'd I miss? - Louis Gray
Snark does not characterize an LG blog post, at any length. But in other venues is arguable. - Micah
Snark is not in the posts, agreed...check out the Twitter stream... - Liza + = ?
Technology News
BiliBot combines Kinect, iRobot Create and gripper arm for affordable ROS fun (video) -
TheNextWeb Forum
Wacom releases Bamboo Stylus for iPad -
Android App Turns Phone Calls Into Interactive Social Media Exchanges -
TheNextWeb Forum
Louis Gray
Loic Le Meur
+1 RT @louisgray: Congrats to @lizasperling for her pro voice over for @seesmic's new Android app. Very nicely done.
Ian Gray
7 Healthy Foods That Will Fill You Up and Prevent Overeating -
7 Healthy Foods That Will Fill You Up and Prevent Overeating - Ian Gray
Great list. I like mainly having banana's, avacado's and eggs. Definately feel better than eating non nutricious alternatives. - Rowan Evenstar
Louis Gray
Brad Williamson
NEW GROUP!!! "FriendFeed Petition" What's gonna happen to our community, data and favorite features now that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed? Sign this petition to get FriendFeed management to speak up, NOW!
facebookaqquires.png Sign it, party people!!! Subscribe to the group, leave your own INDIVIDUAL post about why this has upset you and why you want answers NOW! - Brad Williamson
signed. - Dusty Edenfield
signed.. data and friends?? - Gtp19
signed - Pedram
No. Sorry. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure that FF is perfectly aware of the issues already, given the 18,000 posts from FriendFeed users which basically say the same thing. Anything they can say has already been said. - Ian Betteridge
signed. What will happen with all of the pushing / pulling of the multiple other social networks and sites that friendfeed currently supports? - Vinny
Plus, not a chance in the world that I would sign this as you've spammed it to many completely irrelevant groups. - Ian Betteridge
@Ian Yup, I did. It needed to happen. - Brad Williamson
My question will not get an answer but signed anyway - M F
Well, sorry Brad, but I block spammers. Just because you think it's important enough to spam every group you can think of doesn't mean you're right. It's a completely selfish attitude, and I resent it. Sorry, but bye. - Ian Betteridge
Signed - JSLeFanu
Ian. you're funny. - Brad Williamson from BuddyFeed
signed - Manantsoa
Right now, I have this song on repeat... - Brad Williamson
Maybe I'm just not very informed.. but what's the validity of a petition? As in, does a certain number of signatures entitle the people to their view? Or is it just sorta saying "Yea, we all agree.. see?" and hoping people listen? - Angelo Rodrigues
It's just a stupid reason to start a new group ;-) Nah... It's really a place where we can all gather in common agreement about something that really sucks hard. And maybe it'll get the FF management to stop partying for a minute and tend to the people who really want some answers. - Brad Williamson
Do Friendfeed users stand at risk of losing all the bookmarks, notes and other data they have collected and stored on Friendfeed over a year and longer? - Sean McBride
I'd imagine so. - Brad Williamson
Losing all of one's Friendfeed data would be disturbing. Facebook and Friendfeed should issue an official statement on this question as soon as possible. - Sean McBride
I don't know how useful it will be, but I am here too - Flavio
Included in that data is our subscribers and friends we might lose. If there's one thing that carries over, our network of connections absolutely must remain. - Brad Williamson
"We absolutely wouldn't shut (FriendFeed) down." - Quote from FriendFeed management member on blog - Brad Williamson
wouldn't is not won't, and they always speak about the short term. what'll be in the long term? - Flavio
New Friendfeed group: Facebook/Friendfeed News - Sean McBride
Signed. - Steven Perez
They'll speak up in time, give them a chance. ;-) Paul has said he'll post more soon - I think they all deserve some sleep. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
davidangel - David Angel from twhirl
VancouveRealtor - David Angel from twhirl
Speaking of FF feedback, this ridiculous cross-post should be exhibit #1 about why we need to be able to hide individual posts when browsing groups/rooms. - Andrew C (✔)
Thanks for the bump, Andrew ;-) - Brad Williamson
+1 Ian. We don't need no user drama... - Bill Sodeman
signed. - Valley
+1 to Brad. I like large crossposting. Brad is announcing possible new groups you can visit. It is good. Nobody is forced to go there. As to petition issue, Im sure FF team already reads it and is aware. - pb:
See Paul's statement here: - and have some patience, friends. - Bill Sodeman
And here is the response I left to Paul's statement... There are a few promises and guarantees that you SHOULD be able to provide. Like, that our network of friends will remain intact and that the features that make this site great will remain. If you can't make those promises, then you shouldn't have done the deal. I sure do hope that the real-time search engine wasn't the centerpiece... more... - Brad Williamson
Such a horrifying picture... Why am I getting Service Unavailable on this?? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I may have missed it but who drew that picture? - Benjamin Taylor
Keep this the hell out of the twitter room, thanks. Not commenting in any way on the cause, just your spammy blasting of it around. - Brad McCrorey
Ha! Don't you know that "Brad's" aren't supposed to hate on other "Brad's?" - Brad Williamson
Not hating on you, just your methods. I'm not an Apple Room admin, but I'd delete it out of here too if I were. - Brad McCrorey
Turning yourself into a spammer isn't going to help your cause, or any other. Quite the opposite. - Brad McCrorey
Brad McCrorey++ - Andrew C (✔)
Thanks Andrew :) - Brad McCrorey
Signed, not that I'm particularly worried about what they'll do, but to show solidarity. - Ron Bailey
also what happens to our stuff which we have posted on here if the close the site? - Chris Bellinger
I think what we all need is a statement from 'someone' at FF or FB to give a commitment as to (if or when) they plan to pull the plug. - Jim Connolly
I'm in. Thank you. - Niki Costantini
sign all the petitions you want it will not change a mulit-million dollar deal no matter how many you get. Don't get me wrong but these guys are living the American dream. It sucks to us because we all loved the idea of a community of like minded people, but at the end of the day no one owned this site but the owners. We may bitch but get real, there decision is signed. Move forward and... more... - Lokei Atikus™®
nice graphic! - Mike Chelen
signed. but i don't think this petition or any others (including facebook pages/causes) that crop up in the ensuing days are going to make an iota of difference to what has already happened. - Vijay
My guess is that FB will keep FF the way it is due to the fact that FB and FF operate in completely different realms...with FB adopting some of the FF technology to enhance the FB realm. That said, what FB now needs to make very clear is a commitment to keep FF the way it is. Although probably unintended, the acquisition announcement is having a chilling effect upon third party FF developers, most notably Seesmic, due to the uncertainty of the whole thing. - Stephen M. Otto
Per this there are no immediate FF changes but no guarantees - Carey Lumeng
Pros on the "Facefeed": actually may keep friend feed alive. Anyone know how they make money. May improve Facebook integration (<1% of my facebook friends are on I don't live under a rock...just in the MIdwest). May actually improve FF function. I found a learning curve that I had to get over to make it effective. Took me 2-3 goes at trying to commit to the platform.... more... - Carey Lumeng
My biggest concern is that the deal was established in an effort to not bring our community sharing features over to Facebook, but to simply give them access to FriendFeed's real-time search engine. - Brad Williamson
Can't you simply import your Friendfeeds data via RSS? Just a thought... - darnell from BuddyFeed
We now have a hundred Likes on this entry and 94 subscribers to the FriendFeed Petition group . I think if we break the 150 mark on each of these, FriendFeed will DEFINITELY void Facebook's acquisition of them. Yup, I couldn't be more confident that that's what will happen. Done deal, dudes... done deal ;-) - Brad Williamson
Yes... Santa Claus, Batman and Spider-Man will tear up the deal documents themselves! ;) - Bill Sodeman
Kilau Coffee
New Exhibition at Kilau: An exhibition of work by Stu Allan Monday 17th August to Saturday 10th October I paint ..
Bret Taylor
You can now disable comments on your FriendFeed entries using the "Edit" menu. When you disable comments, all existing comments will remain, but no new comments will be allowed.
Picture 9.png
You can use the feature to stop conversations that are getting out of hand, or to post entries for which you don't want any discussion. Likes will continue to be allowed when comments are disabled. - Bret Taylor
the FBI is here to arrest the MOB - iTbay
You should call it Extended Twitter mode - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
END OF THREAD - Josh Haley
friendfeed turns into a forum... - Hüseyin Mert
Awesome. Thanks FriendFeed! Can you re-enable comments later? (Edit: yes, you can.) - Mark Trapp
Don't make me use the B& Hammer! - CannonGod
I certainly hope 'Breaking News' has a sense of humor. - John Craft
@Mark: temporarily "suspend" comments? - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
I'm not sure how I feel about this one. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Chris: yeah, like when you're trying to use the first few comments for your own commentary. It looks like you can. Eeeeeeeeee! - Mark Trapp
I think it helps those people who feel they are being made fun of in their posts. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Mark: yep, re-enabling involves just clicking a link - Bret Taylor
+1 Gunny. It seems like an interesting and somewhat useful idea on it's own, but I can see many applications for it that aren't exactly in the interests of everyone, or even specific people, for what it's worth... - Tyson Key
Sweet, thanks Bret. One bug I'm noticing is that if I disable comments on my own feed (that is, from, my picture shows up next to the entry and doesn't go away until I refresh. - Mark Trapp
Mark: thanks for the bug report - Bret Taylor
Of course, the existing moderation options were already a double-edged sword. "Sticky" posts in rooms seems like a good extension to this, on the flip-side, though. - Tyson Key
I can see the use for this, but that doesn't mean I like it. - Shawn Kirsch
While I welcome this addition to the many useful features on FF, I do feel that you should see all comments on a subject, as this enriches our experience. - Kevin J Hatton
Well done Bret, I will never use it though because I am a social creature - Mark
so can we call this the 'arrington feature'? - Chris Heath
Well arrington has yet to come back as promised - Mark
is there any way to disable commenting from all posts in a specific group? - Zee.
Zee: no, this feature is entry-by-entry - Bret Taylor
Good to see you are still able to re-share the entries with disabled comments. - Kol Tregaskes
@Bret that something you'll consider adding? - Zee.
I actually want to turn this feature on automatically for any item older than 30 days as a defense against spam. - Robert Scoble
can we get @scoble the moon on a stick too ;) - Phill Price
Phill: hey, if Arrington can get a feature, we all should be able to get features! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert++ - Rahsheen
Scoble got thousands of people to join Friendfeed! How about a little love for the big guy! - Mark
I see the main use for such a feature as being a way to post 'announcement' or 'stick post' entries but we'd really need the comment box back with the share box and the option to disable comments from there, i.e. before it's posted. - Kol Tregaskes
Hehe, Robert. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
You know you have influence when a company will modify their product to get you to use it again ;) - Mark
Bret: the error message you get if you try to comment on a comment blocked post takes you to the generic FAQ page - perhaps it should go to something specific explaining the blocked comments feature. - Mike Bracco
feature request: i want FF to flow in a <marquee> format instead of a stream! (kidding) - sean percival
Is this an attempt to make FriendFeed more like a blogging platform? It sort of feels that way to me. - Mitch
@scoble I'm trying to think of a feature from me- but I can't! - Phill Price
Agree with Mike, that could do with fixing, Bret. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Bret or anyone: Where can you find a list of people you've blocked? - Myrna
Myrna - Ssshhh - don't speak of such a thing... blocking is an unforgivable sin here! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
But you know on twitter or fb you can unblock. Someone that I didn't know came on a great discussion about kabbalah and said F**k kabbalah so I blocked him. - Myrna
Myrna, a sin maybe but you can find out here: :-) - Kol Tregaskes
myrna, is what you're looking for... goes back all the way - Chris Heath
I think the addition of this feature may warrant the need to add a dislike button. - Mark Krynsky
Thanks Kol! - Myrna
Jannnifer: I TOTALLY disagree with you. Blocking on FriendFeed is a very important thing to do to keep your view clear of jerks, spammers, and other people you just don't want interacting with your content. I don't let jerks into my living room and the block feature is how I keep my online living room clean, too. - Robert Scoble
LOOOOL you better watch out if FF grows too fast, we're gonna be using the block button a LOT - Myrna
Robert, did you see why I blocked this character. Jerimiah probably would have blocked him from using FF. - Myrna
@Kol - Looks like FFBlockr is broken/down at the moment... - Tyson Key
@Tyson It seems so - Roberto
I guess I can see the need for this in some respects, but doubt I'd ever use it. The same way I feel about Blocking......someone would have to be really destructive to get me to do that. I just hope we don't end up with more and more "tools" that stop the natural flow and interaction on FF. - Bonnie Foster
Chris, Thx it worked! - Myrna
So Bonnie, would you block a FF stranger who came onto a discussion and said F**k the subject or your discussion? - Myrna
Bret: I think this feature should let the entry owner to be able to comment without having to re-enable comments (and shutting them down again after that) - alieb
Myrna....not unless he/she was such a pest that they did this kind of thing all the time.....kept making negative comments, or tried to continually start something. If it was someone who just happened to pop in and make their comment I would chalk it up to them being a jerk, having a bad day, I don't know, maybe just hating that subject. People just aren't going to always agree with everything you say. :) - Bonnie Foster
Scoble and Krynsky are right, options to turn off comments after 30 days, and a dislike option are needed. Dislikes should be capped at 5 a day though. - Shawn Kirsch from BuddyFeed
Bonnie, you mean if I came on one of your threads and just dumped a FU, you would just brush it off? It's negative energy. I don't know about you but I try to keep things positive. Btw, you can disagree and stay positive. - Myrna
Myrna..not disagreeing that it isn't negative energy, and yes, you can disagree with someone and stay positive. Would I do it, of course not....but everyone is different, and some people are jerks. One FU however, would not crush me, or for that matter, destroy my thread if everyone else was commenting with a positive attitude. - Bonnie Foster
Too cool. Thank you. :) - Meryn Stol
Just been reading about this over on Techcrunch. Sounds a reasonable idea, although it will be interesting to see how it works out in practice - George Hall (Australia)
Ok I understand the need to stopping comment when the Mob starts forming, you know the tar and feather, pitchfork and everything, that makes some sense. What I don't understand is why you would post an entry if you didn't want any discussion. If you don't want it discussed then don't post it. - Kim Landwehr
I am a group admin, I post the room guidelines in a thread and close the comments so that I can stick the thread url in the group description and new users will be able to read a short and to the point list instead of a 150+ comments thread. Sounds good, Kim? - alieb
Ok, alieb that makes sense I was thinking more of a regular post, wasn't thinking of a room guideline situation. - Kim Landwehr
You're welcom Myrna, i remembered a thread from a while ago with that link in it and just did a few searches until i found it - i can't find anywhere on the help/faq the (for your history of subscriptions and blocks as well) also i can't find the imaginary friends feature linked anywhere in the help/faq either (/settings/imaginary) -- private groups... more... - Chris Heath
Kim, also - if we had this feature back in march scoble wouldn't have had to butcher his post to stop people from trying to enter a contest that was long over - also this helps with spam as a popular post can be preserved without having to be attended to to fight of spammers who would try to latch to a popular search result - Chris Heath
Bret, I like the timed idea some, but having the owner always able to comment seems right. - Chris Heath
Robert, I don't see 'blocking' to be important but then I don't have jerks even trying to get into my living room so have no need. ;-) Been here well over a year and yet to block anyone. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Tyson, darn. Sorry I didn't check it before posting. - Kol Tregaskes
Keep it comin' Bret. Someone ... PLEASE write a Friendfeed guide before I have to ?! (Although ... I'm still lost in the halls looking for what used to be rooms ?! :) - Charlie Anzman
I believe they call those Groups now, unless they're renamed in a future iteration. - Tyson Key
Thank you Tyson .... :) - Charlie Anzman
Can we get a feature added to the hide interface to 'Hide all entire with comments disabled'? If you don't want me on your thread, I may not want you in my stream. This is a place of discussion, not a bull horn :) - Johnny from iPhone
This is a great idea Johnny and it adds a balance to the whole situation. People who just want to use FF to promote themselves with no discussion could be easily hidden from view this way. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
well then you might as well block them, right? - Chris Heath
@Johnny Worthington, I am totally right there with ya on that one. Why bother reading something on FF that I can't respond to? Isn't FF for conversation? - (dot)lizard kelly
But Chris, they may still comment here and may comment on my stuff. Because they don't want interaction on their posts doesn't mean I should rule out the possibility of having interactions with them all together. It's about the scalple, not the sword :) - Johnny from iPhone
me no likey - BEX
Arrington won't have to see it on his account everytime he logs in now - Mark
Because he secretly loves getting attention. Not many people know this about him. - Mitch
I get your point Johnny, i was kind of joking, but also kinda serious. - Chris Heath
Robert Scoble: Oh No! I was was being sarcastic and kidding with Myrna about blocking being an unforgivable sin!! I agree 100% with what you said above -----> "Blocking on FriendFeed is a very important thing to do to keep your view clear of jerks, spammers, and other people you just don't want interacting with your content. I don't let jerks into my living room and the block feature is... more... - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Thanks. I can't imagine ever using it, but thanks all the same. - Steven Perez
Gosh, I hope Robert Scoble will be able to see my last comment since this thread is so long! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Interesting, but what about a 'Generate Comments' option for those us that are, shall we say, boring and get little to no activity and want to seem like they are interesting people too. ;-> - Grant Bierman
I fear that this addition will pave the way for more one way transmission. Friendfeed is about sharing and interaction. I might actually have to start using the block funtionality if I start seeing rant or mlm posts. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Excellent change. - Son of Groucho
If you want to hide comment disabled posts preemptively and user scripts are an option for you, take a look at this script update I released tonight: (only affects you, and only in effect while running the script) - Micah
TechCrunchで報じられていた「梅毒問題」への対策の一つ、荒れ始めたスレッドをコメント不可にする機能が実装されたわけね。仕事が早いなぁ。 #friendfeed - Sakurai.Catshop from iPhone
Le Speaky Le English - Mark
oo yeni özellik gelmiş.. süper.. - Profesyonel Öğrenci™
Yorumları kapatma özelliği. - Can Turanlı
thanks - to "enable" comments, there is a direct link - to disable... it is necessary to click Edit and select the option... Why? a different design? - Kishore Balakrishnan
Kishore, having 'enable' as a direct link serves as a visual reminder that you've disabled comments on that item. Plus you wouldn't want 'disable' to be a direct link, as you might click it by accident. - FFing Enigma
@Matthew - You can disable it, if you're the owner of the post, and at present, it's possible for users to edit their comments after comment freezing, as it's implemented now. - Tyson Key
A surprisingly controversial move. Good addition, but I can't find myself ever using it. - Pete D from iPhone
this feature seems in accordance with existing moderation options available to post owners - Mike Chelen
Noticed this one. Good! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Chris Nixon
Growl for Windows Adds Mac-Style Notifications [Downloads] -
Grace Smith
Fluid 960 Grid System: Templates for Rapid Interactive Prototyping (AWESOME):
Marie O'Brien
Is FriendDeck the best tool for using FriendFeed, or are there other applications that work even better?
There may be others, but I am interested to hear how I can make FriendDeck better. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
I found out that twhirl also has support for friendfeed. But frienddeck's support for filters is much better if you want to focus on certain messages. - Mihai Secasiu
Louis Gray
25 Things You Don't Know About Me (and wish you still didn't)
1) I was born two months early, and weighed four pounds. My grandmother wouldn't visit in the hospital because she didn't want to "get attached". - Louis Gray
2) Due to the prematurity, as my dad tells it, I had a 50% chance of being physically disabled and a 50% chance of being mentally disabled. They still haven't figured out which one it's going to be. - Louis Gray
3) I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for three years as an infant while my dad attended medical school. - Louis Gray
4) I learned to walk before I could crawl (and got two hernias as a result). I had surgery for various ailments, including hydrocephalus, seven times by age six. - Louis Gray
5) The first sentence I ever put together was, "No mom, you're wrong." - Louis Gray
6) From kindergarten to third grade, I went to four schools in four years in three states. - Louis Gray
7) I used to go to school with an eye patch on one eye, alternating sides each morning, to strengthen the muscles. When I didn't wear the patch, I wore glasses (until so many pair were broken my parents stopped replacing them). - Louis Gray
8) In kindergarten, my teacher had me run the slide projector and read the captions to the other kids while she set up the next activity. - Louis Gray
9) I couldn't swim until fifth grade. In 4th grade, I fell off a raft in the middle of a lake at a school outing, and an eighth grader dove in and fished me out. I literally can't remember "being rescued". - Louis Gray
10) I went to the California state spelling bee championship twice, after winning county, in 5th and 7th grade. In 5th grade, I finished 17th. But in sixth grade, I didn't even win my homeroom. - Louis Gray
11) I fell in love with baseball in the late '80s with the Bash Brothers. To this day, I could probably tell you almost every Jose Canseco stat from 1988 without using Google. - Louis Gray
12) I didn't date until I was sixteen. The first girl I ever asked out to a dance ended up going with a guy her friend set her up with and I got stood up. By the time I got married, my aunt told my fiancee that I was "historically undervalued". - Louis Gray
13) On more than one occasion, a friend and I played hooky from Boy Scouts and went shoplifting at the local convenience store. - Louis Gray
14) I drove the family's wood-paneled station wagon (a 1988 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser) in high school. It seated 7, and I once got it airborne and broke the axle. - Louis Gray
15) I once logged on to my mom's AOL account and posted a racy note on her behalf in a lesbian teachers' forum, saying she was good in the classroom and the bedroom. She got e-mail for years. - Louis Gray
16) I attended morning seminary all four years in high school, starting at 6:30 a.m. - Louis Gray
17) My big plan was to go to UCLA with my best friend and we were going to be roommates. He got in, and I didn't. Two weeks later, I was accepted to Berkeley. - Louis Gray
18) While at Berkeley, I was a reporter for the student newspaper, and covered City Council, the UC Regents and crime. I wore a police scanner during class, and wrote about hit and runs in the margins of my notes. One night, I ran to the scene of a double homicide, getting there before the police tape had blocked off the area. - Louis Gray
19) The next day, I got a 19 out of 100 on a midterm in my major. - Louis Gray
20) I ended up with a GPA below 3.0 at Berkeley, but still forced a double major in four years. By my senior year, I was commuting to Silicon Valley every day. - Louis Gray
21) When the first startup I worked for folded, I signed with their sister company in the same office two days later. I stayed at my desk as my old boss packed up and left. - Louis Gray
22) I am so cheap that the first date I took my eventual wife on was to Great America because I had free tickets. I had two pairs of tickets, and planned to take another girl the following week. I didn't use the second pair. - Louis Gray
23) I once met Steve Jobs at the Palo Alto Apple Store. I asked him an iPod support question, which he got right. - Louis Gray
24) I created a set of comics called the ANtics featuring Oakland A's players. The first comic strip was featured on TV during an A's game. - Louis Gray
25) I have more ideas than I have time and want to make sure FriendFeed and all the Web relationships we have built can stay personal and close as people change and our small communities get larger and more visible. - Louis Gray
#1 how close did you two get eventually ? - Mayank Dhingra
15 is CLASSIC - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
oh no you didn' you know which accent - sofarsoShawn
I went to church with Jose Canseco in Silicon Valley in the 80s. That dude donated a lot of money to the church, which let them buy video equipment. So, my video career is, in part, due to Jose Canseco. Great list. - Robert Scoble
Mayank, re #1, we do fine now. She calls me her "#1 grandson" because I was her first. - Louis Gray
Dude, #15 is just plain mean. :) Hilarious but mean. - Mukund
True to LG form - I loved every word of it. Thank you so much for sharing and participating. You RULE. - Mona Nomura
funny stuff - cjmart
This is one post I'm glad I clicked expand all comments on. - Bryce Roney
I love this list of 25 as much as I love chocolate. - Derrick
Wow... The "25 things about me" meme has never been so interesting until now. - James Rishabh Mishra
LG's list is fun to read. - Alan Le
Well, I thought I was following you on Twitter Louis .... Guess you're maxed out. It refused my request early this morning. (It's OK ... I'll still read you here :) - Charlie Anzman
This made me laugh out loud, nice one Louis! - Sally Church
I don't even know you, yet felt oddly compelled to read all 25. If we ever meet, let's reminisce about these things that happened to you that I now remember. :-) - Jeff Eddings
I had a feeling that you were the spelling bee champ. That was great. Thanks for sharing! - Michael Fidler from twhirl
Hah i'll go toe to toe with you and your Jose Canseco stats with Will Clark stats - Steve C, Team Marina
Love the "historically undervalued" (#12)! - asiriusgeek
@15 When did your mom learn you were responsible (though based on #5 she probably knew you were behind the email somehow) - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
mcw, re #15, deducing it was me wasn't hard. My friend and I had been on the computer earlier in the day, and we pressured each other into posting it. She probably learned within 24 hours. - Louis Gray
And yet you can still play around on a computer. What a great mom! - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
::bumps:: - David Cook
Robert Scoble
I'm trying Feedly after tons of people recommended it to me. On first look it's very impressive, especially for Google Reader addict like me
Honored. Please let us know if you run into any bugs. We will be happy to try to help. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Ooh, I just looked at its features... sounds interesting! Will give it a try later! :D - Bee
Yeah, i gave it another try last week and definitely impressive - but a couple of important glitches & bugs to fix - Zee.
Edwin: there's no way to share the items I'm seeing, is there? That's a HUGE reason why I use Google Reader (so I can share items and get them into FriendFeed). - Robert Scoble
Zee: it would be great if you could let us know what problem you ran into so that we can try to address them: thanks. - Edwin Khodabakchian
@Robert If you just click on 'Recommend' that's what they're calling 'sharing'. - Zee.
Oh, I have to click on each item to recommend it? That's lame. I should be able to recommend an item right from the home page without having to click twice, just like here in FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
it amazing! - Svartling
@Edwin sure, will do. Mainly just sometimes posts don't load and j/k to scroll down will occasionally miss a post or not go all the way to the bottom of the page. When I select "unread only", often it still shows posts I have read. The two most frustrating things: I can't tell easily which categories have unread posts in and finally - I was really excited by the river view because I heard you could view by categories from that page - which is unfortunately isn't the case... - Zee.
If the sources could be arranged into categories like they would be in google reader, that would be a big plus. - Zee.
@Robert - yeah, you need to click 'more' on the homepage view to get the option to recommend. They could easily fix this with a 'thumbs up' button permanently next to the post titles though - Zee.
I really want to like the app, so I'm hoping they really keep working hard on it & hopefully make it more than just a firefox extension & also create some way to have the same kind of facility on the iphone. - Zee.
just use the google reader shortcuts to use it. Alt+s to share. - Svartling
you Can also choose the river of news view an easily go through feeds with the keyboard - Svartling
the keys J and K to go up and down and Alt+s to share. Just like in google reader - Svartling
robert: recommend will add the item to your shared feed. as mentioned by svartling, you should be able to use the GR keyboard shortcuts (they works specially well in the river view - second icon on the top). The part that is missing is "share with notes". Which should be there next week when we merge the concept of feedly annotations and GR annotations. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: wow that sounds cool! Merging annotations with GR notes i mean. - Svartling
Zee: thanks for the feedback. Created a ticket on get satisfaction to track down and fix those issues - Edwin Khodabakchian
robert: when you sent us your OPML a few months ago for performance testing, you had just two categories (normal and favorites if I remember). Do you have more now? - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: nope, I still have the same. - Robert Scoble
ok. so the magazine view is probably not adding too much value in your case. The new wall which will go out next week has some of the things you have been asking for a long time: compression of multiple recommendations, filtering based on min number of recommendations, etc..( That and the current friendfeed and google search integration might be places were we can create value for a user like you. Does Maryam read RSS feeds? (she is more of our target!) - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin, I have no doubt you've thought this through a thousand times - but since you need to a) use firefox and then b) install an extension to use feedly....Do you not think it's going to be super-difficult to try & reach the non-geeks out there who aren't passionate users of google reader? "Most" non-geeks I know hardly ever install firefox extensions, let alone install firefox...they just use whatevers open or put it front of them - Zee.
Zee.You are right about firefox. But the extension installation process is getting simpler and people through iphone, facebook and firefox are getting used to the concept of "installing an application". Stumbleupon is a good example. The feedback we have collected so far is that our problem currently with more mainstream user is not the add-on but the first configuration experience and the need to further simplify the UI. We have a parallel project called "feedly mini" to try to cracks those two nuts. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin, awesome. Yeah, I didn't mean to sound like I was giving you pointers on a business I'm sure you're thinking about day & night....I just wanted to give my two pennies & also say that us geeks really love the product too, so don't forget about us! :) - Zee.
I've been using it exclusively for a week now. With the FF integration, I don't think I could go back to the gReader interface. - Chris Nixon
twhirl+ff is really opening my eyes to these services. Kudos. I'm off to take a look at Feedly. - Stu Andrews from twhirl
I am definitely enjoying my current switch from GR to Feedly. I like the fact i came accross Scobles twitter in Friend Feed because i was reading an article through feedly and ended up here as a result and discovered this. I enjoy loading up Feedly at lunch time to browse aimlessly, and i struggle to do that with Google Reader as i feel i have to stick to one subscription at a time and i end up getting put off. I dont feel overwhelmed when i use feedly. - Rowan Evenstar
is there a feedly for the iPhone? - Colide81 (James)
Embarassed to say I downloaded and signed up a few months ago but have been too busy to use it. - Sally Church
Edwin, many people are still on Firefox 2 for obvious reasons. Isnt there a version for it as well? - Hayk
There is no feedly for iphone. But because feedly syncs in real-time with google reader, you can use/continue to use Google Reader on the iphone and it will just work! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Hayk: It was a hard decision but we really needed the extra security of windows.postMessage to mash services together more securely. Hopefully by the time feedly gets out of beta, more users have upgraded to firefox 3 (which is an *great* upgrade) and this will slowly become a non-issue. In the meantime , we are sorry to not be able to be more help. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I'd really like to try this out, but for whatever reason I live in IE mostly. Yes, I have Firefox installed, but I'm unlikely to start it just for Feedly... Switching completely to Firefox is not an option for me here. I'll give it a whirl, but until this can be done in IE as well, the market is limited to tech savy people... though that might be enough. - Matt Wollnik
Matt: we are a small team and decided to focus on firefox first to increase our chances of building something people like. Once we have a winning recipe we will look at porting it to other browsers. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Note to Robert: If you end up wanting to rollback some of the shared feeds feedly might have imported into your google reader account, simply go to There is an automated way to undo all the changes. - Edwin Khodabakchian
what do you think of the keyboard shortcuts? - Örjan Lundberg
Mixed reaction on Feedly here. I go to the river mode in Feedly and see all kinds of useful looking activity but when I click on the orange button in the FF toolbar I see a mostly blank screen with message: "This page is empty. Please connect your feedly to a set of sources and a set of social connections first. " -- this needs to go away. How to start at the wall or other mode instead of this empty placeholder page? - TDavid
Did not appreciate the hijacking of my reader. I do use it and finding I use it more than my reader at this time. - Admiral70
TDavid: Can you please open a bug with a screenshot and url of the page with the "page is empty" message and we will try to help address the problem. - Edwin Khodabakchian
@Edwin - no thanks, it doesn't seem like something I'd use anyway. I took time to describe the bug for you here, that's your bug report. Copy and paste, mon :) - TDavid
TDavid: the reason I asked for the screenshot is because it would have allowed us to understand if you have sources defined but all of them are read or if an error happened during the welcome process or if there is somehow a problem fetching the content. Re the wall. In the more (at the top right) > preferences there is an option to change the start page. If the experience does not end up working of you, here is the 5 step un-install procedure: - Edwin Khodabakchian
We just need to get you on Disqus now ;) - Jesse Stay
@Edwin - thank you for the uninstall link. Done. - TDavid
Feedly looks cool but becomes simply too difficult to navigate IMO. The navigation just isn't great for a lot of feeds. - Brandon Titus
Brandon: have you tried the latest river view? It was designed to help simplify the navigation for people who read a lot of feeds. It would be interesting to know if in your view, river + the ability to inline an article inline address par of the navigation issue you are raisin. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin Khodabakchian
Eight Lessons from the Feedly Beta Process -
The Feedly experience is fairly unique for me in the time it took to go from first discussion and launch. It was fun, but most sites don't have as long an incubation period. Thanks for the nice comments. - Louis Gray
Watching the man work on Feedly has been close to a religious experience. - Michał Chmielewski
Louis: You deserve them. We still have a long road ahead of us but one thing is sure, we would not be where we are today without you as a detonator. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Good lessons from the Feedly folks. Love that they call Louis a "detonator." - Robert Scoble
Kevin Rose
Leo Laporte to stream for 24 straight hours! -
We worked hard to push him to the top - anjin12 from twhirl
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