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This fab profile of @BradSmi explains one of the reasons that I love working at Microsoft. He an inspiring leader.
Want overnight delivery? What if it costs lives? Why trucking regulation doesn't mesh w/ reality by @Karen_EC_Levy:
The ACLU is looking for a tech-privacy lawyer/strategist in NYC: #awesomejob
Just how serious is the sex trafficking situation in Brazil during the World Cup? by @jruv
In essence, @duncanjwatts argues that it's unethical for companies to manipulate user data & not let public know:
"We should insist that companies like Facebook... [make public] the decisions they're already making on our behalf."
The Cost of Contemporary Policing: A Review of Alice Goffman’s ‘On the Run’ -
It's been over 50 years since the Civil Rights Act. So much has changed, and so much hasn't. NPR annotates the Act:
Differentiating between comm platform & media curator, @TarletonG offers key insight into anxieties around FB:
The Laboratorium : The Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study: Sources -
NYC taxi patterns by neighborhood demographics. "Are Taxi Drivers Racist?"
As public funding for research disappears, scholars must turn to private companies. @cyberlyra considers implications
“Manipulative experimentation... is a relationship in which power is exercised.” from Shils in @katecrawford's
What does the Facebook experiment teach us? There's growing anxiety about data manipulation. (by moi)
What does the Facebook experiment teach us? -
RT @kissane: If your business model is hostile to informed consent, you have bigger problems than a data science paper.
Part of growing up has been recognizing that I'm not invincible. <24 hours into Aspen and I know that I still can't handle altitude. :-(
Flying United 1st time in years due to previous horrors. Regretting it. At least they've announced how they'll screw us ahead of time.
‘Selling Out’ Is Meaningless: Teens live in the commercial world we created -
In "corrupt personalization," @niftyc offers some entertaining situations where people's data is used unexpectedly:
At #PDF14, @BradSmi described how MSFT is trying to navigate govt demands in light of NSA. I'm in awe of his efforts.
On July 15, I'm keynoting @WhartonWebConf. If you're in Philly, come!
Historical taxi data now publicly avail. PII aside, I wonder if there are problematic/discriminatory taxi patterns.
Why Parents Shouldn’t Fear Teacher-Student Texting by @ranhoder
I am pleased to introduce the inaugural class of Data & Society fellows: <GRIN>
Oh wow, @jpalfrey has made many copies of It's Complicated avail to @phillipsacademy faculty. ::blush:: THANK YOU!
RT @smwat: What is it that makes ads creepy? Encounters with our data doppelgängers and the uncanny valley of personalization.
The Aspen Institute Task Force on Learning & the Internet just released its fascinating report, incl actions for all!
Ooh - new IJOC special issue on "big data" edited by @katecrawford & @marylgray Check it out!
Why the web isn’t as meritocratic as you think (by moi):
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