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Zen Werewolf

Zen Werewolf

Professional Wierdo Fringe Social Media Promoter
Tulpamancy is a thing now -
Nathan Thompson writes: Tibetan mystics have long practiced a method to create sentient beings from the power of concentrated thought. Explorer Alexandra David-Neel was the first Westerner to discover the practice. “Besides having had few opportunities of seeing [tulpas], my habitual incredulity led me to make experiments for myself,” she wrote in her 1929 book […] - Zen Werewolf
Memetics, Semiotics, Archetypes and the Everett Interpretation of Quantum physics -
Memetics, Semiotics, Archetypes and the Everett Interpretation of Quantum physics
Memetics, Semiotics, Archetypes and the Everett Interpretation of Quantum physics From: Mani Saint-Victor Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 06:13 More in Education - Zen Werewolf
Enough with the manifestos about the future of news, let your product do the talking -
The Rise of Dark Gaming (A Dark Room, The Long Dark) -
Ever since Warren Ellis posted about the “extinction aesthetic” I’ve been seeing it everywhere. For example, the new game The Long Dark. From Wired‘s review: As in Eric Kripke’s Revolution, The Long Dark imagines a world in which a “geomagnetic event” turns out the lights forever, ending humanity’s reign and repositioning nature for a comeback […] - Zen Werewolf
Should we engineer animals to be smart like humans? -
Science fiction writer Tim Maughan reports on the real science of making animals smarter: In 2011, a research team led by Sam Deadwyler of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, used five rhesus monkeys to study the factors that lead people with diseases like Alzheimer’s to lose control of their thought processes. The researchers […] - Zen Werewolf
Not on a Social Network? You’ve Still Got a Privacy Problem -
Bob McMillan writes: We already know that if you use an online social network, you give up a serious slice of your privacy thanks to the omnivorous way companies like Google and Facebook gather your personal data. But new academic research offers a glimpse of what these companies may be learning about people who don’t […] - Zen Werewolf
Is the cult of positivity leading tech professionals to kill themselves? -
Three years ago Zappos founder Tony Hsieh launched a ambitious project to transformer downtown Las Vegas into a tech startup hub. It hasn’t exactly as planned. Nellie Bowles reports on a series of suicides by people involved in the project, and how the cult of positivity in the tech community may have contributed: Hsieh seemed […] - Zen Werewolf
MK-ULTRA: The TV Series -
Deadline reports: The CIA’s controversial mind-control program is getting a miniseries treatment at ABC. The network has put in development MKUltra, a historical mini from writer Karen Stillman and ABC Studios’ boutique division ABC Signature. Full Story: Deadline: ABC Developing ‘MKUltra’ CIA Miniseries Oh, and Twin Peaks is coming back, apparently. (both via Warren Ellis) […] - Zen Werewolf
World Cymatics Congress To Be Held In The Black Forest, Germany This October -
Mutation Vectors: All That Could Have Been Edition -
Status Update A few weeks ago I decided to try out working from a standing desk. I gave up this week. Surprisingly, the issue wasn’t my legs getting tired or back getting sore. The problem is that I couldn’t find a way to type while standing up that didn’t make my wrists hurt almost immediately […] - Zen Werewolf
Ebola patients buying survivors’ blood from black market, WHO warns -
It doesn’t get much more biopunk than this: As hospitals in nations hardest hit by Ebola struggle to keep up, desperate patients are turning to the black market to buy blood from survivors of the virus, the World Health Organization warned. [...] Blood from survivors, referred to as convalescent serum, is said to have antibodies […] - Zen Werewolf
Palliative Care for the Human Species -
Arran James follows up a previous post about extinction: It is the palliative care of the human that we should really consider. We open with a discussion of the dying Earth because it is this dying that is killing us: a vicarious species-suicide? These are dark thoughts that imply a loathing so great in our […] - Zen Werewolf
Automation by Capitalists Vs. Automation by Workers -
From Kurukshetra: The difference between “bad outsourcing” (“bad” from the labor/leftist perspective) and this case of outsourcing should be obvious. “Bad outsourcing” is done on the company’s terms–that is, in a situation where the worker has no say in the matter, and where the company boss outsources a job and pockets the difference between cheap […] - Zen Werewolf
It’s Here: Cymatics On National Geographic’s Brain Games Episode 9 “Patterns” -
2015 SXSW Accelerator: Entry Deadline Nov. 7 -
Mutation Vectors: Worst Case Scenarios Edition -
Status Update Taking a week off work. Browsing After posting about Warren Ellis’ extinction aesthetic thing on Monday, I figured I should look into the Dark Mountain Project a bit more. I figured the New York Times Magazine profile of Paul Kingsnorth would be as good a place to start as any. Reading this led […] - Zen Werewolf
Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity -
Generation Hex Chapel of Sacred Mirrors 2005 retro -
Generation Hex Chapel of Sacred Mirrors 2005 retro
The War on Teachers -
Malcom Harris on Dana Goldstein’s book The Teacher Wars The tag line to Dana Goldstein’s new book The Teacher Wars is “A history of America’s most embattled profession.” That Goldstein, an education journalist now at the fledgling Marshall Project, can make that claim without ruining her credibility before the first page speaks to the unique […] - Zen Werewolf
Why pessemism can be good for you -
The Atlantic interviews Julie Norem, a psychology professor at Wellesley College and author of The Positive Power Of Negative Thinking: Olga Khazan: What is defensive pessimism? Julie Norem: It’s a strategy for dealing with anxiety and helping to manage anxiety so that it doesn’t negatively influence performance. If you feel anxious in a situation, it […] - Zen Werewolf
On telling your dreams to go fuck themselves -
And on the subject of not not doing what we (think) we love, here’s Dan Hon on Hank Green‘s talk from XOXO festival last weekend: Hank’s thing was treading the well-worn path of telling you to fuck your dreams because, hey, your dreams are unrealistic. Well, they’re not unrealistic. But they’re just suggestions. And that […] - Zen Werewolf
New Age for Nihilists -
Warren Ellis has identified and named something of a Ballardian inversion of the rather Gibsonian New Aesthetic: Extinction Aesthetic. Extinction Symbol. Dark Extropianism. Apocalyptic Witchcraft. Dark Mountain. Uncivilisation. In The Dust Of This Planet. Health Goth. Accelerationism. After Nature/Dark Ecology/Ecognosis. Early signals: The New Nihilism, Speculative Realism, Neoreaction, Occulture. Cusp: Toxic Internet. Post-Westphalian. Full Story: […] - Zen Werewolf
Mutation Vectors: Speculative Geopolitics Edition -
Status Update I spent yesterday afternoon at Maker Faire volunteering at the Tesseract Design booth, where I was lucky enough to watch Crawford 3D scanning people and then printing out little plastic busts of them. Talk about a New Aesthetic experience. I also got to see a a real-life Flintstones car and a bunch of […] - Zen Werewolf
Why “Do What You Love” Is Terrible Advice for Creative People -
Food for thought going into the weekend, from Alex Soojung-Kim Pang: The problem with the “do what you love” mantra is in how we follow it, which is with a single-mindedness that carries unnecessary risk. We interpret “do what you love” to mean “Do only what you love and nothing else,” and the implication of […] - Zen Werewolf
Hollywood Garbage: The Mechanization of Desire -
Hollywood Garbage: The Mechanization of Desire
Millenials Actually Read More Books Than People Over 30 -
Some surprising research from Pew: Millennials are quite similar to their elders when it comes to the amount of book reading they do, but young adults are more likely to have read a book in the past 12 months. Some 43% report reading a book—in any format—on a daily basis, a rate similar to older […] - Zen Werewolf
R.U. Sirius Tells Mindful Cyborgs About Transhumanism and What He Misses About the 90s -
Here’s the second half of our conversation with R.U. Sirius, editor of the late great Mondo 2000 magazine and the co-author of the forthcoming Transcendence: The Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity.. This time around R.U. tells us about the state of the Transhumanist movement and what he misses about the 90s, and Chris […] - Zen Werewolf
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