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Interesting way my 11 year old started a conversation" "Mom, if I were a werewolf "
Monique Judge
RT @cheezburger: Steven Spielberg criticized for the "Triceratops he just slaughtered."
RT @cheezburger: Steven Spielberg criticized for the "Triceratops he just slaughtered."
Good grief. - rönin from FFHound!
wait, seriously? - ~Courtney F
At least one of them is probably sarcastic. I hope. - Andrew C (✔)
How dare he slaughter that innocent majestic extinct animal? Look at that smile. So smug. Shame, Steven Spielberg, shame. No way I'm watching Jurassic Park 6 now. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Lol. - Miriella
BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Andrew C (✔)
"By the 23rd Century, "Canada" had also become slang for "the country without Hulu"." - Future Wikipedia sentence.
Michelle Jones
Thesis: you get more alcohol for your money in frozen margaritas than on the rocks margaritas. Discuss.
I would have argued the opposite. - Meg VMeg
Same, really. - Jennifer Dittrich
My thinking is that they expect lightweight drinkers to choose frozen, so they don't bother. Which is lame. - Meg VMeg
Frozen are usually pre-mixed, right? So they are light on the ratio. - Eric - Back to the Grill
Victor Ganata
I think Star Trek would've been better off if they had just ignored the discrepancy in Klingon appearance and let fans chalk that up to limited budgets rather than try to work it into the canon.
I still don't understand why they didn't fix the Klingons in The Animated Series. - Victor Ganata
What was the explanation? I never get bothered by that type of thing. New director, new technology, new set designer, = new aesthetic. If I like, I like. If I don't, whatever. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Did they ever explain it? - Eric - Back to the Grill
Midichlorions, if I remember correctly. - Steele Lawman
genetic engineering experiment gone, awry. - Big Joe Silence
It's not that far off, really :D Klingon augment virus - Memory Alpha - Victor Ganata
I'm sure at the time of TAS they hadn't thought of changing their look from TOS. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Ah, good point. I swear I remember reading that Roddenberry was dissatisfied with the Klingon look in TOS, but I guess the current design didn't really come about until TMP. - Victor Ganata
I didn't realize they had actually explained it. I liked Worf's answer in the Tribbles episode: "We don't talk about it." - Betsy
Mickey Mellen
Chromecast App Update Brings Android Screen Mirroring to Your TV
RT @mashable: How we feel about the news that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby.
RT @mashable: How we feel about the news that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby.
Corinne L
I'm really grateful to have teamed up with a PR guy who pays me on time, validates me & my hard work, and who understands when clients are being daft, unreasonable, or both.
His one liners have earned him the title of Roger Sterling, minus the lascivious nature (thankfully). - Corinne L
I call him today to vent about a client who's making us both loopy. Me: I'm two steps away from quitting. Him: Oh no! Me first! - Corinne L
"Woman undergoes surgeries after accidentally eating bristle from grill brush" -
"Woman undergoes surgeries after accidentally eating bristle from grill brush"
Oh, dear Lord. - Micah from Bookmarklet
Yikes. - rönin
Wow. - Joe
this is why i ONLY scrape and never use the bristle side. - Big Joe Silence
Always look on the bristle side of life. - Akiva
[crawls away, ashamed] - Akiva
If the grill was so caked and sticky that it pulled apart a brush and got the bristles stuck in food, it should be thrown away. I've never had this problem. - Jonathan Disher
sometimes the bristles can just fall out, even if it's new and the grate is relatively clean. - Big Joe Silence
Flash Just Patched a Huge Security Flaw, Go Update it Right Now
Corinne L
When you come to me for a referral, but aren't willing to tell me your exact budget, I can't help you. When you ask me to do work for free, I can't help you. When you ignore requests for specific information, forcing me to spend more time tracking down that info rather than doing the work you are actually paying me for, then I just get pissed off.
Victor Ganata
I've waited this long. What's waiting a lot longer?
"I hate waiting." --Inigo Montoya - Stephen Mack
Torture. - Todd Hoff
You need a shock administering device of some sort. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Hahaha! It just occurred to me, though: why torture myself with an external device when I can torture myself just fine with my own inner turmoil. - Victor Ganata
Sarah G.
Holy cats. Brought bathroom scale in to weigh AALL packages. Apparently I've lost 16lbs in past month? Good lord.
And that's after eating Mom's cooking for a week? - sglassme
INORITE? I hope I'm not dying or something. They did have me working a lot in the yard.... but OMG. I haven't weighed this much since my surgery. (Well, I weighed less immediately after, but that didn't count I figured, seeign as I had a couple lbs of organ and tumor removed.) - Sarah G.
(and i haven't even pooped yet today!) - Sarah G.
What floor are you on? You know, weaker gravity and what-not...I know that is a minuscule change, but I can't believe you consumed that cobbler and lost weight. - sglassme
5. I was wondering if being in chicago and fifth floor made that much difference. I guess I'll find out when I get home. - Sarah G.
I have 101 year old wood floors, and I know that when I move my scale 6" from where it typically is, I can have a +/- 2 lb change. To quote Smiley, it is curious. - sglassme
If I go home and it turns out that I've gained weight I am going to be so mad. - Sarah G.
Gained weight relative to this morning, or to last month? You probably have lost some weight due to the Glasmeyer yard work gulag, just probably not 16 lbs. - sglassme
How I know I'm tired: I read a comment on FF and thought "Huh, I've done that." Then realized that it was a comment I'd written myself, not 10 minutes ago... #Zzzzzzz
I've done that a few times. - Slippy: Potato Croquette
Wow, me too. - lris
who are you people, again? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
If by "runners' high" you mean the feeling of wanting to puke my lungs out after about 5 miles, then, yes I'm the Tommy Chong of running.
:D - Jenny H. from Android
Stephen Mack
Why 10% of the Population Hates Cilantro and the Rest Doesn't Know Any Better [Blog post from "Reason I Am Here" by Nacho Caballero] -
Why 10% of the Population Hates Cilantro and the Rest Doesn't Know Any Better [Blog post from "Reason I Am Here" by Nacho Caballero]
Why 10% of the Population Hates Cilantro and the Rest Doesn't Know Any Better [Blog post from "Reason I Am Here" by Nacho Caballero]
From the September 2013 post: "Cilantro tastes like soap to approximately 10% of the people who have had their genotype analyzed by 23andMe. The currently accepted explanation is that those of us who passionately despise cilantro were born with a genetic variant known as a single-nucleotide polymorphism (or SNP, pronounced ‘snip’)." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
I'm assuming that must be true for ginger as well, since I used to have that problem with both (though ginger far worse - it still sometimes crops up when I eat something with a really intense fresh ginger taste.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer, I wonder if there's a similar genetic variant somewhere accounting for strong feelings against avocado. - Stephen Mack
Not just a SNP, but a missense mutation ;) #YourMutantSuperpower - Victor Ganata
I figure there are just some foods I won't like (lima beans, oh dear god no) and some that I learn to like (ginger and cilantro after repeated low-level exposure) and some that I just start liking out of nowhere (beets, black coffee.) - Jennifer Dittrich
10% of what population? It's a staple ingredient in Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, and Mexican dishes, amongst others. - Professor A.I.
That's an interesting question. The article cops out by just saying "10% of 23andMe customers" (a non-representative sample if ever there was one). This study from Cornell ( was looking at mostly those of European ancestry, but does have results from the subjects from other parts of the world, where it appears that in South Asia, the incidence is only 3.9% compared to 12.4% overall. - Stephen Mack
I'm Mexican and I hate cilantro. I always get mad at myself when I forget to omit it from pho. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
Gabrielle, per you're in an elite group of 8.7% of Latinos for whom cilantro tastes like soap. - Stephen Mack
Jennifer, are you a supertaster? - Stephen Mack
Nope. I just really don't like lima beans. There really aren't too many foods I dislike, or find too strong, honestly. - Jennifer Dittrich
Duck eggs? - Professor A.I.
My friend used to taste soap, but now she doesn't. - Meg VMeg
Stephen, I think soap would taste better. - Gabrielle
I only like coriander. - Akiva
I find that I like coriander and cilantro equally well. Indeed, I can't tell them apart. Wonder why that is? (No, I still don't use emoticons.) - Walt Crawford
I only like organized coriander. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I saw a similar new report on TV about broccoli. The scientists extracted some enzyme from it and had some kids taste it. Most didn't taste anything at all while one kid immediately made a face and yelled 'yuck!' It mentioned the DNA aspect but I clearly remember that little kid. :P - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Supertaster---> - Jenny H. from Android
The most bizarre thing happened on my second flight from Chicago to Newark... I saw my boyfriend from when I was 18!!! Fortunately he didn't see me. =)
At that time, my dating him was really 'controversial' since he was 25. At the time I thought it was cool, but now I think it's creepy. :-/ - Yvonne from FFHound!
My college friends love to remind me about Ponce. Lol! - Yvonne from FFHound!
Weird is he looked exactly the same at 51. I can't say the same for me. =) - Yvonne from FFHound!
Wow. That's crazy. You look fabulous, btw. - Tamara J. B.
Aw! Thanks, Tam. I look good for 44. =) - Yvonne from FFHound!
Meg VMeg
For dinner: 1/2 pollo a la brasa, maduros, extra aji. Mexican Squirt to drink.
It is so hard to cook for myself when there is all this amazing, cheap food everywhere. - Meg VMeg
i would have ordered seconds of that. - jambina
You would absolutely love it here. - Meg VMeg
agreed. - jambina
*whimper* - Marie
Andrew C (✔)
Hollow-point arguments
Cop-out killers. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Damn, Micah. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
If and when the opportunity arises, I'm gonna have to steal that. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Steal with abandon. :) - Micah
Victor Ganata
RT @kashhill: Ex-Facebook data scientist quoted by WSJ defends himself & FB but digs deeper hole for both IMO via @GilPress
tangent: gray text on white background is suboptimal. - Andrew C (✔)
^Yes!! I agree 100%. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Victor Ganata
RT @kerihw: -The name's Bond. James Bond. -I've written Bond now. -Oh. Can you change it or is it too late? -When your coffee's ready they'll call Bond
Andrew C (✔)
10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings — Comedy Corner — Medium -
10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings — Comedy Corner — Medium
"1. Draw a Venn diagram Getting up and drawing a Venn diagram is a great way to appear smart. It doesn’t matter if your Venn diagram is wildly inaccurate, in fact, the more inaccurate the better. Even before you’ve put that marker down, your colleagues will begin fighting about what exactly the labels should be and how big the circles should be, etc. At this point, you can slink back to your chair and go back to playing Candy Crush on your phone." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"2. Translate percentage metrics into fractions If someone says “About 25% of all users click on this button,” quickly chime in with, “So about 1 in 4,” and make a note of it. Everyone will nod their head in agreement, secretly impressed and envious of your quick math skills." - Andrew C (✔)
The long tail, or 80:20 chart can be substituted if you've used the Venn too recently. :) - Ken Morley
Ken++ - Andrew C (✔)
Friend on Facebook has had enough of me debunking all the crazy fake shit they share. They fake to real ratio is about 5 - 2. With a track record like that, you'd think they would stop before sharing... but, no... all my fault.
PROVE IT - Stephen Mack from iPhone
You're making that up, Johnny. - Louis Gray
Sarah G.
I collaborated with @reddite on a journal article (just submitted) and it will be MY FIRST "real" publication. ...Them apples, how bout 'em?
RT @marketplace: With its release of Bjork's app Biophilia, MoMA in NY is making a bold statement: an app can be art.
RT @marketplace: With its release of Bjork's app Biophilia, MoMA in NY is making a bold statement: an app can be art.
Stephen Mack
Guess who I saw at the Los Gatos Farmers Market, working hard?
Thanks for the delicious berries, Rod! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Heh. Good to see you. - Rodfather from Android
Love your grins, guys! - Corinne L
so awesome!! - Tamara J. B.
DAD? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Hah that's Trevor. - Rodfather from Android
You made Rod smile! <3 <3 <3 - Jenny H. from Android
Kevin Fox
I want a Google Now card suggesting a song I'll really like but haven't heard before, but I don't want Google knowing what I've heard.
Question: Why don't you want Google to know what you've heard? - Louis Gray
They know what I listen to since I use Google Play about 90% of the time. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I just use iTunes for that. I have so much music I have a playlist just for music in my library I've never heard, which stays around 25-30%. - NOT THE CRICKET
Crazy how lemonade makes me thirsty for water.
Is it the citric acid? Pink or raspberry lemonade makes me even thirstier. - Anika
Zulema said she thinks it's because lemons are diuretic. Both sound good to me :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I always thought it was the sugar, because sugary things in general make me thirsty. I suppose I shouldn't have assume that, though. - Katy S
Diuretic makes sense too. Coffee and beer make me thirsty for water. - Anika
It really does. - Katy S
I thought it might be sugar too, since I also MUST have water after ice cream. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'm that way about coffee. If I drink coffee, I have to drink water directly after. - Akiva
Morton Fox
Chocolate bubble tea. @ Vietnam's Pho
Chocolate bubble tea. @ Vietnam's Pho
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