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RT @BoingBoing: Oops. @CNN anchor @rosemarychurch on #Ferguson: 'Why not, perhaps, use water cannons?'
RT @Beaker: Boom! Infinite Mile Warranty for Tesla S - and it’s retroactive. Wow. #DoingTheRightThing
Hm, @tim_cook's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is also an audio challenge, c'mon @Apple, you can do better via @YouTube
Watch @BillGates geekify the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: via @YouTube
A Discussion with Jon Bischke of Entelo: On Successfully Switching from B2C to B2B (SaaS)
#Tymco street sweeper came, created dust-storm, left leaves on street @pleasantonca
New Research from Pew on AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs
After this morning's big Win 8.1 Update, it now wants to perform another Update... what a joke.
RT @arinewman: 1/ The entire #furgeson PD should be cited and disbadged. Look at the changes when adults show up and stop pointing guns at citizens.
RT @tomwilliams: House Democrat Readies Bill To Demilitarize Local Police -- I hope this passes & will do whatever I can so it does
Did somebody drop a bomb? 24hr Fitness deserted. I had all pool lanes to myself. 1st time ever.
It was supposed to be a big Windows 8.1 Update.. all done, but it's my Win7 PC that's stuck on update 11 of 16.. WTF?
Breaking: #SLPD militarized police force to be re-deployed from #Ferguson to Iraq to fend off #ISIS
RT @BunmiLaditan: American vs. Australian news coverage of Ferguson
As much as I condemn police brutality in #Ferguson, I don't think sending a potential lynch mob to a cop's home is justified.
Expect State to take over #Ferguson situation. Police heads will start rolling.
RT @petercoffee: "Cost-effective private cloud" ≈ "Bargain-fare private jet." Commitment(Capital+Skills)×(Uneconomic Scale): Math=Truth
Will this never end? At this rate our grandchildren will still hear monthly new revelations by #Snowden
You Can’t Hire a VP That You Don’t Love
Wow, @Opentable does not recognize my @Lastpass - stored password.
How a 300,000 Person Company is Becoming a Start-Up
The ultimate irony: thr actor who entertained us suffered from depression. RIP #RobinWilliams
RT @ScienceAllDay: Radiologists taking selfie
Ouch RT @MikeNiccoABC7: North Bay. Potential for storms with lightning could spark wildfires. #bayarea
RT @Workday: Is Consumer-Grade #UX Needed in Enterprise Software? Join us tomorrow at 10am PT for our next #WDAYchat! #ensw #wday
RT @Workday: Is Consumer-Grade #UX Needed in Enterprise Software? Join us tomorrow at 10am PT for our next #WDAYchat! #ensw #wday
USB Business Card DOA IMHO, but NFC cards shold have taken off > RT @TechCrunch
RT @SameerPatel: Ooof RT @VentureBeat: Hello Dave.I control your thermostat. Google’s Nest gets hacked @deantak
Public Cloud Economies of (Web-)Scale Aren’t About Buying Power
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