Move.Me now available, free for teachers/students -
Google Tried To Buy Color For $200 Million. Color Said No. -
Thank you Color! That $200 million was hard earned money. - Zia Syed
Remembering Bhola: The Cyclone That Broke Pakistan’s Back -
Turning Despair on its Head: Very Smart. Very Nice. Very True. : ALL THINGS PAKISTAN -
nicely done! - Zia Syed
Can You Declare Anyone Non Muslim Through Legislation? -
No! - Zia Syed
A Million Users Strong, Google Voice Opens To All -
All your voices are belong to us! :-) - Zia Syed
America: Where Are You Moving From? -
Starry Starry Night -
Very nicely written! - Zia Syed
Guardian: Ahmadi massacre silence is dispiriting -
How This Rough Sketch Became A Scene In Toy Story 3 [Animation] -
Muslim Vendor Gets No Credit in Helping to Foil Times Square Bomb Plot -
The curious case of Faisal Shahzad -
Cloud-Creating Laser Could Trigger Rain On Demand [Weather Machine] -
Pachter: First Activision-Bungie game 'well along' in development, will sell at least 10 million units -
But we know this moron won't learn his lesson. Not the easy way. - Zia Syed
Kevin Butler shows that PlayStation Move only does time travel -
Sony taking jabs at Natal and Wii controllers.. :-) - Zia Syed
Putting Google, Yahoo and Bing to the Test in Translation -
Sony Motion Controller is Called PlayStation Move, Launches Fall 2010 (Hands On!) [Playstation Move] -
Steve Jobs' Threatening Phone Call to Sun CEO Revealed [Blockquote] -
WSJ: Sony planning PlayStation-compatible smartphone and tablet for this year -
I really hope it's not going to be a half hearted effort. No room for mediocre devices here IMO. - Zia Syed
WSJ: Sony planning PlayStation-compatible smartphone and tablet for this year -
ApocalyPS3: 8 out of 11 PS3 'fat' SKUs affected, PS3 shared Zune chip -
Why Google makes it easy to leave Google -
DICE Ex-CEO: The Wii Is a Virus -
Couldn't agree more! I bought mine about 2 months ago. Haven't played for more than 4 hours in total. Crappy game play, crappy graphics and very disappointing motion detection (even with Motion Plus accessory). - Zia Syed
Copernicium Confirmed As Element 112 -
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