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Zen Werewolf

Zen Werewolf

Professional Wierdo Fringe Social Media Promoter
Cannabis: A viable medicine? | Weed Blog - We Love The Herb -
Book 1 of the Fallen Cycle: Party At The World's End -
Book 1 of the Fallen Cycle: Party At The World's End
Columbus-ing Around: Columbus, The Borg, and the Great White Devil -
Columbus-ing Around: Columbus, The Borg, and the Great White Devil
Cannabis Capsules Help Elderly Man Overcome Terminal Cancer ... -
Comprehensive Report on Cannabis Extract Medicine | Freedom ... -
U.S. Stock Market On The 'Edge Of Tomorrow' | Seeking Alpha -
THC (Marijuana) Stops Cancer Tumors Cold | kavips -
MP calls criminalisation of Cannabis 'inhumane, unjust and immoral ... -
AKIRA Movie to Be Written by EDGE OF TOMORROW Screenwriter ... -
Study identifies how marijuana may aid cancer cure | Weed Blog -
Mike Tyson Once Used a Coil Song to Terrorize an Opponent (Maybe) -
The Awl reports: Whatever power of Spinks’ entrance had immediately evaporated when a deafening drone of noise started swirling in the air. As it crescendoed into a maddening roar, the crowd at the Atlantic City Convention Center arched to follow the procession of men, all cops and security guards, emerging out of Tyson’s locker. Tyson, […] - Zen Werewolf
On Memetics: Lessons in memetic hitchhiking from "Weird Al" Yanovic -
On Memetics. Memes and the Science of Cultural Evolution .... Sex and religion are major areas to which memetics can be use... South Park revisits memes with "Faith Hilling" episode. This recent episode of South Park ... - Zen Werewolf
Imagining a Bitcoin Alternative Built on Reputation Instead of Numbers -
My latest for Wired: Instead of using pure mathematics to prevent things like the same person spending the same money twice, Document Coin will rely on personal reputation to keep all transactions in order. And each unit of currency created using Document Coin could have different values in different situations. If you use a coin […] - Zen Werewolf
'Edge of Tomorrow' Ending & Time Travel Explained - Screen Rant -
Two More Reasons to Reschedule, President Laughy-Boy | MyFDL -
Marijuana Abuse May Increase Depression and Anxiety Says Study -
Security Memetics: Don't Write Cheques That Your Ass Can't Cash -
Don't Write Cheques That Your Ass Can't Cash. from here. Silly Trustwave. Snake oil is for snakes. by kurt wismer in cartoons, security dinosaur. 0 comments: Post a Comment · Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments ... - Zen Werewolf
Unified Vacuum Theory: Social Security and the demonstrated ... -
Edge Of Tomorrow Disappoints With Unoriginal Thinking « Irregular ... -
Young Girl Makes Video on How Cannabis Cured Her Cancer -
Dope hope: Marijuana may combat cancer spread, study shows ... -
The Big Brand Theory: Threadless | Social Media Today -
The Real Truth Project: Applied Memetics, Godwin's Law, Leo ... -
According to Wikipedia, Godwin's law (or Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies) is an Internet adage asserting that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1". - Zen Werewolf
On Memetics: Tim Tyler: Universal Darwinism -
Transcript: Hi. I'm Tim Tyler and this is a video about Universal Darwinism and the modern evolution revolution. The term "Universal Darwinism" is the most popular name for the ongoing revolution concerning the expansion of ... - Zen Werewolf
Half in the Bag: Deliver Us From Evil, Edge of Tomorrow, and ... -
Beyond Narrative: Systems Theory and the Unveiling of History -
Beyond Narrative: Systems Theory and the Unveiling of History
Opinion polling and election predictions - PhilSci-Archive -
On Memetics: Memes are not cultural traits -
One of the big ideas of memetics, is that we can use the exact same approach in cultural evolution - and get most of the same benefits. That's not to say that ontogeny isn't interesting, or that students of cultural evolution can ... - Zen Werewolf
On Memetics: Were memes a slap in the face to anthropologists? -
PLEASE PLEASE avoid “memes.” The meme is not only unscientific, but anti-scientific–Dawkins' slap in the face to the thousands of anthropologists, linguists and psychologists who have worked on these issues for 200 years ... - Zen Werewolf
Did Buckminster Fuller Predict Graphene Computers? -
Above: Fuller’s diagrams. Below, a diagram of graphen molecules. My friend Trevor, who maintains the largest known archive of R. Buckminster Fuller’s work has uncovered an unpublished manuscript in which Fuller seems to predict graphene computers: Fuller’s computer is a layered cuboctahedrons, each layer made of spheres. Fuller describes the spheres as glass coated with […] - Zen Werewolf
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