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I'm excited to be in SF. Fingers crossed that I'll see some of y'all at Commonwealth Club tonite! {{hug}}
To help the public grapple w/ data issues, "we need federal policy about digital literacy" by Seeta Peña Gangadharan
RT @cwclub: TOMORROW! Hear youth scholar danah boyd @zephoria of @Microsoft discuss how teens today use social media with @Sydell
Thanks @bgdailynews / Aaron Hughey for reviewing It's Complicated!
SF friends: I'd love to see y'all at my Commonwealth Club book talk on 4/17. Tickets here:
The folks at @Microsoft did a fun profile of me and my work w/ awesome photos! <grin>
Whether it’s bikes or bytes, teens are teens -
Civic tech types: Governance Lab is seeking Fellows in NYC/Cambridge!
"Whether it's bikes or bytes, teens are teens" (my @LATimes op-ed):
I don't think much about clothes, but @Zady's provocative "fast fashion is fast food" ad made me think:
“Neverland” or “networked publics”?: A @SocialInfoBlog review of “It’s complicated"
Yo San Francisco! I'm speaking at Commonwealth Club (@cwclub) on 4/17. Will I see you there?
Speaking at University of Virginia w/ @michaelzimmer, @sivavaid on Friday:
"Big Data Is A Civil Rights Issue" (I'm sooo psyched to see civil rights leaders engage on this issue!!)
Insightful article about photography's bias against dark skin:
New paper w/ @alicetiara: "It's just drama: teen perspectives on conflict..." (behind paywall; email for copy)
Berkeley folks: I'm speaking on 4/21. RSVPs are almost full. (Commonwealth Club, 4/17: )
I was on Radio New Zealand over the weekend. If you want to have a listen:
.@HarvardBooks included my book in their "book spine poetry". Tehehe! http://campaign.r20.constantco...
Responding to critiques from "Is the Oculus Rift sexist?" (blog post by moi)
Wow, this is just a lovely review of my book by a middle school teacher. Thanks @21centuryteachr!!
RT @feitclub: The best thing about pregnant women is the free Wifi
Brilliant post by @taliesan re: Mozilla. "Our conversation is about [tension between] rights: Equality & Free Speech"
"Why Privacy Is Actually Thriving Online" by @nathanjurgenson: "Publicity depends on privacy—and vice versa"
"Understanding & parenting the online teen" by @drClaire is a pediatrician's take on my book:
"Youth isn’t freedom in any political sense. It’s an emancipation from boredom..."
Is the Oculus Rift sexist? (Reflecting on my old research re: depth perception, sex hormones, & 3D virtual reality)
RT @eszter: does growing up with the Internet make you Web-savvy? think again! my oped @HuffPostTech
I normally hate parenting books, but Dalton Conley's "Parentology" is awesome. (my blogpost: )
Authors of "LGBT Broadband Future" are seeking comments on their proposal: cc: @JessieNYC & @marylgray
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