Jeff P. Henderson
Wow! Is this group dead or what? Kind of like Zooomr in the US, Dead!
Beau Liening
Not a big fan of Zooomr Zest. I guess I was expecting more. I know it's only a preview. All the emails I'm receiving from it are irritating and there's no way to turn them off. That, and half of it is in Japanese which I don't understand.
Kristopher Tate
Zooomr Zest Preview 2 Launch Announcement
Zooomr Zest Preview 2 Launch Announcement
Going to bed now -- see everyone in 7 hours! - Kristopher Tate
Beau Liening
Kris, Sets on Zooomr are STILL broken for me. I haven't been able to access sets in over a year, and my emails to the Zooomr support email has remained unanswered. Are you not working on Zooomr anymore?
Yeah, I saw the last round. I don't really care about the next version. I care about the current version that has loads of problems and is being ignored. - Beau Liening
Version 1 was great, version 2 even better. Version 3 came with very few of version 2's features, and is now being ignored for version 4. - Beau Liening
Oh. And the last new feature (Zooomr mobile I think) was pretty much for Japanese users only. - Beau Liening
If only I could find a better service. Flickr has too many issues with customer service and censorship. I won't go there. - Beau Liening
Kris, if you do see these messages, I'm not saying Zooomr sucks. I love Zooomr. I just wish the features worked. - Beau Liening
Maybe I'll run Gallery 2 again...I have tons of server space and a ton of traffic allotment. - Beau Liening
I'm using Wordpress. I link most of my photos from Zooomr. I'll check out that website. Thanks! Do you know what plugin he uses for the comments area? I can't seem to find anything like it. - Beau Liening
I sent him an email to ask. =) Currently I use way too many plugins. Lifestream, Disqus, FriendFeed Comments, Sociable, and Twitter Tools. I'm thinking about cutting Sociable out. - Beau Liening
I've been pestering Phill for his Wordpress plugin as well, last I checked he was still working on it, but wouldn't mind a copy myself :) - Russell G
Phil sent me an email saying he's still perfecting his plugin, but would definitely send it to me when it's finished. - Beau Liening
A little zest is coming to a stocking near you for the Holiday's! - Kristopher Tate
Yep, people still use it. Not to it's full potential though, since they haven't fixed any of the broken features in over a year. Nor do they answer support emails. - Beau Liening from email
Kristopher Tate
A little zest is coming to a stocking near you for the Holidays!
Kristopher Tate
Nice that there's some action coming up.. What is this Zest all about? - Daan
Jeff P. Henderson
Why does this room exist if no one from Zooomr bothers to answer any of the questions or address any of the issues?
Zooomr started with a lot of publicity a few years ago. But now there is silence all over the place. Zooomr Blog is quiet for a a while now. What happened with the Flickr killer app? - Daan from Android
Beau Liening
Zooomr has been *extremely* slow for me lately. I just got a 500 Internal Server Error. On reload, it came up, but super slow.
Kristopher Tate
Friends, kristopher here -- please check-out our Zooomr Page on facebook! -
A. T.
DO we stand any chance to get Atom 1.0 based upload? ;)
I wish anyone at Zooomr had time/motivation to answer this or... well... - A. T.
Why dont faves from Zooomr show up like faves from Flickr. Is it a Zooomr issue or a Flickr issue?
Favs are now showing up of FF. The site is currently down for maintenance though so I cant see if there are any changes to Zooomr. - CJPhoto
Aperture Image
Just posted Green Green Glass of Home -
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